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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gagnam Style 1 Billion viewers debunked


In July a new song was released in the video sharing website Youtube. It depicts a Young Korean paedophile dancing with some dulls Korean women. The scenes also include a bath in a gay sauna and a dance under  green gay in an elevator. Despite the unoriginality of the video it received 1 billion views and became the most viewed youtube video of all times. Media state that 1 person out of 7 in the World had already watched it.

                                     Wait 1 billion people have watched that pedo video??

 So, You have never heard of Gagnam Style and you hear fo the most viewed video on Youtube. You check and realize the billion views on the bar. Amazed, you watch the whole video till then but find nothing more surprising. Later in the evening you reload the Gagnam Style video to understand why it got so many views. The following days you reload the most popular video.
The gay scene
In the following months you load the video link to see how many views the video received an you did it in an average of 3 times in the following months that succeeded the video that is from August 2013 to April 2014. A total of 9 months then 27 times plus the few times you watched it for the first time which can be estimated to be to 5 which gives a result of 32 times for you. A person likes you who is considered as a passive and unfan of Gagnam Style has a count of 32 views. So, if everyone who watched the Pedo guy video had a 32 counts we would have 31 250 000 viewers across the globe who have watched the video.
The horse scene
That is not all, For being the most popular video on the Internet it is obvious we would except youtube account owners spamming the comment sections for a suggestion to their websites. Which means most of the spammers load the video everyday some twice a day and log in and log out to thumb up their comment to a number than can range from 13 to 40! In an average of 20 per day which gives 5400 views for spammers!Except for the spammers we've got the people who comment on the video everyday just to get a chance to be thumbed up. We've got the endless debates that last for days.

Comments being updated every second

We've got the people who click on the video to see the number increasing everyday which gives a result of 270 for those people. Again we've got the random people who just enjoy the video and watch it everyday and remember every lyric. Adding to those we've got the people who watch the video regularly. So we end up with a number of views that exceeds 2000 views.

Oopah Gaganma Stye!!

Gagnam Style second gay scene

Gagnam Style third gay scene
Dull scene
We can then add the miserable 32 to the 2000 we end up 2032. So let's substract our 1 billion and 500 000 000 views by 2032 we end up with a number of 738 188. Less than 1 million people much less than the population of a small sized country. There is a total of 1 million and 600 000 youtube accounts most of which remained inactive. One user may have multiple accounts which does not ven refelt the numer of viewers on Gagnam. And do you really think all these entrepreneurs, businness men, lawyers, professor, doctors, grandmothers, farmers industry workers all around the world as well as the poor countries that do not have an easy access to the Internet and less to YouTube and those countries that prohibit Youtube such as the Billion populated China and many others have watched Gagnam Style?? So 738 188 people in the World have watched Gagnam Style. FFFFUUUuuuuuuuu. So Gagnam Style billion viewers debunked!!! TROLOLOLOL
Pedophile scene

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