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Sunday, 21 April 2013

What's the Meaning of Life

Well the meaning of Life is any object thus entity that is capable of feeding and reproduce itself.

No Joke... The Meaning of Life is to find Happiness in its purest form.

Anything you do in your life is to find happiness. Whenever you run, work, watch, eat.. you are in the quest of "good feeling". If you're curious about the meaning of life is because you want to get a feeling of satisfaction and somewhat pleasure of knowing the answer. In life you'll do whatever is possible to find good feelings and do whatever is possible to avoid bad feeling. You will get a job as boring as it can be, so you can get money and buy everything that you like. You will work out so the girls will find you more attractive and you will not only get that good feeling of being appreciated and admired by other people but also that good feeling of sexual pleasure with the girls who had a crush on you. You will buy chocolates cheese, burgers, pizza so you can get the good feeling of the food. You will get good marks so you can please your parents and be admired by your teachers. You will attain a high status so you can have that good feeling of being respected by people. You will try to get fame so the world will start to like you and you will get that same good feeling. Even people who self-mutilate for sheer pleasure do so because they want to get that good feeling of self-mutilation. If you fight someone is to take express your anger so your feeling of injustice will be relieved. But when you are not in a state of good feeling. For example, if you are bored you will try to do an activity in order to avoid the feeling of boredom, if you sneeze it's not only to expel the foreign intruders from you respiratory system but also to avoid that irritating feeling in your nose, if you the washroom stinks you will move away so you won't get that bad feeling, if someone is annoying you, you will move away so you won't get that bad feeling that person is bringing into your life. If you eat it is to avoid that bad feeling of hunger and if you take a shower it is to avoid that bad feeling of dirt. But yo have to be careful a bad feeling can increases in intensity to the point when you can't avoid it and it results into your own destruction(death). Good feelings will always keep you alive, healthy, creative, active...And good feelings increase your lifespan. Only good create while bad just destroys. Love creates, Anger destroys what was created. So everyone is looking for good feelings.The physical universe was created in a way that you know right from wrong. Pain is a way to know that something is wrong and you must get away from it. If there was no pain, we would do wrong things without knowing it. Pain redirects us towards good. Pain is the feeling of destruction, of self-destruction. Destruction is good eating itself. It is good at war with itself. The oneness at war with itself. It is comparable to two different fragments that do not fit together, where each section meets another. Our body was created to experience good. Goodness is what our body is made for. Good feelings happen when the need of the body are fulfilled. In the fragment examples, the sections bend together accordingly. There is harmony and oneness.
Pain (fighting)
Good(fusion, bond, oneness)

 Good is the goal.  The meaning of Life is to find the best.
                                          PAST AND FUTURE

Whenever your Past becomes a source of anguish for you Think about the fact that the future of the present will become the Past of a later Future so focus on Your Future to have a better Future Past

Insight on Time: People do not understand that Time is not something measurable, Time is not a propriety nor Time is an element. Time is just the movement of objects through space if there was no movement at all if all space was just dark blank the word "time" would never exist and there would be instead eternity with no change. People can notice time when the Earth rotates around itself and revolves around the sun,

(if Earth was bigger, days would be longer and lifespan too, sleep would comprises more than 12 hours because sleep works as a cycle related to Earth motion, it only gives you enough energy for a single daytime and when night comes, it's time for the brain to make a synthesis of the day and prepare for the following day) when people get hungry or tired(without food and air there would be no energy, thus no way for the body to be active and it would results into disaggregation and thus resulting into death) any life form will start from the beginning as a seed will develop reach the highest stage and will slowly devolve into oblivion (comparable to the log phase in bacteria and aging in humans), when rock fall and wind blows. Not only bigger planets have longer days but also a much more intense gravity which slows down motion. The more intense the gravity is, the less ability to move. Time can be elongated and stretched but it cannot be increased or reduced. Time in high gravity is very slow when Time in lower or free gravity is faster. Time never changes and applies equally to all living beings. Larger animals such as an elephant, a diplodocus or a whale that have longer lifespan will have the same interpretation f small animals such as mice, insects or other rodents that have a low lifespan. Time is only stretched for large animals and it is compressed for small animals thus moving faster. Another example of equality also resides in the number of offspring. Large animals have few offspring while small animals have many offspring. There are many generations of small animals that succeed during a large animal's lifespan.  No one wins, no one loses. This equality can be noticed in different ecosystems, there are few resources in desert thus less life and less chances for communities to survive, there are more resources in tropical rainforests therefore more life but more competition for resources and more predation. This diversity explains the diversity in tropical diseases. So the ones living in deserts and cold areas who have less chance of predation and disease do not loose and do not win neither those living in tropical rainforests. There are enough resources for everyone. No one wins, no one loses. But we should actually use the word "Space" instead of Time. When we say time can stretched we are actually taking about space itself. For example large animals do not have more mass than small animals they are just enlarged. A large animal is comparable to a small one that had been enlarged and consequently time is enlarged too. Even different physical features among different ethnic groups are just variances of stretching of a same model. There are compressed facial forms(Caucasian, Indian, Ethiopian) and enlarged facial forms(Congolese, Chinese...). All variances are due to a stretching and compressing of space. They are  varainces from the original models. Those who are the original models are called "handsome", "beautiful".

Morphological differences due to stretching of space

The original model from which variances derives
(the woman isnt n orginal model herself)
 Time is just motion of space within space therefore Time doesn't really exist. you cannot time travel to the past as you cannot change the motion that make you who you are now because those motions are now in the present but you can relive the past motion as they occur (for some it may be called remembering or flashback). And Future is only the future motion of things. We can see and know the future but we cannot physically transport ourselves into to the future. The predicted future that one see is only the future motion that was supposed to happen when the predicted future was foreseen. One can changes the outcomes of those events by changing the present; therefore those foreseen event won't happen. Future events are always dynamic and nothing is predestined, if someone decided to change it. As things "move" the word time will continue to exist.

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