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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Death is what happens when the conditions have reached a limit to the point when the body cannot support life. For a human body, death may occur when pressure is too high, when air is beyond the limits, when the body is no longer supported with energy source(food), when the temperatures are too high and when a body part receives any destruction that may be fatal for the whole body. When the conditions are high but tolerable, the body will adapt and if those changing conditions remain constant the body will genetically adapt to those conditions after several generations. This is what we call "Evolution". When the conditions are beyond limits for a population, we call it "Extinction".[The diversity of the physical appearances of All living beings on Earth is the result of different adaptations to different changes that occurred on Earth. It could be climatic changes that could either be global or triggered by the migration of a population into a new place but which is  also triggered by climatic change which result in an adaptation of the new co-existing species to form a different ecosystem in order to reestablish harmony: "Ecosystem" is the term given by ecologists to explain the Harmony between different species coexisting in a given environment.
Harmony between different species(oneness from separateness)
There is more harmony in older ecosystem than in younger ecosystems. And any change in the ecosystem will push the species to adapt again and create a new harmony. The diversity of species is very high on Earth because compared to diversity that had existed on Mars.
 Earth has dynamic plate tectonics, creating new mountains and new crust thus new ecosystem. The age of the Earth which is in billions had enough time to produce the myriad of species of today because younger planets have low species diversity. Larger planets also have larger variations in climates compared to smaller ones and the intense volcanic activity creates new destruction that drive species to adapt again when some more go extinct. The new peak of asteroid impact affect Earth appearance creating new change in species. But all species come from the same source. In the future there will be more species variety. A lifetime in the physical universe can range from seconds to a century it depends on the way the body was maintained. Death is nothing than failure of the physical shell which is the body but the body is an important tool that sustain consciousness in the physical world and help the consciousness having a life experience. Survival is any action that protects the body. Any life form will strive until the body get finally destroyed by any mean. The consciousness experiences pleasure when the needs of the body are fulfilled; that is good food that gives pleasure to the body. It varies according to physical constitution(good food vary from a buffalo to a human), good feeling that give pleasure to the body, any perception from the outside that give a good reaction to the body. Any life form will strive to find the best pleasure to serve the body in order to have the feelings experienced. In other words any life form will strive for happiness.
Chameleon looking for insects thus fulfilling the pleasure of eating
We are consciousnesses taking on physical shells to experience the physical world to its extent. Any feeling is related to the extent of physical world which is low in intensity because spiritual feelings are much more intense and much more real and eternal(timeless: Time only exist in the physical dimension) The physical feeling which may either be pain or pleasure varies upon the level of spiritual development.  The more the spirit is developed, the less the feelings of the physical are felt and the less pain can be felt and the less physical pleasure can be felt. This is what Jesus told Satan when He said that man will not live on bread alone but on every word of the mouth of God. "God" as referred in the biblical tradition is the source of the spiritual and the physical. The spiritual can be compared to the inside of a planet and God being inner core and as you go up and up through the mantle part you reach the the physical(lithosphere) which just  a coverage. The physical world is comparable to a skin. It is not the real truth truth about something. The real truth about something is found in the inside. When spiritual attributes are developed, time has no longer an impact and the individual can move through time at ease, travel through space at will. Don't forget that the spiritual is the source and the physical is the created. Earth is one of the planet where the spiritual is not advanced, it results in a worship of matter. People on Earth do not have spiritual capacities. They are led in the conquest of matter in order to get physical pleasure. Usually people reap the energy sources from others in order to oversupply their needs. We can call them rich people, you can get resources through any mean(war,...) or through job. A good status will ensure someone enough money to over sustain his life. The ones that get the resources get enriched and the ones that reaped of their resources get poor. Even Jesus taught that we shouldn't worry about how we will eat and how will be clothed but we should be worried about what can kill the spirit. He said that life is comparable to food and the body is comparable to the clothes. Once the body is broken, the spirit can no longer inhabit and it driven into another reality. The physical body is a tool that can support the spirit once this tool is broken the spirit is no longer a part of the physical dimension and cannot interact with it anymore. The process of death isn't painful but the physical pain that led to death becomes just a mere souvenir. As the spirit leaves the body it is no longer a victim of the injures of the physical body. The body will look dead for the people in the physical but the deceased will not feel any more attachment to the damaged shell. The deceased will be driven into a painless reality. The way the deceased person will comprehend this new reality depends on his degree of development. But usually the spirit can no longer effect the physical. The spirit driven into another dimension cannot be seen, heard or felt by those still in the physical. What we call death is actually a birth. It is the process of leaving the physical in order to become whole, our true self. Our body was just a shell. The purpose of life in the physical world is to mature spiritually.  As long as the cocoon can survive the spirit will have the experience wanted. When a body breaks too early, the immature spirit may have another experience later in a new physical envelope, some may call it reincarnation. When a person dies he realises that all his life was just a dream and that he is now far more alive and far more aware than he had ever been in his life and he also realises that he has transitioned into reality. The new entity that we can call the spirit is a replicate of the body at the moment the person dies. The spirit is similar in appearance to the body. The physical universe was created in the image of The Creator so we can find many analogies similar to the Creator because everything is from him. Death is comparable to a caterpillar that is living his cocoon after days of inhabiting it.
Once, the cocoon is broken, a new entity emerges. The butterfly is far more alive and has new abilities and is then eve, able to fly in the surroundings. Death is comparable to a small crocodile in the egg; after days of development, it is time for the egg to break and the crocodile is born into a reality that he had never seen. The egg that was sustaining the crocodile is no longer useful and will start to decompose.
 Death is comparable to a a small grasshopper living its exoskeleton, the true identity of the grasshopper was  the grasshopper itself and not the exoskeleton.
Grasshopper leaving its exoskeleton

Human spirit leaving the body

The physical universe was created out of Love. Love is the way all living beings connect to each other to create oneness. If you reject Love, you reject everything that was created from Love that is the universe , the stars, the  birds, the trees, the air, the good people...You are then separated from everything in a state where none of this exist except you and other evil people similar to you. This is what Christian teachings are trying to warn  you about. Love is the way you go back to the Creator(source: http://alltherealworld.blogspot.ca/2013/04/the-origin-of-religions.html).  Harmony in the universe is expressed in a way there is balance between life and death. In an ecosystem, the population of each species(Life) must remain constant and this constant is maintained by death (predation). When other die, others live. One must dies so another can live and this one must dies so another one can live. It is like a round. Harmony is like a dance where each participant contribute to it, those participants can be compared to species and harmony can be compared to an ecosystem. A lion eating an impala and a crocodile eating a gnu is not evil but is part of the harmony. It is not anger but desire that drive predator to eat the preys. 
A meteorite striking on Earth or a volcano erupting is not evil either or good but just happen and species will adapt to the new change created by those events. Human beings are supposed to live in harmony with the other species as well as with their own. Death nowadays is no more the result of harmony which could be due to an illness that could control human population, the existence of parasites(bacteria...) was suppressed and the existence of other species were suppressed too, leading to an over-increase of the human race and a disharmony that result in a lack of resources for many and therefore hungers.(Hungers were originally created by natural climatic change.). Evil is nowadays the main cause of death through anger-related acts(murder, wars, ethnic cleansing...).

Death is nothing than the beginning. People who have died (both Atheists and religious) reccount that they were not dead when they were announced to be clinically dead but they were alive and far more aware than they had ever been in their lives. They could give accurate and detailed description of the hospital room as well as the conversations and expressions of the doctors.

"There was no time, everything is related to eternity"

"There was wonderful love"

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