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Sunday, 28 April 2013

The origin of religions

The whole human history was filled with religious beliefs that were as diverse as the different cultures that  succeeded on Earth. There had been as many beliefs as many cultures. But the most accurate definition of a belief is the misinterpretation of a phenomenon.

Yes, all beliefs from different cultures on Earth are the results of non-understanding of the environment. You can create a variety of false explanation from a single phenomena. There is just one truth but many lies and truth connects everything and everyone while lies divides everyone. In fact, most of the wars are due to people who want to keep and defend their own ancestral lies. As long as the truth will never be revealed and lies will be preserved, wars will continue to persist because no one can agrees with another.

The word "Gods" are nothing than the explanation  of volcanic eruption, earthquakes, tsunami and comets.

Imagine living in a community an island next to a huge mountain and suddenly BOOOM!!! Big fires comes out of the mountain that was watching over your village.
So what is that? You ask the ancients; they say; they really don't know. It was never taught by the ancestors. The event occurred at night during the rainy season while they were celebrating the initiation of young men. The fire that is spitting out of the mouth of the Great Mountain is brighter than the stars, brighter than the Moon. The heat of the fire made the night feels like a day. The noise of the spitting Mountain was louder than thousands parrots! So what's happening? The Great Mountain was alive! And this was the face of Anger! There is a Great being beneath our Island and he was so angry! Angry! He wanted to kill us! What did we do to deserve such a punishment? Look, we were preparing to initiate our young virgins and this did not pleases to the Might Being of the Great Mountain. Some hours later, the volcano calms down. The village upset decided to do something to avoid the anger of the Mighty god. They decide that once in every rainy rainy season they will sacrifice 5 young virgins who will be thrown in the mouth of the Great Mountain so the Mighty Being won't be angry, but satisfied. Here you go a new ritual is created an a new god is invented. Chukumu the god of the underworld.

This volcanic eruption that occurred on that island occurred once in every thousand years thus did not have enough time to be recorded through the successive generations. The reference to volcanic activity to a mighty being is also recorded in the Christian tradition where a place of fire and brimstone where the devil dwells is located right beneath the surface of the earth but the heavens are above the stratopshere where flying beings reside and watch over us.  So for every volcanic area ranging from the Pacific Ring of Fire (that includes Japan, Philippines, Micronesia, Indonesia, Polynesia...) to the Mediterranean(where the African plate subducts beneath the European tectonic plate) and mid-Atlantic ridge(Iceland) be prepared to  have Great Mountain Spirit, underworld of fire and angry beings and punishments from the God of the Earth.
Random god of the underworld
We all know that volcanic activity results either from the heating of the lithosphere when two convergent tectonic plates meet or the rising of magma from mantle(hostpsot). For your own information lava is any magma that had reached the surface. Magma is rock that is so hot that it turned liquid. The deeper part of the Earth is hotter thus the rock is liquid therefore moving and making the solid crust move in the same way the convective currents within the mantle move. On the oceanic lithosphere lava cools so quickly that it has a glassy texture. The process is  slower on land giving basaltic rock and very slow beneath the surface giving granitic rock where crystals are still visible to the naked eye.

Basaltic rock
granitic rock

So no god of the underworld. Another phenomenon that is linked to plate dynamic are earthquakes. We call earthquakes the seismic waves that are felt right after two transform plate boundaries have moved. It is only the release of the force that was preventing the two faults from separating. The faults dislocations are still visible with a road cut in half, or crop fields patterns that do not fit together.

After an earthquake
Seismic waves are felt by the inhabitants with a constant shaking of the environment and a destruction of buildings. This is why it is always suggested to be in an open place during an earthquake. When earthquakes occur between transform boundaries undersea, the volume of space that was related to the movement of the plate will result in a displacement of volume of water that will propagate as ripples from the source. Those big waves will reach the nearby islands producing "Tsunami".

Here you go the god of the Undersea is angry! We were cooking wild boar. It's enough no more wild boars. Wild boar is a sacred animal and is the favorite animal of the goddess of the Sea which has the same features as a wild boar. We should respond with reverence to our Goddess of the Sea and give her presents(coconuts, flowers...) that will be thrown to the sea. Gods of the Seas exist only from communities living next to a big body of water.
To go back to the subject of volcanism. The Old Testament includes records of the punishment of an "angry god" to its people. It can be found in the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah in the book of Genesis which is the first book of the Bible(what we call the Bible is the assembling of 6 books that was written at different times) when Yawheh punished the inhabitants of the towns for practising sodomy with a rain of fire and brimstone. We can also find the same "Anger of gods" in the Noah story when Yawheh angry again punished man with a flood that flooded the whole flat earth except on the pic of a mountain.
So religious beliefs vary according to the weather patterns and geological structures.
So more understanding of the environment =)No more gods =) No more punishment =) No more sacrifices.
This vow is dedicated to all those people who were killed because of some superstitions due to a lack of understanding of the weather and geology.

But some phenomena are wonderful to see. Like a comet for example. It will be interpreted by our people as a message from a wonderful being of the sky.

So if something looks terrible(flood, hurricane, drought...) it will be understood as a punishment from a god or a curse from an evil being. If something looks wonderful (comet, dove, raggiana bird of Paradise )it will be interpreted as a sign from angelic beings. Not only geological phenomena can look terrible, a creature can have a scary look to the inhabitants(snake, spiders, raven...). And they will be assimilated to the creatures of the devils. Those same animals are mentioned in our old Bible. The truth is no natural phenomenon is evil and no animal is evil. Even the most terrifying creature is important for an ecosystem.(We call evil only that kills us,for example evil for us would be a venomous scorpion but we would be the evil ones for chickens and sheep)You kill all the snakes, the mice population explodes, the resources the mice feed on decreases resulting in a decrease in mouse and a disequilibrium for the whole ecosystem.
The killing of cats that were considered evil in the dark ages of Europe resulted in an increase in black rat that resulted is a widespread of the black plague that killed millions of people in Europe. Not only natural phenomenon were not understood but also biological phenomena. A disease is the response of the body to a foreign intruder. It can be caused by a bacteria and looking at the nasty look of someone, one could believe the person had been possessed by an evil creature. Here you go we got our demons. People affected by these diseases must be rejected so the devil does not take possession of any other person.
 We are talking about contagious diseases. So talking about genetic disorders it could be either good based on the opinion of the chief. A dwarf can be a benediction and an albino can be a curse. Thanks to our microscopes no more person is burned for witchcraft or possession. Knowledge results in a supression of superstitions and a suppression of horrible practices. Aren't you happy now that you don't need to cut your finger or your foreskin to please your god? Wait. Sorry for the foreskin I didn't know.

