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Friday, 19 April 2013

Beware of Facebook Likewhores !!!

Don't be fooled whenever you are facebooking and you suddenly see a shocking picture of a sick child and a note saying that each share will receive a dollar! 

The truth is; none of these kids will get a dollar. There is no such an app that allow each click to send a dollar to whatever hospital or facebook bank account. So, don't think you ever done any charity! In fact you are just spreading the pictures of those sick children whom some have already died. Some families are suing  Facebook to remove the pictures of their deceased children.

This warning was found on Ronaldo Facebook Fan page

Most of the comments are similar to these ones: God bless him, God bless you, May Allah have mercy on you, you look so beautiful, sad, I gave you my dollars...

Most of those posts are made by 14 year old teens who own a page and want to get their pseudo-charity pictures shared.
One like, One more drop of water for the African kids

250 shares to go 
It is usually religious people that instantly shares these pictures, because they believe that once they die they will be in front of the pearly gates and God(from whatever religion the believers believes) will ask him "When did you show your compassion to your neighbor? When did you give money to the poor?" The religious:"Well God, I gave that 20$ to that old woman in 1994 but also I like so many pictures of sick children, starving children, malformed children on Facebook... I may have given more than 1000 dollars to them with all these likes an shares" The religious deity:" That wasn't enough you didn't share the pictures of Me".
Facebook likewhores have a tactic to focus on sharing instead of liking so their pic increases in popularity

The following is a notice made by a french-speaking page "Insomnie". According to the Admin, Marcus has a leukemia and the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal agreed to give 10 cents for each share the picture will get. If we do not do that we don't have a heart!! Well Marcus photo was shared by not hundreds, but thousands of Facebookers thinking they have done something to help Marcus from Canada who is in fact Raymond Johnson from South Carolina. The guy portrayed in the picture is Raymond Johnson who is suffering from a breast cancer and who could not receive aid because not such aid is offered to men. 

Whatever reason made the likewhore,actually the sharewhore, pick up this picture, the story is not true. Several days later, the Jewish Genreal Hospital of Montreal Facebook Page issued a notice saying that the hospital is not involved in such campaigns. 

The picture now totalizes more than 63,500 shares but the number keeps increasing. 
Marcus sharewhore original story

How do sharewhore ads work?

A teen has just started to use Facebook and decides to create a page in the hope of getting fame.
He uploads pictures of memes, stars, quotes, verses... but unfortunately not that many likes after several weeks. The first month, his page gets only 19 likes mostly from his friends whom he invited to like. After reflexion, he decides to play with emotions, he decides to share a picture of someone who is terribly sick and if no one likes or share that pictures, the person will die. Then the teen, let's call him Nathan, chooses the picture from Google Images by typing "sick person, cancer, ill children.."he selects the first one that appears, probably from a news website, uploads it onto his page with a note" Christy has a cancer, Facebook and Mark Zukerberg have agreed to give her 1$ for each like her picture will get, and 10 $ for each comment and 15 $ for each share. Ignore if you do not care!!
 After uploading on his page, he share his picture on his Facebook wall. Then some of his teen friends(Amanda, Julia both 13) out of his 400 notice it and comment "Oh poor Christy, Courage!" they also share the picture so Christy will get the 15$ Mark Zuckerberg has promised. Their other friends see it and touched, share, like and comment. There you go 26 dollar go into Christy's account! Their other friends see it and do it, the other friends of those other friends who are now in the thousands also see it and share, And ten of thousands other friends see it and share it..The picture has now left The United Sates and Canada and is spreading towards South America, crossing the Atlantic Ocean into Europe, Serbia, Iran, Asia, Africa, South Africa, India, China... The message is now circling around the Earth. Many many people from every background sharing, giving their support to the poor Christy. People  form many cultures, religions... it is also crossing the language barrier, we have people from China, Sudan, Armenia, Kiribati....Prayers from Christians, Orthodox, Muslims, Hindu, Mormons, The redeemed Baptist Church of Kyrgyzstan... Many professions and many ages. All people united and giving their support and hope to the poor Christy.
Meanwhile in his room the sharewhore is so excited to see how many shares his picture received, it has now reached 234,567 shares. Wait it is now 678,3455 shares. More than half a million! A whole small sized country's population! At one point the picture is seen by atheists and other smart people who comment and say "Fake!", "Trololol how many stupid people actually believe it?" "Likewhores, likewhores everywhere". The picture is now noticed and posted on Hoax Slayers with all the appropriate information. Nathan happy about his success, can now appreciate the pleasure of having his picture shared. And it is not done! let's sart with a new picture but this time it will be Cameron who was abused by her husband and it will be 25$ for each share!
And it continues on and on, some people start to like his page, now it's thousands of people. Nathan can now post whatever he wants he is so happy!

Where doesyour money(like) go? find out what UNICEF tells you

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