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Friday, 31 August 2012

The Lion King parody

a collection of the best animated movie of all time: The Lion King(1994)

Join Simba, Mufasa, Sarafina, Pumbaa, Rafiki, the hyenas(Bonzai, Edd, Cenzi), Nala in their extraordinary advenutres!

Cry with simba in the canyon, eat with the outsiders in the jungle, medidate with Rafiki and run with Nala!

"Look at Simba everything the light touches is our kingdom"

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sandra Rogers: The real truth about the existence of God

This is the story of a woman named Sandra Rogers, in April 1976, she tries to kill herself by putting a gun on her chest after a failed suicide attempt by overdose. She was taken to the emergency and found herself outside her body and she was so happy to be dead as she was looking at the emergency vehicle. She then find a feminine presence from a light, she says ”This light was everything, it was selflessness, comprehension…”
Sandra Rogers in 1996

I was in front of a that bright, wonderfully warm and loving Light. While I was in the presence of this Light I was shown a review of my life and all the events that brought me to my suicide. I was fascinated as I watched my life review, that I was aware not only of my own emotions, but also the emotions of those around me as well as those whose lives we touched. I experienced their pain or pleasure and understood what motivated their actions toward others and me...As my life review continued, I encountered again all of the pain and hopelessness of my next several years; a series of bad relationships, pregnancies, miscarriages, broken marriages and suicide attempts. I saw myself as a young woman of twenty-five, married and divorced three times and hospitalized for drug overdoses six times. I felt how I hated my existence and could not understand how a loving God could allow these things to happen. I was aware as I relieved each of these terribly painful events in my life that the light, which was with me as I watched, felt all of my pain and sorrow and never judged me, but instead understood and loved me. She says she could be a very bad person but the Light understood her motivations. The love I felt from the light was overwhelming and I never wanted to leave it. While I was in Its presence I had unlimited knowledge about anything I wanted to know. I was given the choice of remaining with the light, provided I return later to the physical world and experience all that brought me to the point of shooting myself, or I could return now and pick up my life where it was. I was told that I would eventually have the family and love I so desperately yearned for. I was also told that I could only take back the knowledge I needed to sustain myself, although I would be given insights to help others and me along the way as I continued my life journey...

During my experience I followed my angel guide into the Light. The angel was absorbed by the light and so was I. While in the light I learned that everything in existence was created from the essence of God, the light.
These bullet points are the knowledge she received from the Light

  •   Listen to that small inner voice in your thoughts; it is the voice of God.
  •  Our soul is a part of God and God is a part of us; therefore, our souls are immortal and eternal.
  •   Hardships are necessary for the growth of our soul.
  •   Those born with mental or physical afflictions are more spiritually advanced than others, born to help others evolve spiritually.
  •   The physical body the spirit enters is chosen prior to birth.
  •   If an addiction isn't conquered before your physical death, it could keep your spirit earthbound.
  •   Earth is only one realm of learning; there are many.
  •   Hell is a state of being we create by being away from God until we choose to return to him. It is a state totally devoid of love.
  •   All you do and think is known to God, and God understands everything perfectly, and loves everyone just the same.
  •   All the pain we feel or cause is felt by God.
  •   In order to become one with God, work must be done to remember or find the truth.  The truth is this: your true self is a spirit and your spirit is one with God.
  •   Love, being God, is too immense and profound to ever be fully understood or experienced in the physical world.
  •   The universe is God's cathedral.
  •   God created differences in religion because of the different lessons we all need to learn.
  •   When you do unto others, you do unto God and yourself.
  •   The beginning of all sin is seeing self as separate from others and God.
  •   There are only two true religions - the religion of love and the religion of fear.
  •   Communication in the spiritual world is telepathic. Your thoughts are answered as rapidly as your mind can send and receive them.
  •   When you die, everything you have said, thought, or done will be known by all.
  •   There are no secrets in the afterlife.
  •   Spirits with evil thoughts avoid the light because they are too ashamed to have their life revealed.
  •   Spirits with like thoughts are drawn to each other in the afterlife.
  •   God's paradise for us is love. We can create paradise again if we learn to love one another as ourselves.
  •   There is one God who is worshipped through many different teachings of many different religious faiths.
  •   The gods of one faith are the angels, saints, or supernatural beings of other faiths.
  •   In the search for truth and understanding, all paths lead to love.
  •   God is love, light, and the energy in all. God is the source of perfect love and all life.
  •   God loves and forgives you, and expects you to love and forgive others.
  •   The only thing that lives forever is love.

