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Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Earthlings

This is what happened when Earth turned to a Real Apocalypse in 2014.

In February 2014, astronauts and observation posts find variation of solar rays on solar surface. As this may happened 10,000 yeas ago from now. This unusual phenomenon happen after a certain period of Earth History. As months go, sunlight become more intensive and dangerous. As Winter ends, Summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere. This phenomenon had lead to the extinction of half of Earth life 8,000 BC and to the melt of ice sheet on many parts of the Earth and to the Beginning of the Holocene era.

This unusual sunlight has an impact on crops, forested areas, coral... In major cities scientists state that  if a solution is not applied right now the humanity would have a few hours to live his last days on Earth. heat waves affect cold areas such as Western Europe, Siberia and North America. When a fine rain occur on the southern tip of the globe. Water evaporates rapidly that some rivers and pond become dry areas. Water is lacking, and prices are rising. Brand and Companies are closing and many people find themselves homeless due to the lack of products, money and jobs. Money is spent in rehabilitating fragile and sensible persons. Old and people affetced by a skin disease such as cancer,. are residing in Hospitals. This happens in only a gap of two months.
The situation become worst. The Sun is emitting  more intense and dangerous radiations. It is dangerous now to see the sun in the sky. A huge crisis is installing and politicians, scientits from all over the World are now gathering to find a problem to that global phenomenon that affects millions of people around the World and that make loose Billions of dollars from governments and societies pockets. People are angry, and manifestations are found everywhere on streets. The world, televison and news is now only talking about the"Great Heat". This word is understood by many people around the world in various languages. Greenpeace and other NGO(greenies) are now asking for a stopping of all industrial plants and factories that continue to emit CO2 on the atmosphere and  making it warmer. They constitute large crowds in front of parliaments and governments compounds. People are now selling all their riches, things(stove, TV, bed..) the inflation is Growing. There is no enough fund to take care of prisonners that some prisons closed and policemen stopped their jobs. Even in reach areas, people are camping in thousands in megapark or terrains.
The sun doesn't understands prayers of Christians; Protestants, catholics who are praying since days to ask for a justice to the people of Earth. some people say that Maya apocalypse is happening, and a Great deluge will occur if anything change.

After the extra-radiations, wildfires are seen on fields burning millions of acres around the World. Forests are in fire, and killing millions of animal lives. Some environmentalists talk about the extinction of species. In India, people kill dogs to feed themselves. A  kind of cannibalism is reported in some areas in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Indonesia..Bush food is commonly used because in some areas animals could survive to the high temperatures. Some Westerners decided to protect the remaining wild animals of city zoos because any transfer would be impossible.

In this Chaotic Era, presidents from eminent countries(the world superpowers especially US, UE), politicians, economists, climatologists, billionaires, lecturers, experts,sicentists and NASA met at New York to disccuss about the problem and the issue. The decision was issued that they all have to gather technology, means, project and funds to build the project that would make people to leave the Earth! and to build an autonaumous sation wtih all the Earht last food supplies to help new people in the station.

The project was rejeted

Words that you need to know on the Internet

The text contains core language and expressions. Viewer discretion is advised.

LOL: Laughing out of Loud
        : Lot of Life
        : Lot of Lies
        : Lot of Laugh
LMAO: Laugh My Ass Out
LMFAO: Laugh My Fucking Ass Out

OMG: Oh My God !!!
         : Oh My Gosh!

OMFG: Oh, My Fucking God!

ROFL: Rolling On The Floor Lauging

WTF: What The Fuck
         : Who The F!ck

WTH: What The Hell

IKR: I Know Right

IDK: I Don't Know

XOXO: Kiss and Hugs

SK8: Skate

SUM: Some

C'mon: Come on!

HRU: How Are You?

CU: See You

B4: Before

WannaB: Want To Be

BF: BoyFriend(Best?)

BTW: By The Way

BRB: Be Right Back

Sum1: Someone

Thx: Thanks!

U2: You too


Fbk a.k.a Fb: Facebook

WKND: Week End

L8TR: Later

ILU: I love(Like) You

PLS: Please!

MSG: message

GR8T: Great!!


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Explaining Dreams

Why is "expressing Dreams" so Important?

In many Times Dreams can show events that will occur in the FuTure. It is a Great wealth because we will find out that they were True. And in many cases Dreams are full of Imagination, Wonderful, Marvellous, Incredible Things we would never except in the Real Life and are the source of New Ideas, book stories and Inspiration.. We can forget them as soon as we get up but they are still lighting up the day and giving a sense and a theme to the Day. They are present the whole day (we made them) and protect us.