So everyone is happy now. No supernatural being is mad at us and punishing us. We were just not understanding our planet and our micro cosmos.

Religion on a smaller scale: It is comparable to strange noises coming from the closet. After several nights of hearing the noises, the child will start being scared and thinking a monster is hiding and coming back every night. His monster has a terrible shape with big claws and big jaw.
He even start making rituals like putting some of his superhero toys around his bed and screaming "I am indestructible!!" before each night. He tells his parents who come for a scientific investigation and they realize it is the noise made by one of his toy, a running T-rex that is blocked between his shoes. The superstition is vanished. The child cannot fear anything again he knows that no Big horned dogs will come to eat his head. He can easily sleep thanks to research.
Note: Gods usually have the appearance of humans or half-humans not only because of the lack of imagination obviously but also because only an entity could, according to those people, be behind it. Only a half human half bird could be living in the sky, only the strength of a moving giant elephant could move the Earth, only a half human half fish can live in the undersea, only a fire human can live in the mouth of a volcano, only a giant could displace a big rock and gives that strange structure to a mountain.

In other words, it is nice to know all the false hypothesis our ancestors gave to the surroundings but it is not nice to take them as facts and put them in practice especially if you are using a wireless computer with a Wi-Fi connexion.

So, this was the explanation of the origins of gods that are created because of misunderstanding. Like this, we already got rid of THOUSANDS of gods!! Nice job! And it shall be a lesson for everyone that we must learn before making some stupid assumptions.

Not only religions are created because of the environment,t a community is living in. Others were created after the arrival of strange people with strange instruments. Their powers beyond comprehension give them the attribute of "god" and they start being worshipped by the people(Even now, people are still worshipped, a singer can have a great talent that impress the fans and the fans start worshiping him with totems(posters..;° all over the place and they even call their heroes "Idols") Some white colonists were considered by the Africans as gods or "returning ancestors".  But this is a small part. Other gods are created because of the arrival of really strange beings that have strange powers that could be called magical by our ancestors and even today! Yes, extraterrestrials have made visit in the past and continue today. Strange beings coming from the skies, able to disappear, change their forms. Such descriptions are still widely used. We see extraterrestrial technology as almost supernatural that most do not want to believe. The movement of spaceships from a straight line into a straight angle and at hallucinating speed is beyond our understanding. Their ability to go through opaque objects is unbelievable. Those people who are victims of abductions and describe their technological advancement are still considered as "crazy" today. And some people start creating religions based on those entities. So this phenomenon of new religion creation is still observable today, it never stopped. It is up to you, you Reader Not to believe in UFOs.

In that context, a god is any being that is able to do things that are beyond our understanding. Something beyond our understanding may be considered as a "joke" for some and those who believe may be considered as "crazy". Remember, everything you haven't seen yet is beyond your imagination. You can't imagine something you have never seen because imagination is a reconstruction of what you have already seen. A Bushman living in Kalahari can't imagine ice, but he can create combination of sand dunes, rivers  and bush. A Sami living in Northern Europe can't imagine the tropical rain forest. He can imagine landscape based on taiga and tundra. You can't imagine a color you never saw or a planet you've never seen but you will create an image of a planet based on Earth and the planets of the solar system. Imagination is based on memory, everything beyond what you already saw is beyond imagination. Your imagination is limited to your country, Earth, the sky (night and day) the pictures of the planets of our solar system and the light spectrum visible to the human eye and other perceptions limited by the human body. Beyond that you know NOTHING. All your imagination is a combination of what we've cited, the rest is completely unknown to you.

