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Friday, 31 May 2013

WORLDSTAR HIP HOP Facebook pages and the decline in teen's success in education

Everyone is familiar with the website Worldstar hip hop that features fat girls twerking, black porn, random clips, high school fights, people having sex in public and other random videos that circulate in the www(World Wide Web).

The website is an excuse for young kids under 10 to watch porn without disabling the adult filter. Anyone can thus enjoy naked girl beyond Google restrictions.

vidoe browser containing thousands of videos

However this is not the end of the story, Worldstar hip hop became so popular that it started to reach social media like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook contains almost 1 billion of Earth population that 14% of the world population has or at least had a Facebook account. However it is not the website itself that has conquered Facebook but worldstar hip hop fan. There is actually a big struggle between Facebook users to have the most popular Worldstar hip hop Facebook page.

The popularity of the black porn and girl's fights website has pushed many young kids to create multiple WSHH(World Star Hip Hop) in order to get the maximum of likes.

The list of WWHH Facebook page is huge and equals to the number of kids that have
already given up school for the maintenance of their pages

Facebook page admin
The kids behind Worldstar hip hop Facebook pages
and who are consequently failing in school
Note: A Facebook page is a "blog" that is created by a Facebook user and is meant to express ideas. Facebook pages are made of personal information related to the pages and pictures uploaded on the timeline related to the subject. A Facebook page administrator is simply called "Admin" and has the duty to constantly upload pictures from the web(days and nights 24/7) in order to entertain his fan. Once the pictures uploaded on the timeline, the page fans can automatically like it.

The problem we face these days with Worldstar hip hop pages are the decrease in school success among teens and the increase in aggressiveness at school.
Worldstar hip hop is a website that encourages school fight and early sex. We can find various videos depicting young teens fighting at school over a pen or boys fighting in high school for whatever reason. The website constantly scans the web in the search of fights videos from various sources like Youtube or any other social sharing website. Once the videos are added on the WSHH main page they all go viral and will be shared by our teens and viewed from their brand new smart phones which excite most of our teens who also want to be featured on WSHH and consequently becoming widespread around the globe. This is what explains the rise of school fights in America and around the world. Worldstar hip hop might receives a huge amount of school fight requests.
Teens fighting in the hope of appearing in Worldstar hip hop
Many teens were inspired by WSHH and decided to create their own pages in honor of the main website. Those facebook page have the same contents of the main site; twerking, grinding, fat girls eating KFC, threesome, blowjobs, high school fights and car chases.

Girl twerking for Worldstar hip hop
Our teens consequently abandon the time to study and devote or their spare time and study time to look for shocking videos and pics from the web and to add them on their page's timeline. Kids nowadays have Internet access, personal laptops or mobile phones so their parents are not aware of their malicious distractions and can neither monitor them.

 It is true though that kids success have declined over the last few years. The more the likes their videos and pictures shared get the more the "Admin" will upload making their pages even more popular. The main WWHH Facebook pages have reached more than a million views.
1.2 million followers

1 million likes

When some pages on Facebook discuss social or political issues, scientific theories, philosophical thoughts or eduactional topics, Worldstar Hip Hop pages features blowjobs, gay twerking and night club fights.Some memes are featured too but unlike some humorous pages that combine both sarcasm and absurdity, Worldstar hi hop memes are made of random and similar pics always accompanied with the caption "Niggas be like" or "Bitches be like". Not very useful and educational but still get 10, 000 views with comments similar to the following "No homo" LMFAO, "That bitch killed it "Yo my nigga, dat ass".

 Not only our Facebook admins get distracted by subtle Facebook pages but also our Facebook users get brainwashed with not very meaning full content. Imagine having the chance of using electricity, owing a laptop that has different functions, being connected to the Internet where you can share your ideas with other people around the world and being informed about news and innovations around the world, you just like a page that display "NIGGAS BE LIKE" "BITCHES BE LIKE "BITCHES BE LIKE NIGGAS BE LIKE LMFAO,

Like in 5 seconds if it was funny, Look at Rihanna new haircut, Like in 2 seconds if she killed it" NIGGAS BE LIKE BITCHES BE LIKE". Like if she has nice boobs."

There was also a warning from the page to go watch Kim Kardashian
leaked sex video
You understand our concern, our teens who will be the hope of our future are being manipulated by some absurdities. The concern is not only for America but also for the rest of the world because the Facebook pages are viewed by millions of others users from other countries like Turkey, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil...So Worldstar hip hop holds the future of our planet. If WWHH Facebook pages continue, in the future adults will be talking like"Nigga be like" "No homo" "Bitches be like".

There won't be any future scientific discoveries, nor technological advancements and people will be having sex on the street while other kids will be recording with the same mobiles of their grandparents so the new videos will get Billions of likes(from the kids born from the public sex decades earlier) on the descendent of Worldstar hip hop Facebook pages. This is what our future is leading to if Worldstar hip hop Facebook pages as well as the main website are not taken down automatically.


  1. I guess twerk videos are considered "black porn" even though it isnt limited to the black demographic, huh. Nevermind, Idont even wanna criticized this thing anymore.

  2. World went crazy too I hope that facebook deletes all these stupid fb pages I'd actually pay to end this.

  3. I appreciate your blog. I feel sad for the behavior of today's children. They are being brought up in a world that will hate them later for their behavior and who will label them until the end. they are not speaking properly and they are not behaving in a manner that will secure their future. they think that the way they are behaving now is what life will always be about....Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much Audrey for your feedback,we really appreciate.