Writing them would be very Useful and amazing for the next couple of weeks.

The coat of arms of CANADA

This is the written coat of arms of Canada for Winter 2011.

Maple leaf, CTV, Ignatieff, Steven Harper, Justin bieber, Rogers, BELL, Dollarama, Scarborough, Quebec, Saskatchewan, .co.ca, brought to you by:, TreeHouse, The Cat in that Hat, Newfoundland and Labrador, Hamilton, London, Windsor, Niagara Falls , New York, Mc Kay, TTC, Missassauga, nite, VIA,"Oh, my Gosh!!", Nova Scotia, Drive Thru, ottaouais, Jamaica, Marijuana, Blueberries, mortgage, subway, SCRE4M, Bank Of Montreal, President's Choice, RIO, Encore number
Coat of arms of Canada



Beautiful pink Sky

San Fransisco Sight

One of the Most Beautiful cities in the World. San Fransisco California

United States of America



View from a Hotel

View from the same Hotel

Downtown san Fransisco
San Fransisco traffic
Downtown San Fransisco

San Fransisco-Palce

There are amny homeless here in San Fransisco

San Fransisco harbor

San Fransisco

San Fransisco

San Fransisco

Boat on San Fransisco shore

San Fransisco


Place in san Fransisco Harbour

San Fransisco emblem

San Fransisco skyline

San fransisco Bridge

San Fransisco is a very diversified and multicultural city!

San Fransisco sight

San Fransisco in the night

San Fransisco Night view


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Coat of Arms of South Africa/Suid Afrika

.This is the Written coat of arms of South Africa/Republiek Van Suid Afrika:

 World Cup,FIFA,Joseph S. Blatter, christiano Ronaldo write the Future,Go Fans,Zakumi,Bafana Bafana(the boys),Banyana Banyana,Mc Do,"Now we are supporting Ghana",Soweto, Ellis Park Stadium,Octopus,Xenophobia
,SABC 3,Howzit?Hello?Kyknet,Discovery,the dog whisperer,When crocos ate Dinos, Bite Night,Isidingo,Xhosa,Isiszulu,Basotho,Royal Bafokeng,Nelspruit/Kruger Natl. park,Bloemfontein, Free State,Limpopo,Mpumalanga,Vaal 21,De Aar,Khoikhoi,Karoo,Springbok,Pineaar,Supersport,Terr'Blanche,Afrikaans,De Villiers,Coloured,Cape Town,Robben Island(Robbeniland),Nelson mandela Bay,Durban,zulu Rikshaw,Nelson Mandela Square, Mandela Bridge,18 July Make every day a Mandela Day,Pick n' Pay,Woolworths,Fourways Mall,Cloudy with a chance of meat balls,Sandton,Gauteng(GA) Lonehill Dispensary,Braai,Johannesburg N T, O.R tambo Inter, Rivonia trial,Sharpeville Massacre 1960,1994, Archbishop Desmond Tutu,R550 per day, 20 Rand, Vodacom,Telkom,Standard Bank,Bryanston,To let, Gautrain.co.za, Tshwane/Pretoria, jacaranda, Fourways Mall, KFC, Stop,Ahead/Voor,Franshoek Rd,Huguenot, Voortrekker Road,Fiction A-Z,Alexandra,Anglo-Boer war,tri-nation rugby,les mines de Witwatersrand,Gold,Botha, FW De Klerk, Big Brother All Stars,Dstv so much more,Playing the enemy,strawberry,Sunday Times,downtown,widing flag,BMW,made in South Africa.
For special information go to : http://alltherealworld.blogspot.ca/2011/11/barney-and-betty-hill-encounter-with.html

Coat of arms of Kenya

The written arm of coats of Kenya:
Kaz,kav,kbj, junction,Nakuru,langata road,the big five,chicken wings, National Geographic Wild,bureau de change,Kshs,security,Tyra show,High School Musical, Thank you, sorry, Sarit centre,Avatar,Amboseli,orange juice,karting

Summary: Nairobi is cool, high buildings, nice people,

Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi sight
Nairobi Sight

Nairobi park

Nakumatt Parking


Nairobi sky




Nairobi Orphanage




Nairobi Museum

Cheetah Picture

Narobi Museum-hall

Early Humans


Birds of Kenya


Frog-Nature Wealth

Kenya Pictures



Sarit centre



Isn't that Country Beautiful??