Think about two people living on a remote island in the Ocean. They have never seen civilization, they build their houses on banana leaves and suddenly someone comes to them and tells them the following story:
The Big White Bird
 "I was sleeping last night, when  the rising sun woke me up but it was not the sun because it was blue. I realized it was a big white Bird coming to me with a sound that exceeded the cries of the howler monkeys, with lights more powerful than stars in a clear skies and a size bigger than the tallest palm tree on the island. Then I saw four people they had strange leaves on their bodies. The leaves were white like the stones of the lagoons. They had just one eye and they were speaking in a language that was impossible to understand to me. They had some rocks they were carrying with them that were doing the same annoying noise with some light similar to a firefly. They didn't have a face! Their single eye seemed to penetrate your soul. There were 4 of them and they were leaving the Big White Bird towards my direction. They did something on my mouth and I fell down automatically. I woke up not knowing where I was when I saw those same beings that were working on me.
They had sharp dart and strange rocks that had all the colors of the flowers of the virgin forest. There were the same suns I saw on the Big White Bird. I think I was in the gut of the Big White Bird, the suns were blinding me. They kept putting those blinding suns in my mouth, eyes and they touched my body. At one point they inserted a long dart similar to the one of the giant wasp and it hurt me but I could not really react. I was naked. All my ornaments were placed on a big flat stone in the corner.  They were retrieving blood from my arm and also some skin samples. They were talking in that strange language and I could notice their skin which was as white as their leaves. I was feeling really tired, but I didn't like what they were doing on me, so I tried to lift up myself as I was laid on those same kinds of flat stones,  they instantly put their hands on my chest trying to comfort me but I beat one of them. They were not that strong! The one who was on my right put that same thing on my mouth and I don't remember what happened next. I just know that I woke up in the  morning not in that same location but I had missed a whole night without knowing what really happened. I was feeling headaches and pain on my legs and arms. My mouth was dry, they didn't give me food or drink. As I went to the river tor refresh myself I noticed some scars  
on my legs. i don't know how they came here, I just know that it hurts sometimes. I don't know what it was but I hope it won't happen what do you think guys?
The two dudes: HAHAHAHAhahahaha... Hahahahaha...hahahHAAHAHAH... Are you crazy???... You are trying to make us swallow that shit? That was a good joke
The Abductee: But it's true. I mean I'm really trying to tell you what happened yesterday night.
The two dudes: Maybe, you were dreaming.
The Abudctee: No, it was real. I was fully awake when I saw them
The two dudes: So you saw a Big White Bird, some weird dudes in white leaves, their skin were as white as the leaves and they were sucking your blood. You shouldn't take too much of that Kava wine my friend it gives you hallucination.
The Abductee: It was not hallucinations. I didn't drink anything the previous day. Look at my scars.
The two dudes: What would make me think it's not you who just incised yourself trying to impress us.
The Abductee: But why would I do that? I mean where's the point?
The two dudes: We should ask you that question.
The Abductee: But how do you explain the pain I'm feeling right now. It is also on the back of my body I woul not able to reach that point.
The two dudes: Maybe you were sleepwalking and you just fell down. You know you should learn more about sleepwalking and the feelings it gives you to your mind. You are both dreaming and awake and sometimes the experience of the dream seems so real! So you start seeing incredible things like the giant white Birds or the little white men that you saw.
The Abductee: I never sleptwalk before.
The two dudes: But it happened at night right. What else could it be?
The Abductee: Maybe those strange beings were real?
The two dudes: Do not bring that again! if you come in a shiny day with you holding your supposedly abductors with the Giant White Bird hovering over, there will may be a chance that we believe your story  but when you just wake up from a long night sleep to tell us about your nightmares and how they were in fact real you can already put a sea cucumber into your mouth, we have heard too much bullshit for the day.
The Abductee: I thought you would take that story with a little understanding but thanks for accepting this )-:
I think I should keep it for myself if no one really wants to hear and less believe me.
One of the dude: Fine! Keep it to yourself!..And don't forget to say hi to your supernatural friends.
The other dude: Hahaha.. You're too funny. But don't be harsh with him.

"The "dream" of the Abductee continued periodically to the point when the Big White Birds sightings were becoming more frequent and later, common. There were more visitations, and the visitors came in broad day light leaving more evidence and they started communicating with the Tribe. They exchanged technology. Some members more greedy accepted the technology in exchange of their lands. The visitors started to become more aggressive, they forced the villagers to dig the ores for them. They were reaped of their resources and their lands and driven to extinction and their island became a colony of a vast more sophisticated community that had expanded beyond the horizon. The attempt of the humanists to protect the tribe, the fauna and flora of the island completely failed, the villagers were too much impressed and corrupted with the technology presented by the invaders. "

Translation:"I was sleeping last night, when  the rising sun woke me up but it was not the sun because it was blue. I realized it was an airplane coming to me with all the noise from the motors. Then I saw 4 people who were wearing lab coats and their had was covered to avoid both contamination and spreading diseases into that new tribe. They were speaking in English. They were also receiving calls on their phones. They were leaving the airplane and put me under anesthesia. I woke up in the medical room when the doctors were working on me. They had syringe and test tubes with different solutions. They kept analyzing me with their searchlight in my mouth and eyes. At one point they inserted a huge syringe in my arm and I could noticed that my ornaments were placed on a table in the corner of the room. They were taking blood and samples for a regular physical check up but also for a DNA analysis. They kept speaking in English and I could notice they were white Caucasian males. I was still under the effect of the anesthetic. I tried to lift up myself as I was lying on the operation table and they said "Keep calm!" and I beat them in response and the anesthetist physician put me under sleep state. I Woke up the following morning disoriented and noticing the scars of the chip that was inserted in my legs."

To give a much more clear explanation of the situation. The three dudes were living on an island that was not yet explored by the outside world. They were thinking they were the only human beings living on their islands as most of the islands in their neighborhood were inhabited and most of the rocks hanging out of the horizon were free of Life. They thought the Ocean was infinite and empty. They were just 6 000 people living on that small island. They had their own cultures, superstitions... But it appeared that their skies were not as empty as some people claim to have seen Giant White Birds but those claims were rejected by the elders of the tribes. There was nothing more for that tribe than themselves and they thought they had complete control over the island. But unfortunately the remote island is already known and mapped by the Outside World.

The island has the potential of containing some ores including uranium. Some people are already trying to conquer the islands and harm some of the villagers that noticed them, but they hide so they want get the attention of the Village that could result in a defensive attack and a slowing down of the process of acquisition. Some others more humanist try to prevent this attempt of invasion. They try to reduce as much as possible their impacts on the community by leaving less evidence of their visits and visiting at a time when everyone sleeps. They must make medical examination in order to monitor the health of the community but also to retrieve genetic information that will be useful for our geneticists in the West to retrace the course of the human race.They take blood samples, skin samples on the selected individuals labelled as "experimental group"

What happens on the small remote island called Earth:

Think about two people living on a small planet called Earth in the Universe. They have never seen the Galactic Federation, they build their houses on iron and steel. And suddenly someone comes to them and tell the following story:

