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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dancing with a transgender

Story shared by William from Connecticut.

I was at the club, I came with two of my friends. And there were some girls dancing but most of them rejected me. So most of my time inside the club was spent alone with my beer,looking at the beautiful blondes on the dance floor.
Even my friends had already picked up and danced with some girls and they were actually kissing. There was 1 hour left before the club closes so I decided to go for a hot girl's hunt. The room was very dark, crowded and very noisy. I could make my way between the dancers and I finally saw a big booty, long brown hair, tall legs. 
I approached that girl from behind, I touched her back, she didn't move and I approached my crotch near her beautiful ass, she didn't move away so I touched her hips confident, I started grinding her, she responded back but not that much but it was alright for me. I had a partner and I would take my revenge on the bitches that refused me. At one point one strong guy came up to me and shouted something at me but I didn't hear. He was gonna say something like"hey, don't touch my girlfriend!" or "Her boyfriend is behind you". But anyway I am a Don Juan, I have my girl so that dude can mind his own business. The noise was too loud and he insisted shouting at me some words that sounded like "its due' or"is doo" he was even holding my shoulder. And I told him "Leave me alone!'. So I was finally with my intimacy and dancing with that romantic girl. We were dancing. Guess who's getting laid tonight? The crowd started to back away from us making a huge circle. And there was my favorite song playing. People were watching us and I was the King of the Dance floor". No one else was dancing, guys were high fiving so jealous of my queen. Some girls were watching us disgusted . There was a reason to be disgusted, they rejected the King of the Dance floor a few minutes earlier, now they were wacthing what they have just missed. People were even taking pictures and videos of us. Woow, it was going to be on Youtube and World Star Hip Hop! I would be the legend that took the club under control. At one point the lady whispered to me "Thank you". I replied to her"Hey. Babe it's not done yet". And she replied in a very loud voice"IT WAS GOOD DANCING WITH YOU'. I saw her face for the first time. Yuuuckk!!! The ugliest Face, Big Jaw, strong eyebrows, big nose,a lot of hair on the cheeks. I could see her shoulders which were very disproportionate. I starred at her and thought to myself "Holy Shit!!". I almost wanted to throw up. She(or he)took her handbag and joined her friends. People were screaming, the girls were laughing, the DJ and the girl besides him were laughing, the security guard some dudes were whistling while others were saying" OOooh..", "Babe is leaving?" "How was the hairy booty?",and they came to congratulate me,asking "You enjoyed right?" 'No other song?" I just wanted to leave. I yelled "Fuck you!" at the queer who was leaving quickly'.  It was the most disgusting event in my life. When I think about it again, I feel like the need to puke. The only girl that agreed to dance with me was a tranny. When I remember the way I was holding her with so much sensuality gives me nausea. When  I think about the erection her masculine booty gave me, it makes me faint. When I think about the numerous kisses on her neck, it makes me want to hang myself. I also feel remorse for the guy I pushed away in the beginning while he was trying to save me from the humiliation of my life. The poor guy was telling me "It is a dude! It's a dude!"

I have had several occasions when I saw the video taken that night; we can see the tall guy hidden under his thick wig playing with her strong tall legs and booty in front of me and me on his back dancing, raising my hand up, showing off with my NY hat and giving slaps on her back.
People have given me a new name in high school "The shemale booty fucker." I also had seen the tranny several times, I didn't go back to that club but when I hang out with my friends I can still see her with her friends heading towards the same club. And she or why do I keep saying"she"? I mean "he"doesn't even care about the rumours spread upon us.

He continues his life and I have also had people telling me that some dudes got caught in that same trap.

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