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Saturday, 4 May 2013

If women were dominant

Imagine the world if women were dominant and men submissive.

Womankind would have walked on the moon with Nella Armstrong being the first woman to walk on the moon but woman wouldn't have yet walked on Mars. There would be men studies at the university and meninist groups protesting for the right of men in Saudi Arabia to show their faces.
Man wearing burqa 
 There would be strip clubs to see men dancing around poles and women watching with their beer. The clubs would be free for men, and women would be watching and trying to dance with dudes checking their booties. A hot man would have a slim body when a attractive woman would be very muscular. Women would be enjoying porn magazine of nude men of every category. There would be men on the street waiting for customers to pay them 5 bucks for a cunni. The World Cup would be watched by everyone in the world and Vanessa would be known for being the best shooter. There would policewomen watching for the security of men so men can't get raped. In some countries boys would be married earlier to rich women and some women would be polygamous. It would be cool for woman to watch two gays kissing but too awful for two lesbians.  There would be Superwoman, Batwoman, Spiderwoman, Iron Woman on the screen. Little boys would be enjoying the fairy tales of young poor boys that met the charming princess and lived happily and after. It would be very polite to open the door to men. There would be stick women for every explanation. There would be jokes about the sterotypical stupid blond man. There would be Oscar Winfrey show on TV and many show for men to learn how to cook. People would remember their childhood with the sad death of Nala's father Sarabi that was killed by Zira and the romantic love story of the English explorer Jane Smith that met Kokuhom. It would be surprising to see the male toad bigger than the female. People would feel sorry for our veterans, all those women that fought in the battle to protect our husbands and children. Men would enjoy romantic women that offer them flowers and remember their meeting birthday. Lilly Wayne and Kelly West would be admired y teenage. Women would be swagging and showing off their bling bling. Women would enjoy nice cars and men would spend money on make-up and hours in dressing up. There would be many celebrities including Harry Hilton who's spoiling the fortune of her mother, Sylvia Esther Stallone, The Backstreet girls on Hillary Queen show. We would remember 2008 as the year when a the world would be waiting for the first black president and the first man. The term "no dyke" would be common among teen. And people would show off their strenght to show the've got some boobs. There woul be "I love balls" bracelets everywhere and we would celebrate Menvember as the woman month (menstrues) and of course International Men Day. It would be a girl thing to fight but beating a guy would be immoral. Everyone would enjoy listening to Cedric Dion and Elisa Mandela would be known for having spent 27 years in Raven Island under the Apartheid regime. We will remember those names in history like Adolphina Hitler responsible for the killing of millions of Jews as well as Christa Colombus who discovered America, Martha Luther Queen, Alberta Einstein, King Victor and Marc Curie who discovered radioactivity. We will  learn in geography about Lake Victor and Lake Alberta in East Africa, Princess Elaine Island, Port-à-la-Princesse (Haiti), Manila Phillipes, Louis state, San Antoinette California... We will learn huwoman evolution in biology and how lesbo wettus evolved into lesbo sapiens.We will learn in mythologies, the different greek goddes like Zeta the goddess of the sea, The minotaur half cow half woman, Adam who was tempted by the snake Ibrahima who excised her daughters, and Mosa who opened the red sea... Christians would pray our heavenly Mother and her daughter. The most common English names will be Andreadaughter, Patriciadaughter, Janedaughter, Jacydaughter... Everyone will remember Willy Smith who played in Women In Black, or the movie X-Woman. We will hear in news of the abuses of paedophile priests(women) on young boys and girls and the protestations of Muslim Women on the streets of various countries for caricatures of prophet Mihammada.

Well, what do you think of that world? What do you think of this world. You realize how macho the world is?

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  1. I want to make a female dominated world. In India, males will be our slaves. They will be raped any time and any females.