The Flying saucer
"I was sleeping last night, when the light of the sun woke me up but it was not morning yet nor was the light on. The light was blue and coming out of the window, so I saw a big disk shaped metallic object coming towards my direction. It was making beeping noise and the colorful lights that were coming from the objects were blinding. It was 12 feet long. I then saw 4 beings that had strange suits They were as shiny as silver. They had two slanted eyes and they were speaking in a language I could not understand. They were carrying some devices that were making noises and emitting light. They did not have a mouth or ears! They just had an incision at the location of their mouth and their eyes! Their eyes seemed to penetrate your soul. I felt as if they were reading my mind. They were leaving the UFO and heading towards my direction. They did something on my forehead and I lost consciousness. I woke up again not knowing where I was when I saw those same beings working on me.
They had sharp needles and I could see huge tubes that were containing some sort of pink, green and orange liquid. I could see the same lights that I saw on the UFO. I think I was inside the UFO. The lights were blinding me. They kept putting those lights in mouth, ears and other orifices and they were also touching my body. At one point, they inserted a long needle which was a very painful experience to remind but I couldn't react. It was very cold and I was naked. All my clothes were placed on a table in the corner. They were mumbling in that strange language and I could notice their skin which was grey and seemed to be very old. I was feeling very loose but I didn't like their attack on my privacy, so I tried to lift up myself as I was laid on what seemed to be a operation table. They instantly put their slim fingers on my chest saying directly to my mind (in some form of telepathic communication) "Calm down we won't harm you, Calm down we won't harm you" but I beat one of them. And they were not that strong. The one who was on my right put his hand on my hand and I don't remember what happened next. I must know that I woke up in my bed in the morning. I was upside down and my pyjamas were upside down too. I realized that I had missed 4 hours. I was also feeling headaches and pain in my legs. My mouth was dehydrated, they didn't give me food or drink. As I took a shower I noticed some scars on my legs. It had a triangle figure. I don't know how it came here, maybe they inserted an implant to monitor me, but I just know that it really hurts. It was a terrible experience, I hope it won't happen again. What do you think guys?

The two dudes: HAHAHAHAhahahaha... Hahahahaha...hahahHAAHAHAH... Are you crazy???... You are trying to make us swallow that shit? That was a good joke

The Abductee: But it's true. I mean I'm really trying to tell you what happened yesterday night.
The two dudes: Maybe, you were dreaming.
The Abudctee: No, it was real. I was fully awake when I saw them
The two dudes: So you saw a UFO, some weird dudes in white suits , their skin were grey and very old . You shouldn't take too much of that heroin my friend it gives you hallucination
The Abductee: It was not hallucinations. I didn't smoke or drink anything the previous day. Look at my scars.
The two dudes: What would make me think it's not you who just mutilated yourself trying to impress us.
The Abductee: But why would I do that? I mean where's the point?
The two dudes: We should ask you that question.
The Abductee: But how do you explain the pain I'm feeling right now. It is also on the back of my body I woul not able to reach that point.
The two dudes: Maybe you had sleep paralysis and you fell down. You know you should learn more about sleep paralysis  and the feelings it gives you to your mind. You are both dreaming and awake and sometimes the experience of the dream seems so real! So you start seeing incredible things like UFOs or little grey men
The Abductee: I never had sleep paralysis before.
The two dudes: But it happened at night right. What else could it be?
The Abductee: Maybe those strange entities were real?
The two dudes: Do not bring that again! if you come in broad day light with you holding your supposedly abductors with the flying saucer hovering over, there will may be a chance that we believe your story. But when you just wake up from a long night sleep to tell us about your nightmares and how they were in fact real you can already put a cigar into your ass, we have heard too much bullshit for the day.
The Abductee: I thought you would take that story with a little understanding but thanks for accepting this )-:
I think I should keep it for myself if no one really wants to hear and less believe me.
One of the dude: Fine! Keep it to yourself!..And don't forget to say hi to your Alien friends.
The other dude: Hahaha.. You're too funny. But don't be harsh with him.

"The "sleep paralysis" of the Abductee continued periodically to the point when the UFOs sightings were becoming more frequent and later, common. There were more visitations, and the visitors came in broad day light leaving more evidence and they started communicating with humans. They exchanged technology. Some authorities including the secret American government more greedy accepted the technology in exchange of their Earth resources. The visitors started to become more aggressive, they forced humans to dig the ores for them. They were reaped of their resources and Earth and driven to extinction and their planet became a colony of a vast more sophisticated community that had expanded beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. The attempt of the benevolent Aliens to protect humans, the fauna and flora of the planet completely failed, humans were too much impressed and corrupted with the technology presented by the invaders. "

To give a much more clear explanation of the situation. The three dudes were living on a planet that was not yet conquered by the outside Universe. They were thinking they were the only intelligent beings living on their planet as most of the planets in their solar system were inhabited and most of the moons hanging out of the horizon were free of Life. They thought the Universe was infinite and empty. They were just 7 000 000 000 people living on that small planet. They had their own cultures, science... But it appeared that their skies were not as empty as some people claim to have seen UFOs but those claims were rejected by the scientists. There was nothing more for the human race than themselves and they thought they had complete control over Earth. But unfortunately the remote planet is already known and mapped by the Outside Universe.

Map of the observable universe

This is exactly the struggle, Alien abductees have to go through everyday. They are victims of medical examinations against their will to receive painful experimentations. Some of their memory is erased before being taken back to their bed in their initial positions even if sometimes Aliens make mistake. In other occasions, the abductee will see the UFO coming, the experiments will take place and before leaving the abductee the abductors erase all memory of the abduction and order the abductee to look at the spacecraft leaving so the abductee will only remember seeing a UFO coming and leaving in (for just approximmately 3 minutes) and not understanding why his UFO sighting took him 3 hours.

The Alien abduct them periodically according to their agenda. There are different groups with different agendas some are looking for human enlightenment (The Pleiadians...), some are looking for control and others are looking for DNA bank because their genetic makeup is degrading(Zeta Reticuli). They don't want to bring much more attention into them so they abduct at night when everybody is asleep. They make the experiments in a very clean environment so the abductee won't be contaminated as well as the abductors. They take DNA samples from blood, skin, sperm. They also create hybrid that start their embryonic development within the womb of the abuctee female but is retrieved during the first months. The hybrids grow up within the vessels but some are in a very poor state due to the misunderstanding of the Aliens of children so the parent abductees are regularly taken to give affection to the children. They are constantly monitored as a group of scientists would monitor a selected penguin on a rocky island. They use implant for passive monitoring which leaves scars.
The experiments take place in space. Usually the smaller spaceship will join a mother spaceship in orbit around Earth or sometimes cigar shaped vessels in orbit around Jupiter. At one point, the abductees are shown images of cataclysms that can happen on Earth if nothing change (flood, hurricane, fires...). Abductee recall levitating during their experience. They were not flying but as the spaceships are located in space gravity does no longer have an effect so sometimes the abductees can experience feeling of floating. The extraterrestrials that visit us are mostly doctors. UFO sightings increased in the late 40s due to the nuclear testings. Nuclear explosions affect the dimensions that coexist within our space. In the 50s baseball shaped UFO were noticed all around the world. Small humanoids were observed collecting samples of grass, vegetables. Later on abductions phenomena started to increase(see Most documented alien abduction case)  including cattle mutilation. Crop circles were drawn in various places despite the fact that most are man made.

