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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Why Paranormal is superior to Science

Paranormal is nothing more than what we do not know yet. An airplane can be paranormal for an isolated tribe. A comet can be paranormal for someone who has never seen one. Dinosaur fossils can be paranormal for a village that had never seen one. Talking through a device can be paranormal, ridiculous and unbelievable for Middle Age people. Scientists call paranormal what they cannot explain and try to give a "rational explanation" based on what they are already used too. Telepathy, remote viewing, UFOs are still classified as paranormal as scientists refuse to learn a new concept. When paranormal is understood it becomes normal. So everything beyond normal is paranormal. Everything beyond our understanding is paranormal. Modern science is the current knowledge we are aware of, Paranormal is the future knowledge we will learn therefore Paranormal is superior to Science.

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