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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The real structure of the Universe

Scientists teach us that Earth is one of billions of other planets with other billions of solar systems within hundreds of billions of galaxies. Using some hierarchies, scientists classify the scale of our Universe as follow: Earth, solar system, solar interstellar neighborhood, Milky Way galaxy, local galactic group, local superclusters, Observable universe.

http://scaleofuniverse.com/Don't forget that The Observable Universe is only a grain of clay within a Greater Sea of Space.
People have been told before, since the Beginning of Man that the Earth was flat and infinite, that the sun rises and sets, those terms are still used in modern English. Then, they discovered that the Earth is a sphere and that the Sun, stars and planets do not revolve around the Earth but the Earth itself rotates and revolves around the Sun.

 It was obvious that Earth was round though! They later discovered that the white trail in the night sky were stars and not some milk from a goddess as the Greek conceived and that stars are part of vast system of stars that can be classified as galaxies. Later they discovered not millions but billions of galaxies. And galaxies altogether make up big filaments billions of light years across the Universe. However, scientists do not know the size of the universe because as our telescopes go further, they go earlier to the point where the Universe gets younger and younger up to the very beginning going thru the dark ages and the the Big Bang.
 So our present-day universe is unknown. Today scientists believe that the Earth is the only one that support life but some discoveries led them to say that there is a probability in the outer space.

BUT FORTUNATELY WE KNOW THE TRUTH. The source of the follwing information will not be revealed but it will be discovered sooner.
"Ok let me tell you what the universe looks like.

First you must understand that the obserbale universe which is 70 billions of light-years long but supposedly 13 billions of years old due to its expansion within the anti-matter is only a tiny amount of the true size of the Universe.
Our observable Universe comparable to a grain of sand
The Universe is all about worlds within worlds, within worlds. As we found ribosomes, mitochondria within cells and cells within bacteria, bacteria within organisms etc. The Universe is all about worlds that encompass worlds that encompass world that encompass worlds up to the smallest realm. From the macrocosm to the microcosm and Harmony is the way all revolve around. The Universe is expressed from Love. Love created the Universe and the Universe is meant to have its beauty appreciated. The physical Universe is the result of the Oneness that had fragmented itself. There is the pure and prefect One and then there is another expression of that same entity in another way. Its like having a red rose
 but instead of having the petals red and the stem green you  get the stem red and the petals green.

The whole thing is about perfection but the universe is a ordered way if that perfection making a balance between itself love and no love, good and bad. So Harmony is the result of the Oneness. Harmony links separate things together so it can reconstitute the Oneness and Love is the only way to connects everything. Everything that ever existed comes from the same Source. Let's go back to our subject!
 In the universe everything is a part of something like brick make up a building every fragment is incomplete but all together make up a whole complete things.
 The Universe is an aggregation of incomplete things that make up a Whole Being Thing.

So from planets, which range from Jupiter-like planets with brownish color to other planetary bodies [the farther a planet is the darker it becomes and the less visible it is]. see Planetary rings

So as the planets succeed we can see galaxies, like spiral shaped galaxies which are extremely wide and wonderful. All point of lights(stars) make up a whole spiraled galaxy. They are so beautiful!
Galaxies are just channels that link level of plane to another.
In fact, those channels which the entrance is called "black hole" are absorbing the stars.
 Each channel has different size and is connected to different planes.Galaxies are just eating their stars and the motion and appearance is similar to a hurricane eye. There are other galaxies likes those ones made of brown clouds and huge array of light above.
Then there are other structures which look like DNA helix and those wide orange structures rotate around themselves. There are always a pair of each.

We go further and further we see bright(yellow to orange structures) that encompass others and other up to the point where it stops those Big X shapes structures ranging from gray to orange, Those Big X are very energetic, having all small light particles(big structures) going through their "vessels". There are around 6 of them and they are hanging in a black space.
The space is always black or dark blue. The Universe is all about light structures hanging in dark space. But everything is so beautiful as if the purpose of the Universe is to be beautiful. Only Love can be behind all of this. And all objects are always revolving as in a dance, There are small objects revolving around bigger ones which are revolving around bigger ones and which are also revolving around Bigger Ones. Even planets are worlds encompassing worlds and other worlds. Atom particles make up atoms which make up atoms which make up molecules which make up structures that constitute cells which make up mulitcellular organisms which make up communities which make up ecosystem which make up biomes which make up Earth.


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