Does this explains interconnectedness of eveything?
Is it an info on the structure of the universe and
how everything revolvres around one another?
Stan Romanek is the perfect example of an abdcutee used as a lab rat by benevolent Alien beings who want to protect human and Earth diversity of life(fauna and flora). Those Alien explain that Earth and the human race are at the brink of destruction and it is obvious with our weather patterns, overpopulation... Stan Romanek claims to have an Orion soul. He is the father of 9 hybrid children. He has tons of pictures an videos of UFOs and most of his sightings appear with large audience(to prepare humans fro the first contact). He receives calls from a robotic voice "Audrey" which is in fact one of her daughter in the future. One of her daughter's name is Kioma which means "Trinity" while the other is Trilly which means "to shine".

Stan Romanek's daughter Kioma attending conference
They say that they there is a bad connection due to long distances.They are here to help Earth. Stan Romanek also receives visitations from dark shadows and different types of orbs as well as information from a being called "Grandpa" who is an Orion as well as another an Elohim.
The Star system of Stan's abductors
The Orion belt as seen in the night sky
as three parallel stars next to the horsehead nebula
During a channeling, the Elohim explains that humans are from God but they call him the god's consciousness. They also say they're mentioned in the Old Testament but they are plural and not singular. Everything is interconnected, everything is part of the oneness. Humans are here to raise the consciousness. Humans are part of the third density. The Elohim explains that the UFO sightings will increase and Mexico will be the catalyst for the shift as Mexicans are less judgmental and that things will change politically, environmentally. They also explain "Time travel", saying that humans do not understand time. Time is not linear. Time is like a sheet, and you can move up from the sheet into another location on the sheet. There is an electromagnetic component to it. All sheets are connected. It's that simple. They say that Looking Glass technology and project Pegase are real.

Stan Romanek has a bodybuilder career and a high school level but he also receives complex equations that are not clearly understood by our physicists. It is a way to show that Stan's experiences are real. His aliens have a sense of humor and play with their devices. During Grandpa session, the Orion explains that the 911 was a lie and some of the moon landings were fake. He also says there is a lot of corruption and misinformation within the U.S government and that they are not aware of Atlantis(just a myth). They also add that they never built the Egyptian pyramids which are much older than what we think and humans do not give themselves enough credit on things they have done on their own. They also say that Jesus is someone who has existed and Mars had an ecosystem but couldn't sustain it. Humans are concerned that the sun will turn into a red giant in the far future but the orbit of the moon is receding from the Earth and will result in an annihilation of Life on Earth because moon is what keeps Earth breathing but it will happen far away in the future. They also mention dinosaurs as animals that have existed and inform that Life is present on the bodies of the solar system and there are also non-intelligent creatures that live in what we call "space" and "space" isn't empty.
Stan's abductors come from a star behind the Orion belt. Eventually Stan receives threats from the secret American government and is constantly monitored by black helicopters. For further details on Stan Romanek experience visit http://www.stanromanek.com/ You can also get his books: Messages, Answers, The Orion regressions.

A documentary on Stan's experience will be released. Stan has many physical evidence to validate his claims. His evidences are analysed by scientists.
Our technology was influenced by extraterrestrial including futurist design. There were instances were extraterrestrials brought knowledge into some communities. When the UFO crashed at Roswell in New Mexico some of the fragments were retrieved which contained strange eyeglasses, protection suit and strange gun. There was some unkown material similar to aluminium fold(The UFO crash was mentioned in the local news but was soon dismissed as a weather balloon which was a way to dissimulate the truth about the spaceship). From these devices man could use infrared light to see in the dark, wear bullet-proof jacket and manipulate laser.
Roswell incident

The flying saucers use free energy according to Bob Lazar, a physicist who worked in area 51 in the 80s. He explains that they use gravity distortion. They move by creating an opposite force to gravity which keep the engine suspended and also gives the impression of tilting. The governments do not want to reveal the truth about UFOs as some are already using their technology but also the global use of free energy would definitely suppress the use of traditional cars and consequently the use of oil. The economy is very dependent on oil and rich American families as well as Arabic countries can flourish from it. If those free energy were golbally used the governments would no longer have control on their economy and population. In exchange of extraterrestrial technology, the American government agreed to let the extraterrestrials take DNA samples from small fragments of the population as well as cattle which explain why most of the abductions and cattle mutilation occur in the United States. Most of the UFO reports are kept confidential and most of their evidence are hidden to the public. Most of the UFOs observed in the four corners(Nevada Colorao New Mexico, Arizona) belong to the U.S government. In some occasions extraterrestrial technology is retreived from the capture of UFOs. Many UFOs have been observed being chased by miltary aircrafts.

Humans have worshipped those strange beings for eons. There were extraterrestrial colonies in West Africa where extraterrestrials not only blended their genes but also brought spiritual teachings to those villagers.
West African masks were inspired from
extraterrestrial faces
There are cave paintings of humanoid mantis in South Africa. The insectoid alien are the oldest race followed by the reptilian one. The humanoid one is a mix between grey and others.

The third category of religion is the one that is created by real Angelic apparitions and divine interventions. Christianity was created after the apparition of Jesus 2000 years ago. We have already talked about the subject on angels in a previous article(see: The real truth about the existence of Angels). Many people have that voice that warns them from a potential danger, or feel that intense love coming from nowhere. Angels can take on any shape they want and sometimes they appear to us without us knowing they were not humans. But Angels won't do everything for us as we must grow on our own. We are not babies, we must mature from our own experience and become autonomous. Here is the account of Joshua Blahyi nicknamed "General Butt Naked"( because he and his soldiers fought naked during the Civil War) a former Liberian warlord of two Angelic apparition.

