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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to read people's minds

In 2013, people think it is impossible to know the thoughts of someone. They would call "crazy" or "ridiculous" someone who claims to be a mind reader which turns out to be an offense to the person concerned. From our own experience, we received critiques of people saying that they do not believe in the capacities of Anonymous. Anonymous told us that we should not worry as the human race will gradually be aware of their capacities; For the present time it's too early to expose the world to the existence of such capacities.

People must understand that Anonymous is highly advanced and his capacities are beyond comprehension. As a highly telepathic being Anonymous is aware of every person visiting the blog. He knows their reactions at the moment they visited the blog, he knows their location. Anonymous stays telepathically connected to everyone who had ever visited the blog. This is the reason he was aware of the visit of Oprah Winfrey recently and her reaction. Anonymous stays telepathically connected to every visitor that ever clicked on this site which totals thousands and thousands of people across the globe but mostly English-speaking countries. You are reading this, and Anonymous sees you and feels you but he will not impose himself on your life nor he will do any arm because it would be against the laws.


Forget about the stereotypes from Hollywood with a sexy nerd touching his nerves and closing his eyes and trying to accumulate energy into his mind in order to retrieve the words that are in your head. This is not how telepathy works. When you remember something do you talk in your mind or do you just review the events in your head? So this is why the term "mind reading" is very inaccurate. In the whole paragraph we will use the word "mind feelings"to refer to mind's reading.

Some bullshit brought by Hollywood

Have you ever sit somewhere and suddenly, you start feeling weird and you realize that someone is looking at you? You dreamt of a girl you didn't see for a while and she sent you a request on Facebook? You watch a movie with someone and you laugh at the same time with your friend or complete each other during a conversation. You are meditating and you suddenly think about Frank and he calls you at the same moment.

