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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Obama "Alien" Bodyguard analyzed

In the past month, a youtube video went viral online depicting a supposedly shapeshifter Reptilian humanoid during Obama speech at 2012 AIPAC Zinoist at the Washington convention centre.

The graphic was stolen from its original video which was uploaded by PC2012 itself.

Obama during his speech

Mr Lee Rosenberg

2012 AIPAC Zionist conference

The comments had been disabled too (mmm I smell conspiracy). The video of Obama speech is 32 minutes long and we can see at several occasions the two bodyguards standing and monitoring. The bald one in the front and the other one behind.

The one in the front stand still during the whole speech except one moment which was selected by the video maker to prove that something weird was going on with that dude. The youtube user is a conspiracy psycho also responsible for the making of other videos depicting Beyonce as a reptilian, Jesus as a shapeshifter, dragons flying in space and several others showing that the Boston bombings were a inside job.

  He edited the fragments of the scenes were the two bodyguards appear with a mechanical voice for narration(maybe scared that the reptilian shapeshifter government will abduct him). We can see in his low quality video the effects of blur on the faces of the people who were attending the meeting including the two bodyguards and the video uploader decided to make it a proof of shapeshifting; He was smart enough to use the different effects of sepia, white and black, colors...from Windows movie maker to fool the viewers that the images were taken under infrared. But he actually didn't expect his homemade video to go viral.

Enhanced quality

So despite the lack of ingenuity from the video uploader, we decided to make our own analysis of the bodyguard that was assumed to be a "reptilian humanoid".

Our intelligent partner told us that the person behind the bodyguard outfit does not really have social interactions and does not speak English either. We don't think he uses vocal communication. He does not seem to have any attachment to any culture around the world and he doesn't seem to enjoy the things we do like watching movies, playing etc. He does not have many emotions as well. He is not mentally active but passive. He was very shy when the video was taken. There is little but not too much darkness around him. Concerning his skull, it is not a human one and he is hair free. His genetic makeup doesn't allow him to have any hair grow. His skin is also of a different constitution from our. He is very sensitive with his surroundings. He does not have a high position but truly have the position of an officer. He is not angry. He is not that far from being a demon. His teeth are sharp. He had never had any interactions with Barack Obama. He is also able to express his anger by just looking. His eyesight is different from ours. He is also a very young individual in his late twenties. This is the information we could gather about him.

But his physical appearance as seen in the video is not what explain the reason of his non-human origin, anyone can have such appearance on Earth. You can just happen to be ugly.

Concerning the video amateur maker, we believe his sources are not credible. We believe he is full of misinformation, we believe he or she is putting fiction out of his b*tt. He also make other videos where he targets ugly people in the crowd and label them as "reptilian shapeshifter". It's the case with this old lady he selected out of the blue.

Innocent lady applauding Obama

We can also have fun and start making our own conspiracies. Here, we've got some blue men and women in the background.
Blue men and women probably from Alpha Centauri
Here we got a shapeshifter.

He shapeshifted!

Here we got an weird looking alien woman.

A Pleiadian woman?

And here is an Alien under disguise.

Man in black?

Debunkers showing the effect of the low quality image

The youtube user also influenced other users to make a video of an old guy in a wheelchair labelled as a"small human", "little Alien".

 So in this world, if you happen to be born ugly except to find yourself in a Youtube video entitled "Weird Annunaki spotted during Convention centre inauguration."
Obama leaving

Note: People think that most of the advanced races that work with the U.S government come from other solar systems. Most of them reside underground and we believe this is where the bodyguard comes from. But most of the benevolent advanced races that visit Earth come from other solar systems and arrive by the means of spaceships.

Also, reptilians do not use devices to change their appearances but they project into your mind what they want you to see them. Others are able to physically change their apperance, they are so advanced they can change their molecular structure.

For further details: List of the American goverment misinformations


  1. In the enchanced picture of the two guys.The man behide the older gentel men seems to have reptilian eye. Just saying. Or maybe you should enchance that to.

  2. OMG! I found myself in one of the videos! I thought I was beautiful!


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  4. david try to understand....do you deny the fact that super-advanced civilizations should need to have super-diamensions.?...can you expect an animal with four legs to have human intelligence.?

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  6. It’s always funny to see retards who aren’t capable of offering any logical arguments without throwing ad hominem attacks like a crying little bitch. Go back to CNN your happy place and stop trying to convince people who are more intelligent than you about anything, dumbass. Have a nice day little boy

  7. It’s always funny to see retards who aren’t capable of offering any logical arguments without throwing ad hominem attacks like a crying little bitch. Go back to CNN your happy place and stop trying to convince people who are more intelligent than you about anything, dumbass. Have a nice day little boy