This is a part of her experience when she asks the light about religion and heaven:

During my youth I grew up believing that God is unfair. I was taught that when Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, but by me," this meant that only those who publicly profess their faith in Christ go to heaven. I felt if this were true, God is unjust because not everyone wants, or has the opportunity to be exposed to, Christian teachings. I asked the light, how people from other religions get to heaven. I was shown that the group, or organization, we profess alliance to is inconsequential. What is important is how we show our love for God by the way we treat each other. This is because when we pass to the spiritual realm we will all be met by him, which substantiates the passage, "No one comes to the Father, but by me." The light showed me that what is important is that we love God and each other, and that it isn't what a person says, but the love in their being that is examined in the afterlife. In reviewing and reliving your life, your acts and thoughts of love bring you and God great joy, and your acts and thoughts of indifference, selfishness, and anger bring you and God deep remorse. We are all part of God's family, and are all interconnected. Those organizations, or religions, which claim some singular relationship with God, claim superiority over others, or exclude people for various reasons, go against God's law that we love one another as we love ourselves.

She really died on April 2000 due to the complication from her previous suicide attempt due to the medicines applied during her hospitalization.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Explaining a dream 5

(Dream made few minutes ago) We were looking at the city from an exam room. and I told my friend where the houses were located in the city and he asked very surprised "How do you know that"? and he also tell me that there will be a party on monday with the teachers and if I were willing to go and I told him that I wasn't even aware of that. The government was providing us with the papers(from a trunk) on which we would write tthe exam and which were actually plates! I was sitting next to my friend as if we were about to cheat but he went back to his appropriate seat. But he then wen to the washroom with another guy. In one of sudden we were in the jungle, wetlands to be more specific and I was with 3 of my friends and we were just walking which was in fact my idea. The forest of that wetland just looked like huge plants with mud underneath it was like during the Carboniferous period. We could see imprits of various animals that walked on it. Slender felideaes, antelopes etc. what's bizzare is that it was located on hills. at a moment I perceive a white yellowish lioness and I prevent everybody from it. but they don't really pay attention to it and continue their walking. Looking at the wetted grass I was thinking about getting out of that place by going up the hill.  They also tell me a joke about men (these are girls). when they found 50$?, and what they did themen is to give them 15$ on a globe and ask the girls for another thing in return. I asked them what was that thing, they laughed and I found out it was prostitution. We were climbing a smal elevated area when 2 tourists came to us they were an aged couple but the guy was very tall he was wearing an orange tee-shirt and still had a dark beard, they introduce themselves. My friend was very interested with them but me I left. I saw the tow other girls in the front walking underneath the shades of the big leaves of that wetland forest. I turned back and I saw a round lion rushing towards my friend. I screamed and started running, We were all running towards the "exit" of that unfriendly place. The lion was rite behind my friend but then turned towards a running guy, yeah my friend wouldn't be eaten by the lion but it turns back to my friend, she started bleeding, Everyone could escape but I didn't have a stick and couldn't do anything and the lion was strong.
Congo river viewed from Google Earth

Glowing river in the Indian territories (Brazil)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

The coming of the Holy Spirit

Story reported by a young teenage girl Paula:

