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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Animals you probably never heard of 2

The following of the wonders of our Nature.
There are species only noticeable at night, burrowing species, species undersea, microcosmos, species that are naturally rare. Yes the range of undiscovered species is still very broad.
Asiatic lion (Gir region India less than 500)
Kalahari black manned lion
Aye aye(Madagascar) 

Giant otter (Brazil)

Giant otter eating fish

coati(South American relative to the nothern american racoon)
Racoon dog( canid species living in Southeast Asia)
Andean bear
Wolverine(belong to the viverridae family)

American abdger(realtive to the European badger)
Binturong(sotuheast Asia)                
Siberian tiger(Russia)
musk deer                                                  

Condor (Andes Mountains, wingspan can reach 2 m)

leopard sea catching penguin( Antarctica)

Platypus (venomous , can lay eggs, Australasia)

Asian Elephants

Swimming elepant (Asia)
sea snake (Pacific)


saltwater crocodile (Pacific Ocean)
Serval cat(Africa)

Tibetan dog

Komondor dog

Angora rabbit

Yak (himalaya)

musk oxen(North America Alaska, Arctic)

Two humped cam Central Asia

Asian Wild horses (Central Asia and Europe)

Wild horses in the past (Lascaux cave paintings)
European bison(Eastern Europe)

European bisons cave painting (Lascaux France)

worm lizard (neither a snake nor a worm belong to the reptilia class)
Gaboon viper

Gaboon viper
Anaconda(Amazon river)
                                                                     Burmese python                                                     
Camel spider
Giant Weta (New Zealand)

house centipede
giant centipede
Stick isect on tree trunk

Leaf insect
Biofilm(largest microbial colonies, Yellowstone National Park U.S)

Saharan cheetah
Ham shark

Bonobo (Central Africa Congo)

Bonobo female

Bonobo male

Orangutang (Indonesia)

Orangutang means "forest wild man" in Malay

Proboscis monkey(Indonesiap

Also nicknamed "Dutch monkey" for its drunk appearance(red and nose)

Sea elephant (Antarctica)
Flying fish

Flying snake(Sumatran forest)

Flying lizard(Sumatra) The trees of the Sumatran forest
are far apart from each other so animals had to adapt and
adopt flying features

Flying frog (Sumatra)

Flying squirrel (Sumatra)

Flying marsupial (Australia)

Qetzal(South America)

Leptilos dubius
Blue parrotfish
Poison dart frog

Forest hog(Central Africa)
Zebra duiker (West Africa)
Asian golden cat
Three-horned chameleon (chameleons can have a 360° eyesight)
Oposum(Opossum are the only marsupials living outside Oceania
Virginia Opposum range is spreading towards southern canada)

baby possums
Ethiopian wolf(the only wolves living in Africa)

manned dog (South America)

Striped hyena

Aardwolf (means earth wolf in Afrikaans)

Bat-eared fox(South Africa, insectivorous)
White lions(Cape region)

Nyala(South Africa)
Bongo(Central Africa)
Asian water buffalo

marine Iguana
galapagos land iguana

Green Iguana

Agama lizard

To see more amazing animals go here: Animals you probably never heard of part 1


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