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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Who are the human beings?

Humans existed since hundred for thousands of years some speculate even millions. Humans are nowadays 7 billions.
The Earth is a very dynamic planet with change in climatic conditions(Ice Age, drought, snowstorm...) which affect most of the life on Earth. If there is a drought in some part of the Earth there is a flood in another. There must be a balance within that closed system.The reason for human existence is to control Earth weather patterns and to make Life on Earth suitable. Most of the extinctions occur because of change in natural climatic changes. Some primates had their genetic make-up upgraded by the Angels.
Small winged babies

 Angels are not small winged babies but highly advanced intelligent beings that do not even dwell in the physical universe, they are beyond the physical and they are at a level of spiritual development where they can create any physical form they wish, they can even instantly travel through space and time by thought. Angels are the magnificent beings that are behind the Universe evolution. Angels are all loving and work with the Creator. They communicate telepathically and visually. They are so bright that they are brighter than the Sun or millions of suns but their light does not hurt at all. Their light contains colors that are not comprehensible in the physical universe. The physical universe was created in a way that the one has fragmented itself into separate fragments that reconstitute oneness through harmony. Consequently, everything one does in the physical universe affect another. Everything becomes interconnected. Events: The past, present and future. All dimensions are intertwined. You affect one single part, you affect the Whole! There is nothing that you can't do that do not affect others and do not affect the future. The physical universe was created in a way that one can have free will. We are allowed to do whatever we want. But the right will is the will of the Creator that links everyone and makes everyone lives in harmony. The reason for evil is because people choose to work against the Creator's will. Evil is the result of free will. Some Angels are class of beings that were created beyond the physical universe in dimensions where the Creator's will rules and consequently those Angels are doing his will.  Humans are great, mighty and powerful spiritual beings created to do good on Earth. Humans are part of the class of Intelligent beings that live in the Universe, other intelligent beings have other forms which are not necessarily humanoids but most of the intelligent life that monitor and visit Earth are humanoids. Some of them are future humans from another timeline. Because in another line of time, humans have expanded throughout the cosmos in other solar systems in our galaxy neighbourhood. They are so advanced they can communicate through their skins.
The reason for Human existence is also to go back to the Creator and become co-creator in order to manage all the myriad of Life that exist within the multi-dimensional realms. Some of the living beings look like sea creatures! Humans are altogether a conglomerate of many DNA variances ranging form Reptilians to other solar system origins. The Angels took place in the creation of humans and are constantly helping with it.
Because humans are more evolved spiritually, they have more of the global consciousness; therefore human abilities which are spiritual are very high. All is about consciousness evolution, ranging from energy, which is a spiritual thought, to matter, from matter like rock to other simple organisms(bacteria, plants)[ Note: Bacteria colonies are one single organism not billions of individuals altogether. Some tree groups are also One single entity.] to animals and to Intelligent life which will then produce all powerful and all knowing Spiritual Beings.
 First of all we have to know that the Earth is controlled by the Evil One which in order to be powerful need to create as much chaos in order to become empowered. Humans are then used a a food source. Through the creation of wars, ethnic cleansing.. Earth is a masterpiece and it is constantly being destroyed. Humans are the tools to create this chaos but they are controlled by the Evil One. Call him 'Reptilian" whatever. They also control the U.S government and they work together to achieve their evil intents. The U.S government has highly advanced technology which is kept secret. The more angry humans become the more empowered the Evil One becomes.

 Anger is about destruction and Love is about Creation.(as hate leads to fight, murder and all other consequences disease, depression... and as Love leads to procreation, creativity, bonds, joy, health, growth...
Today, those dark forces are losing their powers. It is now a new Age that will no longer know wars nor poverty. There will be a major change that will affect every human being on Earth. This shift started at the collapse of the Communist Empire at the End of the Cold War. Humans will develop the spiritual  abilities to communicate telepathically, to move through dimensions, space and time by will, to become all knowing and also to control quantum-reality. No technology will then be used, because spiritual gifts could complement it. Extraterrestrial use technology because they are not spiritually advanced. Most of the technology used today was given by or stolen to extraterrestrials.  And no nuclear war will ever occur as the Angels will not allow it and as the extraterrestrials constantly stop it. Nuclear testings have indeed effects on other dimensions because everything is intertwined. Earth is one of the lowest area in spiritual development comparable to a nursery school if Post-doctorate was the highest. Most primitive places are warlike because they do not understand the connectedness of everything, they do not understand the universal consciousness and how it affects everything, they do not understand that they are in a state of paralysis in which they do not feel each other's consciousness. Knowledge is all about feeling. You know how your arm feels, you have knowledge about it but you do not have knowledge about someone else feelings. Knowledge is perception through all senses. Humans have a limited knowledge to things they can see in their surroundings but they do not see what is not close to them, they do not have the knowledge of feelings except for their own individuality which can easily cause uncaring and indifference,.If you do not instantly feel what a tortured person feels why would you care?
The Greater knowledge includes perceptions of the Universe through all senses and is therefore all knowing. The Greater knowledge also expands to Past, Present and future. Knowledge is easy it does not imply that you read books, this  is called memorisation. When it is about knowledge you just know and it is natural, you just know as you just feel your heart beating. Advanced intelligent beings are all feelings and therefore will never cause something that will harm you because it would harm themselves and it would harms the Greater Knowledge. The Greater Knowledge is everything as a whole, The Greater Knowledge feels everything and knows everything, it is the Oneness of everything and everything comes from this Oneness, it's all perfect and is named as The Father" in the New Testament. The Love we experience is actually a tiny amount from the Love of the Father. Everything is an atom from the Father but all atoms are necessary to reconstitute the Supreme Being and this works through harmony and Love. Beyond the Father there is nothing. There is not even space, there is just non-existence, so the Oneness is itself and there is nothing but the Oneness.

Yes, those abilities were suppressed because the dark forces are aware of humans power and they must by all means try to hide and suppress it by creating misinformation. They are in huge control of our TV, programs, entertainment. 
But they have also controlled in the past through false religions and beliefs. Once humans will have grown up those dark forces will either leave the planet or become enlightened too. Enlightenment took place in many parts of the Universe and humans specifically were created to raise consciousness in the whole 3rd dimension. Humans capabilities are so intense that they could be able to communicate telepathically with intelligent beings from all other galaxies. Humans are also able to control energy and matter mentally and together. Yes, humans can affect weather patterns as a whole.

 These changes may take place in a near future and things will change environmentally, politically. Earth will becomes a wonderful garden. All the evil on Earth is of a human origin, but Love is a universal law and free will comes from Love. To understand what Love is you must know that Love is not about forcing but about choosing freely. So, you are allowed to do anything you want, it may either be in accordance with the universal Order and or it may be against and will lead to some catastrophic consequences that will make you reshape your choices. You are not controlled in this world, you can choose to do what is suitable to you but only the universal Order will be suitable to all. The shift can also happen if humans understand that they are not alone in the universe, that is there is a greater reality than their own. As this occurs, the shift will occurs. If only half of the population knows and a small more quantity knows too then the rest will follow very quickly. It is the law of the 50+1. If you have a land that is half forested half grazed then plant one more tree and the land will be all forest all cut one more tree and the land will be all grass.
If you have the Ice cap around Greenland and it starts melting. A single higher temperature will cause the ice cap to definitely melt or a lower higher temperature will cause the ice cap to expand quickly.
 Those human hidden capacities were never used in the past and if they are not used right away then a series of destruction will occur worldwide and the human race will face extinction.

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