I was watching TV the whole afternoon, movies after movies and finally went to bed because it would be the beginning of school the next day. But I couldn't due to the noise. So, I stayed awake the whole night until sun rise at 5:00 am. My skin was rough, I was feeling so hot, sweating, the sun was very bright, I had a headache and my eyes were irritated. I decided then not to go to school( I was seventeen). I stayed in the bed and I was feeling uncomfortable I even wanted to take a bath. I was so eager against these neighbours, my thoughts were only about hate and anger . It was 6:41, when I felt a red light, this light seemed to be erveywhere in the room. I turned to the other side(thinking it could be the light of the sun but it wasn't the light of the sun because this red light was emanating from inside the room. I felt like there was emotion, it was a feminine entity, I thought about Virgin Mary and the saints. I was happy because Christian entities were aware of my existence. I started seeing a cathedral or kind of castle but it was glowing with orange, yellow and red light and that cathedral was like golden and filled wiht emotions. and from th at moment images starting racing my brain as if it wa the moment of the missed sleep when I was supposed to dream. The images were Christians and innocent. I started seeing a cimetery, with statues made from rocks, and one of them was an angel with very small wings, I starred at the wings and felt like they have a healing power. and other images followed in my brain. at one moment I felt like yellow flash of lights inside me. It was orange and it was flowing through my spine, my body and my brain. I would call them "fires", but they weren'nt fires), they were yellow, orange and tasted like candies. I thought about the light of spirit. I realized that by focusing on this light I couldn't not sense the outside world, like the noise, the rough of my skin, the discomfort of my body. The golden spirit was like totally unpenetrable and from another essence. This orange flame was located inside my forehead but it would go back to the spine. This flame seemed to be watching over me. and I started meditating about quotes that Christians may have said " I was taught to listen my body instead listening to my spirit". I didn't knew that I had a spirit, such a vivid light. While in that state, I was feeling like I was going to be exorcised, I was feeling spirituality but with light, it was coming from my belly, if I continued, I would have been unvoluntarily moving in very direction, as in a sleep paralysis.

The following days, the yellow spirit wa still helping me,at night light from the bulbs was becoming very intense and yellow and I could generate intelligence from me.Sometimes, my eyesight would become totally orange and I could see well through. I had flue and when I wanted to go to sleep, I would let the spirit because it would stay me awake but in a good position. and I realized that I couldn't sleep either with the flu so I went back to the spirit and I would be good and the flu healed transformed into a sweet taste. I was feeling innocent with that spirit and started feeling my heart compressing whenever I intende doing something wrong( which I could not measure). at sometimes I could have big blow of pure fresh air(even if the air was warm) and my eyes were glowing.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ottawa: La Belle

Canada-Toronto-Montréal-Vancouver there is another Canadian city which is always forgotten.

900 000 inhabitants, on the border of the Ontario Province in the Rivière des Outaouais Ottawa is the fourth and Capialt city of Canada. With the greatest concentration of museums in Candada and numerous historical sites and adding its bilinguality Ottawa is the national capitla since almost 150years.
Canal Rideau

Etienne Brulé was the first French to explore the region followed by Samuel De Champlain in the Outaouais region. Colonel John By built the Rideau Canal that would be a military way linking Kingston in the South to Montréal. Irish were employed in the construction where drunk loggers ended in a fight. Almost 2000 people did in the construction of the Canal and their bodies were burried in the shores of the Canal. Native forests were destroyed by the loggers. The town of the Colonel called Bytown started to grow. In the middle of the XIXth century the Confederation decided to make Bytown the capital of the Confederation of the dominion of Canada. Ottawa comes from the Algonquin word( Outaouais branch) Odawa meaning "to trade" because in the time with the fur trade with the Natives(especially beaver fur). The shore in fornt of the entrance of the Canal Rideau was fromerly a place of special significance to the Indian-Firrst Nations.

 At the end of the 1800s the parliament buildings were constructed including a library. In 1916 a devastating fire will erase the buildings except the library which was protected due to a staff who thought about closing the door. At the same time another fire will strike in Hull. At these times buildings were made of wood which eased the propagation of Fire. In the victorian era Candian military forces participated for the frist time in a war outside Canada: The Boer War-South Africa which made casualties among Canadian armies but now Canadian act like peacekeeping(example Roméo Dallaire-Rwanda) source Canadian War Museum. The parliament was built one year later with another design and green roof. During the following years several province joined the confederation; first Québec, British Columbia and then Newfoundland , Northwest Territories, Manitoba... In the 30s King Mackenzie bought an estae in what is now Park Gatineau(Parc de la Gatineau). The ruines of the buildings can still be visited by the tourists in search of fresh air.

