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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The post that will definitely make you smarter

You have to understand that extraterrestrials are beyond your understanding at least you can't imagine them if you haven't seen them, and if you have seen them a part you never used in your brain becomes activated.

Extraterrestrials are so advanced that the only act of reading a text about them will make them appear to you. Many people came in contact with extraterrestrials by just thinking about them. It's that simple. The dominant color is grey with a shade of dark. Our technology is mechanical and very influenced by gravity. theirs is more gentle and fluid. There are also glowing lights.
"There is a vessel, square-shaped. With a row of windows, it came to me in a spinning manner. Then I saw 4 beings descending, their face was solid and could not move, it gave me the impression they were just a mask,  their mouth was an incision. I thought it was maybe just a mere suit. They started to talk to me, their voice was directly in my mind even though they were far I could just hear what they were saying to me. It seemed that distance did not have any effect on the sound as the sound was as intense as if they were close to me. Their voices was like a ghost and they were telling me they will do no harm"

People must understand during the first Apollo mission on the moon during Kennedy Time. Extraterrestrials were behind this, telling what must be done.
Extraterrestrials usually come at 11:00 PM. You can see everything in an extraterrestrial way. It is as if an extraterrestrial being was living inside you. Their head is ovale and very long. They do not have emotions and they are not judgmental. They neither have facial expressions. They take care of the very red blood in containers. And when you think about a word, you know if extrterrestrials did it and how they see it. The darkness of their eyes scans everything, they know the pain and in some instances they're able to heal it. They are very interested in samples and genetic test. They really love Earth and they know the long history of our planet.

Think about this their faces must be similar to the one of mantis and there are many variations even cross-breed between humans and those species. Extraterrestrial are able to talk with the shape of their head. Some are light-bearing, they emanate light and they experience the same entertainment as we do. They are somewhat cool. [You become smart after contacting extraterrestrials and your sense increase, your creativity, vision, hearing, smell, taste...You become more telepathic and you can easily scan people and make them feel better.] Other express their anger, and are so strong that you think you may die. Some dark one are able to control your consciousness(which is infinite) and capture it or turn you into a meaningless automate(with no shape no mind not even sure if you're looking at the front or bottom). There is a slight connexion between evil aliens and hell. It seems like evil aliens are the masters in hell/. They themselves self-proclaimed kings and they project their evil into those who are powerless and tortured(mostly humans). darkness is very intense and also dragons are involved. Extraterrestrials use almost the same symbol as ours, like five-armed stars, collar with a big round shiny stone. Everything is of a different material within the vessel, a mix between metal, plastic... And it is very white. It may be bright inside but the brightness comes from the wall themselves. Many come from areas of the universe that are always very dark, the light of their sun is similar to a sunset. Extraterrestrials are very amazed by minerals and rocks. They use them.
Extratterrestials may use different kinds of sounds we are not used too. They know a wide range of wavelengths we can't comprehend. When they come to you , you can already feel the energy that are accompanying them. You know they are there and you don't know what they will do to you. Some orbs can be observed too. Extraterrestrials can pass through walls as if there was nothing through. Because they explain that matter is mostly a vibration which can make it appear hollow. Extraterrestrials have the ability to directly control your brain putting you in a state of sleep. They can maintain you immobile. You know that you are powerless compared to the power of their head.
Some are weird-looking, very dark and seem to be the extreme of the typical grey with a very elongated head. They use fingers to touch buttons on their wall devices. They have huge round shaped structure and they do not know gravity. The doors on their space ship move automatically and gently and there are fumes inside their vessels. When you say a word about extraterrestrials, like "alien", "grey", "ufo" you're instantly connected to them.
There are many civilizations, dark and light ones. Space is a place for travel and communication(dark space white stars at high speed) not a mysterious, void and scary as humans imagine it. They do not travel light years they just use wormholes that distort space and making it tinier and faster but also connecting instantly two different areas of space. There are area in the universe that are controlled by the evils. Their evil is so intense that it may kill you, you can just not bear their evil. There are parts very poor and destroyed. There are wars in space. Some planets are very green and Venus is indeed inhabited. Very radiant and beautiful. And very green, there are intelligent beings in Venus including men in blacks.
They have different entities working for them, some are very small others are robust, some look like primitive hairy men. Some are tiny smiling robots. When an extraterrestrial looks at you, their look penetrates right through you, you cannot hide anything as they scan you but they never judge you. Earth matters are not theirs. They are structured as ants would and termites are. There are always hierarchies. Some of them very authoritarians and resemble birds. Aliens are always angry no matter what. Extraterrestrials may be considered as gods, they are not biological and not mechanical either. It seems like their existence is everlasting. When they are working together, they are always in a specific number,3, 5, 7,9. They can levitate and wear dresses. They also spin around themselves and make strange figures with their arms. The noise they are able to produce directly hit the skull.
Some look like babies, with very big head. They have the size of a child. They look very innocent. They look like foetus in fact they have human babies in their spaceships that re poorly nurtured. Most of them die. Most of the human extraterrestrials look exactly like humans with blond hair. The hybrids have very big eyes and light blue. The slanted eyes are evident.

During Airl interview in 1947, Airl explained that they do not hear sound as they're officers and there is indeed no sound in space. UFO are very silent inside and are connected to the occupants. It seems like they are sound free. The magnitude of extraterrestrial experience is very high while a human is very low and mostly defined by food and innocence. Airl also explained she is just a spirit within a doll and she is able to leave it at will. She criticized the fact that scientists ignore the creator while religious ignore creation as they both coexist. In her own words "science is worship of matter" and space is not mere motion of objects but well structured organism  whose function works similar as the digestive system. Scientists are shamans that are misleading with their smokes. She was very angry about nuclear testings as they are very dangerous and as physicists are irresponsible. She also said that alien are behind the seeding of life on Earth. In her words, we are all is-be("is and will be" her word for spirit) living in an material object and experiencing the physical. Is-bes are all knowing and all powerful and is-be are behind the creation of universes by concentrating their thought. The universe is nothing than unadmired creation. Energy can be infintely created but not destroyed Airl said that she was an officer and those who died during Roswell crash were juniors. The storm affetced the devices of the UFO as ufo are controlled by thoughts. She got information from an officer located within the asteroid belt (most of the ufo come directly from the asteroid belt). She says she is part of the Domain (they have high ideals, control, knowledge...). Dinosaur died from nuclear blasts. Dinosaurs suffered radiations and dinosaurs were very musculars. More of Airl at: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alieninterview/alieninterview.htm
Barbara Marciniak received channeled messages from the Pleiadians. They told her that creator gods are behind teh gormation of galaxies and universes. More on Pleiadians at :http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/pleyades/esp_pleyades_14.htm

The Rosewell alien autopsy videos was real but governments decided to cover it up.

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