Joshua Blahyi:" Right here, this is where I had my "koocha", my "koocha" chair. I sat in the chair, my boys are all around singing. The elders bring the innocent and we open the back and take out the heart. And we cut it into pieces and distribute it to the boys. It makes them brave and charge them for the battle, with the belief that the bullet will not affect us.
"And we cut it onto pieces and distribute it to the boys"
The bloodstains were still on my hands when my boys went for water. Just before they got back and I heard a voice behind me, "My son, my son why are you slaving?" But this was in my dialect. I looked back and I saw this man and lady... white lady, but the light that radiated through that man was so bright and brighter than the sun. And I thought I was not a slave. He said: "My son, why are you slaving? I said: "Well, in this whole territory, I am the king. I'm supposed to be a king. And he said:"You are right in saying that you are supposed to be a king but you are living like a slave. And those words were very hard words in my dialect. I said :"I don't understand what you are saying?", "I mean, repent and live or refuse and die." And he vanished. And the light vanished. And I came to my senses, and I was so confused. Now, when I went into battle, I tried to use my pistol and it got busted. I got so afraid, I retreated from the front. I got afraid for the first time!"

Joseph Blahyi former Liberian warlord

Several years later, Joshua Blahyi became evangelist.

Isabella Baumfree was victim of the abuses of her master and master's wife, when she tells:" God reveals himself to me, with all the suddenness of a flash of lightning, showing me, in the twinkle of an eye, that he was all over, that he pervaded the universe and that there was no place where God was not." In 1843, she changed her name to Sojourner Truth. She joined the Baptist church and started preaching about the abolition of slavery.
Sojourner Truth abolitionist and women's  rights activist

The Mars rover mission Sojourner was named after her.

"We will always remember you Sojourner"

Dannion Brinkley was struck by lightning while talking on the phone in the night of September 15th 1975 at his home in South Carolina.

At his great surprise he found himself lying on the floor unconscious but he was seeing it as if he was suspended on the roof. He could see his wife crying on him and the shock was so intense that his shoes were still sticked to the ground. They called the ambulance and Dannion "floating" follow them, He was surprised by his eyesight. It was very clear, he could see the energy that was emanating from people. He went through the walls and could see the structure of the wall with the nails and steel. He did not understand what was happening. He then saw a sort of whirlpool and was automatically sucked in. He came in front of a very Bright light, at that moment he had the impression that the Light knew everything that ever happened to him since he was born. He started to see holograms and Dannion understood that he was reviewing his life. He saw himself as a newborn baby. He was able in that perspective to count the hair that was in the nose of the doctor that was helping during his birth. As the images followed he could see himself beating the kids at school, bullying disabled and as this was happening he was instantly feeling the pain an humiliation of the children he had interacted with. He could feel the sorrow and pain of black families when their houses were burnt while he was laughing with his family and other white families watching indifferently. He could feel the pain of people with whom he fought with. Every time he was beating someone, he was beating himself, every time he was punishing someone, he was punishing himself. He had to go through all the humiliations and suffering he inflicted to people during all his life. He could see him shooting with pride  at Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War.
 He felt the pain, the confusion and the agonies of the people he killed during the war. He also felt the pain and sorrow of their relatives and all the other consequences that were connected to it. It was not about hundreds of people but thousands of people that he hurt during his life most of them people he had never heard of. He said when retelling the story "I gave God a really bad day". When the review of his life was finished. He was so ashamed. He was trying to forgive himself but was unable. The very Bright Being of Light embraced Dannion and all the feeling of guilt was vanished (he was forgiven) and the Being said "Who you are is the difference that God makes and that difference is love".(Dannion was atheist before his experience) They later flew like wingless bird into a shiny cathedral that belonged to any religion. He sat on one of the bench and he could see the being of light on his right and 13 other beings of light appearing. They all had their unique personalities. He walked towards them and each one presented him a box and he was automatically sucked in. He was assisting in events that could happen in the future.  In one of the box he saw a war that would strike in the Middle East(the Gulf War), in another he saw an economic crisis that would strike in the United States and people fighting for a cup of gasoline. In another he was a metallic structure that exploded in a wooded setting (Tchernobyl nuclear disaster). After the visions in the box the Angels tell him that the events are not predestined but he could be able to change the outcomes of these events. He described the area as being wonderful. He could see energy he wasn't aware of, he could see a drop of water and see its molecular structure but also see that same drop of water as an ocean. He wondered "Why in the world did I ever choose to be human?". He learnt that we are experiencing the Macroscomos through the microcosmos. Dannion Brinkley came back to life inside the morgue, he was dead for 38 minutes.