Lake Pink


Canal Rideua, Hull, Aylmer, Costcu, Les Promenades, Promenade du Lac des Fées, Belvédère Champlain(Champlain Lockout), Etienne Brûlé, La rivière des Français, Huron-Wendat, Québecois, char, là(leux), DesJardins, Gatineau Centre-ville, Canadien, Gagnon, Mason Angers, STO(Société de Transport de l'Outaouais), Centre Asticou, Boulevard Mont bleu, Riel, Casino du Lac Leamy(Les grands feux), Hilton(CH), Canal D,Voyage d'Enfer, CEGEP, Centre Rideau Centre, Sears, York St, Clarence, Crush, Château Laurier, Portage, Parc de la Baie, La fête des Montgolfières, blonde, Bell, Vidéotron, Rigaud, Pont Mackenzie, The Haunted Walk, Grayline bus, Parcs , Lac Pink, Meesh, Saint Joseph, Ottawa Via Alexandra, 57 Rivermead, bilings, Carleton Univeristy, UOttawa, Champlain lookout, Mackenzie Estate,Tour Lady Dives, Bytown Museum Hidden Treasures, geese, Colonel By, Malaria, Patinage(skating), River Cruise, Les Femme sont des personnes, Parliament, Mosaïka, Canadian, Jack Layton, Crush, Supreme court, bicycle path, 147, Ottawa sud, Frieman Mall, War Memorial, Royal Canadian Mint, Saudi Embassy, Japan, Kowei, France, Emirate Embassy, Autoroute de la Gatineau 5, Spark St., Irish Pub, Portage, Palais des Congrès, Yours to discover-Je me souviens), Olivia Chow, National Art Gallery, Musée Canadien des Civilisation-Hull Gatineau, New Canadian War Museum, Japon Exposition-Exhibition, Musés Canadein des Enfanst-Canada Post Office, Macdonald Cartier, Parc de la Montagne, The Bay-Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson, Ottawa Via Cartier, Queen Victoria, Parliament Cats, Mer de Champlain, Rivière Gatineau, Chuttes Rideau Fall, gold

Source: Fabien Gagné, Joliette QC

Introduction to Eastern Canada physiology

Toronto Island, Dundas Square, Street, Union Station, Bloor Street, Rogers Centre, Toronto Raptor, Toronto Maple Leaf , CTV, Discovery, History Channel, TTC, CBC News, TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, Via Rail,  Tim Hortons, Rememberance Day, Subway "Eat Fresh Think Fresh", Harvey's "It's so Canadian! Wendy's, Happy Meal, "Oh, Skinny Jeans, I love my skinny jeans", STC( Scarborough Town Center), Cineplex Odeon, The apes will rise, Everest College, Boreal College, President Choice, Lester B. Pearson airport, Punjabi, Tamil Tigers, Pacific Mall, Shawarma, Eaton Center, Coxwell, Pape station, Kennedy, Bloor and Younge, Don, Dundas, NY, Red Bulls snapback, swagg, Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow, Rack city Bitch, Next stop Scarborough Golf Club, Fillipino, York University, Yorkdale, Cah Cab, ancient alien, myth busters, East african and asian restaurant, mango juice, OHP, Ontario Royal Museum, Scarborough Park, Starbuck Coffee, Scarboro, North York, Mississauga, Jane and Finch, Bank of Montréal, Toronto Downtown, Greyhound.ca, Wonderland, Ontaio Police Patrol, 401, Ontario Lake, Toronto Zoo express, Etobicoke,Whitby, ajax, Oshawa, Pickering, Vaughan, Markham, Oakville, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Penetanguishene, Franco-Ontarien, London, Kitchener, UWO, Waterloo, Chatham, Point-Pelee, Brantford, Peterborough, Parry Sound,(+416), Barrie, Owen Sound, Sudbury, Saulte-Sainte-Marie, Lake Erie, Detroit River, Huron, Wendat, Tecumseh, French River, Sir Wilfried Laurier, Lake meesh, Pink, sentier Etienne Brûlé, Kanata, Joliette, Trois-Rivière, Sept-Iles, Ile de Montréal, Nova Scotia, PEI, Sherbrooke, 417, Buffalo, Lake Snow Effect, Je me souviens, Yorus to Discover,
View of the Canadian National Tower