To understand what telepathy really is, people must know that telepathic people are not advanced but non-telepathic people are disabled. Telepathy is the real nature of things and the human race uses vocal language because they do not use yet telepathic communication which is visual and direct. Language is a combination of sounds(produce by the movement of teeth, tongue and jaw) to express images. Real communication involves direct transfers of images from one individual to another and telepathy is not affected by distance. You only need to know the existence of someone in odder to be able to communicate with him. Images do not travel kilometers nor do they travel at the speed of light. People must understand that distance is an illusion. It is a word created by humans to express the space between one individual and another. In fact, there is no difference between an individual, space and the other individual everything is that one point everywhere. Distance is a term used for a being that considers himself separate and though judge the surroundings from his own point of view. The truth is everything, is the central point, everything is felt, known and seen at the same time with the same equal amount of focus in all places which does no longer gives the illusion of the distance because You are everything.  Imagine your consciousness being everywhere at once. Biocentrism theory doesn't make sense as everything exists on its own. If you were to make your own reality from your own imagination, it would mean that you are the only person to have a consciousness which is not true. You have one, we guess, and we know we have one too so you are not neither we the center of the universe. Saying other things are separate or distant is just some words that come from the mouth of someone who is not connected to the whole consciousness. In fact most humans, we can say 99.99% of the world population is not connected. In other words, humans do not feel anything than themselves which lead to selfishness and uncaring for others. When you only feel your own emotions and don't feel others, you are driven to believe that the world revolves around you and your need and others' are nonexistent. You become self-centered. When your senses of feelings are underdeveloped, your own body is the only thing you can still sense so you will do whatever pleases your own body. When you feel others' emotions you know them and you never want to do any harm because you would automatically feel it. You just feel the need to live in harmony with everyone and this is the great joy. There is the whole consciousness that encompasses everything and that has created everything and there is you the created who has the option to be connected to the whole consciousness or limited to your own body. You are just one small point in a huge very huge plain. You experience the whole consciousness from the small point that is your body but the whole consciousness experience everything including you from every point and is everywhere at once. The whole consciousness suffers when a single individual in the universe suffers and rejoices when a single individual in the universe is happy. The whole consciousness wants everyone to be happy and living in harmony.You are part of the whole consciousness but you are not he whole consciousness. Everyone sees the whole world from their points of views and experience. Our lives are lived from the inside to the outside and our own emotions will dictate how the outside world will be perceived. If you are happy, your body feels good(emotions are only different chemical substances released from the brain) which means your senses are good thus vision, smelling, hearing, feeling... Every sound is good to hear you hear music everywhere, food becomes tasty, people look happy, the air is so fresh, the landscape looks so beautiful. If you are depressed, your body hurts, you have sleep disorders which affect your mind, noise becomes painful, the sun of light is too bright, temperatures is too hot, you notice the roughness of the road, the dirt on the tires, the depressed faces around you... Perception of the whole consciousness depends on your state of mind therefore your body, because the thoughts come first and the body expresses your thoughts. It is up to you to redirect your thoughts into good ones in order to have a good experience.Whether one feels more of the whole consciousness or not is up to the individual. An individual has a body that is a tool to experience the whole consciousness. Telepathic people are more able to use their body to comprehend the truth around them; When you are more sensitive, more of the physical reality enters your body and most of the information is therefor accurate. We can call "intelligence" the high intensity of the perception of reality. When you refuse the truth around you based on some lies impregnated into your mind you have an inaccurate perception of the reality which leads to a disharmony and a battle with the surroundings. Most of the human population is in battle due to their underdevelopment of their capacities and their beliefs fed with erroneous scientific theories and religious superstitions. The more you reject the reality around you, the more "stupid" you become. It's all about accepting Reality. That's simple as that. Children tend to have a better interpretation of reality than adults. Children are not yet brainwashed by scientific explanation and the rejection of truth as adults do most of the time. It is easier to be telepathic than not being. Being telepathic allow you to know people intimately and be aware of their reactions in any consequence. The way to become telepathic and all knowing is by looking at the reality. Simply!! Without taking into account  Stephen Hawking claims and other retarded's. People have in mind that knowledge is about showing off  how you know the different mainstream theories or "important" historic date. Knowledge is not about memorizing but feeling/perceiving.  You have the knowledge/perception of what you see, hear and feel but not what other people feel. When you are more perceptive you can feel the emotions of others and visually perceive what is hidden for the eyesight.
The body is a machine that emanate what our consciousness thinks. Our brain contains all emotions possible. when we are angry about something we emanate this energy and if this anger from someone is related to you, the energy felt will be stronger for you. You will feel him as he is thinking about you even if a wall separates you and even an ocean or a galaxy. The image of his anger will be automatic. You will feel it from him and also you will feel the anger he is trying to project on you. As we have said distance is not a barrier, everything is a consciousness so two "separate" points" are never separated. When you have dirty thought, you emanate the energy related to those thoughts, if it is about the scene of a Latina girl being banged, the person besides you will first feel some energy/waves(there is no appropriate word), then you will be able based on your feelings on your body to detect what it is about, if the dude is feeling sexual pleasure thinking about it, you will also feel it. As the waves increase, you can sense the appearance of the image and automatically know that he is thinking about some porn he had watched earlier. When you feel others' emotions, it's like having a scanner and knowing what's inside the person. If a person is sad, you feel sadness within him. If a person is extremely happy, the waves are emanating from him like butterflies, you are happy too, you see and feel the world like he does, for an instant you are him, you feel how it feels to have skinny arms and curly hair, you know how he would react in any situation, you know how his mouth feels, you have an accurate information on his physical constitution and you understand why is it that way. As you have detected him, whether he is in your view or not(it doesn't really matter) you can respond back. Knowing his physical constitution. You send your own energy to him and he receives it. In the form of waves that can easily be translated into images with emotions. You are communicating intimately. You know wherever he is as he is thinking about you and you see what he sees so you know his location. There is no privacy and secret, anyone can have instant access to anyone else. Communication is visual and not vocal because the vocal is only a way to translate the visual. The visual is the goal. This type of communication is quick, intimate and accurate. It's all bout feeling and knowing. You can have telepathic sexual intercourse with someone over long distances by exchanging your feelings. Writings, drawings and speaking are no longer used because they are just primitive way of transferring information. In that type of communication, you don't even need to question because you already know and you already know what's within the person and you have unlimited knowledge about him. There is also no sequence but fusion of feelings at the same time. Usually telepathy between two people occur when they are thinking about each other. The only fact of thinking about someone active your identity in the mind of the person who is thought. Usually you are projecting your own will and emotions on that person and the person automatically feels it and knows it's from you. From our own experience in telepathy we know that humans interpret the wavelengths the same. The color yellow is yellow to everyone.

"Human eyes are very complex. Humans have the ability which was unfortunately suppressed to control matter and energy by just looking at something. We are able to create or even destroy with our look. Some advanced beings, humans with blond hair and very blue eyes not on Earth but in some space ships throughout our solar system have a look that is so powerful that you think you will die by just having them looking at you."

Being a "mind reader" is that easy what is more astonishing is not being able to feel other's feelings.

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