The following information was taken from an interview:
Howard Storm and his wife

Howard Storm was the head department of Arts at the University of Kentucky in 1985. He grew up in New England and pursued his career as an artist. He had a nice family, nice job, a dog. He found life melancholic he would fill this melancholy with booze and cigarettes. He didn't like being with people and found most people utterly stupid. He didn't believe in heaven or hell as they were just fantasies for unsuccessful people and he would be angry at anyone who would not follow the scientific reasoning. For him, life was about success and competition. One is born in a random universe, experiences pleasure and dies and it is the end of everything. He was himself very manipulative and self-centered. His family and gardens were just extensions of his own existence. During a vacation in Paris, he felt an intense pain due to a perforation of his abdomen, the acid was spreading all over his organs. He was "ingesting himself". There was no surgeons that day(Saturday) and he had to wait on a hospital bed for hours while waiting for an operation. After 10 hours of pain and agony he could not go any further and said "Bye" to his wife. To his surprise he was standing next to his wife fully alive and the pain of the agony was gone. Her wife was crying and he tried to comfort her but she ignored him. He also noticed a body that was on his bed that look exactly like him. He thought it was a dummy used as a test. He saw the patient next to him, he talked to him but he did not react and he yelled at him but he didn't even blink an eye. He did not understand why everything was so real, why everyone was ignoring him. But also his view was magnified, he could see at selective depth and his vision was panoramic he could see in all direction at once.
 And it's from that moment that strange people call his name and escort him towards an unknown direction. [We won' give more details about his experience in hell as it is beyond words to describe the horror. But you just need to know that a voice asked him to pray the God three time an later on he asked Jesus to save him out of darkness). He then saw a very bright light coming towards him, the brightest he had ever seen, he thought he would be automatically consumed by it. It was far brighter than the sun.that light was filled with intense love. The pain and despair were gone but filled with ecstasy, the wounds were healed and they traveled at an intense speed away from that place. He said" The Love of Jesus was far more intense than the combined love of all human beings that have ever exited". He felt as if the whole universe was concentrated on him and as if he was the most important person in the universe. He was even crying of joy like a baby even if he never cried in his whole adult life. He knew that Jesus loved him since the beginning, He loved him when he was born , Jesus loved him when he was blaspheming him, He loved him when he was betraying him and Howard felt ashamed because all his life he had been blaspheming and rejected him. They were heading towards Heaven and Howard could feel the tremoudous Power and Love from God, ashamed of his unbelief Howard asked Jesus to stop where they were.(in space, not in hell or heaven but in between). Jesus called out other angels which were radiant spheres of light beyond description and wonders. He said" As an artist I am aware of the three primary colors but there I could see 80 primary colors, I wish I could describe them but I can't). They have to go over his life which was a disaster. All his life Howard had been selfish and manipulative. He said "The thing was simple, every time I was selfish and manipulative it would make Jesus unhappy, it would make the Angels unhappy and they would also let me know it made God unhappy. Every time I was loving and compassionate, it would make Jesus happy, it would make the Angels happy and they let him know that it also made God happy. He had a moment when he could ask Jesus and the Angels all the questions he could ever ask. He asked philosophical questions, absurd questions, good questions, scientific questions... And they would reply each one clearly. They talked to him directly into his mind. For example when he asked about life on other planets they told him that the universe is full of life and it also contains other intelligent beings that are much more advanced than us, that we are visited but the groups that visit us take precaution because of our sinfulness. They told him that not only there are many universe but also many other dimensions and God is always creating. [The Angels called "God" in many ways but the most common word were "The Creator" and "The One".] .Angels are behind the evolution of universes. The universe is a vibration from the divine thought. They told him that everything written about Jesus in the Bible is true and the Bible is a  book about God's wisdom. If you approach it with reverence and read it slowly, calmly it is like having a real conversation with God. He asked Jesus if he had been to other worlds besides ours and he replied that he had been to all worlds at all time. Some rejected him as we did but many accepted him gladly.   He was obviously not a charpenter in those worlds and he did not ahve to be nailed to a cross. He asked about Atheism and they replied that "Atheism is foolishness" everyone is a believer, everything is a manifestation of God. Those who call themselves Atheists are just disagreeing with other people's concept of God like an old man in the sky. He asked what is the best religion and they replied "The one that brings you closest to God." and Howard asked again "So which one is that?" Jesus replied "There are good people in bad religions and there are bad people in good religions." The best religion is to love God with all your thoughts, all your deeds and all your heart.  He asked what was before the creation and they say there was nothing, no matter, no energy, no time. There is nothing without God everything comes from God and God is ever increasing, expanding...They also told him that the Nuclear War would end in a couple of years and there would be no more world wars as God loves so much the world. He does not only love humans, He also love the birds, the trees, the insects, the rivers and God is very unhappy with the way humans treat his creation, he wants humans to live in harmony not only with one another but with the environment.

Humans were indeed created with the help of the Angels to be the caretakers of the Earth and Earth is at the beginning of a major transformation that will affect everyone on Earth. But this spiritual revolution won't happen if humans do not mature enough. If this shift doesn't happen major cataclysmic events will happen and the United States for example will go through an economical collapse that will reduce its population to 10 000 people. The United States were in fact given more than any country in terms of technological advancement, moralities, healthcare  but instead of spreading what the United Sates received from God to the rest of the world, the United States is exploiting the rest of the world. God had intervened in many ways during human history. He intervened through teachers and prophets all around the world. He sent Jesus. Science and technology were gifts given by God through inspiration but they were used for more destruction. God had always tried to prevent wars humans tried to start but when the desire of many to do war was great, God let them reap the consequence of their actions. God does not punish and is a God of justice, he will let you suffer the consequences of your actions.And God suffers more than people during wars. God suffers all agonies during wars. He aslo asked "Why God doesn't write BELIEVE IN GOD in orange in the clouds so everyone can choose him.  They replied that God will not demand your love. God does not want submission, it would be against God's laws. God does not want slaves, God wants you to choose love freely. He said during all his experience the Angels showed their compassion and love for him. Howard says "During all my life God never gave me up, he tried to reach me through loving people, through songs in the radio, through biographies in books and all that time I shut him up, He never gave me up but I was withdrawing myself from him." People go to hell because they choose it. God will not impose his will on you.( He influences you but does not control you. The freedom to choose is a gift of love from God. God will let you do whatever you want to do even if He wants you to do God's will. God watches you). God and the Angels do not intervene because this what the person has chosen and God respects our freedom to choose. The Angels could not bear the thought of God's misery when one soul is lost in hell. Howard added "No matter what I will do in my life, I know God loves me.

For further details on Howard Storm visit: http://www.howardstorm.com/
Howard Storm today
For more insight on death: http://alltherealworld.blogspot.ca/2013/04/what-is-death.html
The Creator is present throughout the universe. God's consciousness is present in the whole universe at all times, past, present and future. Gods knows and feels the whole creation all at once. Every moment is the "now" to God and everything is felt and known to God. God loves everyone intensively and God loves us more than we love our children. The love of a parent to his child actually comes from God. Everything good comes from God and we are all part of God's family. We are the children of God(part of God) and we all brothers and sisters(interconnected). God wants everyone to love one another and live in harmony.  Everything we do to ourselves and others we are doing it to God. If we are kind and compassionate with our neighbors we are loving God. If we are indifferent and mean with our neighbors we are rejecting God. If we are helping someone we are helping God. If we are beating someone we are beating God. God suffers when someone suffers and God rejoices when people are nice to each others.  This is what Matthew 25:31-46 explains:

1"But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. 32Before him all the nations will be gathered, and he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33He will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. 34Then the King will tell those on his right hand, 'Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; 35for I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in. 36I was naked, and you clothed me. I was sick, and you visited me. I was in prison, and you came to me.'
37"Then the righteous will answer him, saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry, and feed you; or thirsty, and give you a drink? 38When did we see you as a stranger, and take you in; or naked, and clothe you? 39When did we see you sick, or in prison, and come to you?'
40"The King will answer them, 'Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'41Then he will say also to those on the left hand, 'Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels; 42for I was hungry, and you didn't give me food to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink; 43I was a stranger, and you didn't take me in; naked, and you didn't clothe me; sick, and in prison, and you didn't visit me.'
44"Then they will also answer, saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and didn't help you?'
45"Then he will answer them, saying, 'Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you didn't do it to one of the least of these, you didn't do it to me.' 46These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.

The New Testament explains about the separation of good and evil in the afterlife. Heaven and Hell. Those who were loving their neighbors are drawn towards God in Heaven. Those who hated their neighbors and consequently rejected God are drawn further away from God where all of God's blessings are absent(air, light, food, water, sky love, birds, compassion,goodness...because everything comes from the source the Creator). But it's never to late to choose God. It is clearly shown with the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Those who always believed in God from the beginning and those who chose God in the last minute will all meet the Creator . If you ask God he will gives you, if you seek God you will find him, if you call God  he will respond to you(parable of the "friend at night). The parable of the Prodigal son clearly shows the rejoicing of God when a sinner decides to choose God. There is more joy in heaven when a sinner repents . It is shown in the parable of the lost sheep. If a shepherd has 100 sheep and loses one, will he not leave the 99 sheep and rejoices when he finds the lost sheep? God the Father wants all his children to retrun to Him. God loves you and forgives you. No matter how bad you have been, God will forgive you. He will take away the load of guilt that was in you. It is shown in the parable of the two debtors. He also expect you to forgive your neighbor it is clearly shown with the parable of the unforgiving servant. God gives enough spiritual  insights to everyone(parable of the leaven) in life and you must use what God has given to you(parable of the talents).

The fourth category is the religions that are created because some dudes want to be worshipped. It's usually your average dude that didn't have a nice childhood and who is constantly rejected by society. So, he finds  a way to win acceptance from the rest of the population. He claims to be himself a demigod or someone who receives a special message from the gods, in other words a "messenger" or "self-proclaimed prophet". He is the only way through which people can attain a mystical dreamland place while those who do not follow him will either be persecuted (if the means are available) or persecuted after death (where the means are imaginary available and limitless!). Because he reigns just lasts for a lifetime he will pass on his godliness to his offspring who in turn will pass on to theirs and so and so on. So this guy's absolute power remains somewhat physically eternal. This is how royal bloodiness and monarchy form. Kings pretend to have blood from the gods and everyone must submit to their authority. Those religions are created around "Submission". Submission is the way people join those religions. While religions created from divine interventions are revolving around "Love", religions created by self-proclaimed prophets are revolving around "Submission". As the Power of the "demigod" increases, his range increases, defeating many nations and submitting them under his regime and rules. Those nations that had a unique language, culture and physical characteristic become a part of the increasing and growing dominion. They therefore lose their identity, their language becomes just a regional accent of the prevailing Language which is the one the King, the Emperor whatever uses. Of course with such a Power and authority, you can enjoy or the riches present in your Kingdom including the women. Yeah! Yeah! Yes, everything belongs to you. everything in your Territory and in the new conquered territories that expand to a point where the earth ends(the sea). So the population becomes your subject and they must do anything you wish them to. They also give their offerings which are wide and varied (strange flavours from strange and mysterious lands, strange delicious creatures...) The religion becomes a cult where you must worship your King. The name of the King is so sacred that anyone caught blaspheming it must be killed or at least stoned.
François I er had the letter "F" written on every door 
He is so divine that he has a whole temple devoted to him while alive and dead (Egyptian pyramids), a whole committee to wash his armpits, legs, feet, feces, belly...and hundreds of animals(horses, dogs, cows...), he must never walk on the ground as his feet are too clean. A red carpet must be rolled everywhere he walks, people must bow down at his arrival or in some occasions even kneel! Others do not even have the right to look at him. The king has unlimited access and power over the women of the Kingdom. We do not talk about hundreds of virgin girls but thousands of girls across the country. The King can at any time changes his wife for whatever stupid reason and chooses a new one that is far more wonderful, attractive and younger than the previous one. The King ends up with an infinite list of wives that change as fast as the Facebook logo changes. It is actually an honor for the girls to be chosen by the King. In Swaziland, every year, a ceremony takes place where hundreds of girls dance in front of the Swazi King so excited. Well, we still find in our kid's books fairy tales that show how girls would do anything to be chosen by the King or the Son of the King(Cinderella, Snow White...).
"The dream that I wish will come true
Another characteristic of those "demigod" religions resides in the fact women become sexual tools for unlimited amount of pleasure and orgasm. The demigod will changes his religious rules where the woman must pleases her husband and be always submissive to her male so she can be provided with a seat in the imaginary place upstairs. Yeah, too  much pleasures for those pseudo-prophets that resulted in the genocide of millions of infidels, submissions of millions of unbelievers and conquest of hundreds of Nations!

"Women, as sexual objects from the children of god cult"

Fortunately we no longer live in that archaic period of kings and queens. Wait? Did I say that too early?

Well, you got the origins of your religions. If you happened to be born in one of the wrong category we would suggest to change immediately and bring some progress to the World.

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