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Thursday, 30 May 2013

New Universal Writing (NUW)

For a long time humans have tried to express their thoughts through diverse forms. The most common is vocal form which express images with the aid of sound combination. Each sound is an idea. Humans are one of the best champions in the Animal Kingdom to reproduce sounds. Humans can imitate the sound of the blowing wind, the songs of birds, melody, cats meowing... followed by parrots. Parrot do not talk but reproduce sounds. Words are nothing than a combination of sounds produced by the human tongue, mouth, lips and jaw movements. From the voice which remain constant, to the opening or closing of the jaws, to the movement of the tongue and lips. We can have a variety of vowels and consonant.

The opening of the jaws can produce vowels sch as "a" or "o" if the lips are making a "O". The closing of the jaws can produce "i" or or "u" if the lips are making a "O". The strong dry beating of the lips produce "p", the soft and wet produce "b". When the nose is included we have "m". The strong dry closed beating of the tongue produce '"t", the soft and wet "d". When the nose is included we have "n".  The dry blowing of the lips produce "f" and the wet one produce "v". The strong dry stretching of the back tongue produce "k" and the soft and wet "g". The strong dry "humming" of the tongue produce "sh" and the soft and wet produce "j". The strong dry hissing of the tongue produce "s" and the wet and soft produce "z". It's all about strong dry and soft wet.We already have enough letters of the English alphabets. Some other languages produce other sounds.

Words are made of letters. They are different combination of letters to make different words. The order of words produce sentences which give different meaning. Verbal communication is linear and very long. One image can be translated into a long sentence. Some words have the same meaning and some meanings have many words. There is no rule to give a sound to a picture which explain why languages derive so easily. A community that break up into two different isolated communities will have different dialects in less than 200 years. In other words are  vocal translation of visual information.
This is not the end, humans needed to create a new way to express vocal communication  through drawings. One drawing could express one picture. We should say drawing are direct expression of pictures. Drawings precede writing a long time ago. We still have drawing that date back to the Pleistocene 30,000 years ago and earlier.
Everyone in the Universe knows it's a Bull, three horses and a deer
If it was a written sentenc no onew would understand excpet those who wrote it
Drawing is the most accurate way to communicate. Anyone in the world can understand a drawing made during the Chinese dynasties or during Ottoman Empire or simply drawing made by Adam(A random dude you've never heard of). Drawing is the direct representation of visual information and writing is the representation of verbal communication. There are two different types of drawings, the ones which were the descendants from drawing (Chinese symbols...) and the ones which were representation of vocal communication(greek alphabet...)
Evolution of drawing: It is nice to make one drawing. A mother and her son. Then you need to add more people and more other stuffs. You're too lay and people become stick men (the Chinese symbol for "man" is a deviation of a stick man and the"good"symbol in Chinese is originally a woman and her baby). Your stories adapt and you have to make a chronology. From the start to the end, each line representing different period and stories. People fishing in the morning, worshipping the Queen( Egyptian character and Mayan)..

In other words, symbols are laziness from drawings.
Symbols are the result of drawing laziness

 Each drawing will then be recognised by a reference one that will always used to represent the same thing. The Chinese writing have 6000 symbols!
We have no idea of what is represente dhere but let's hope it's not slang
The alphabet is different, it is the literal transcription of the sounds. Each sound will be represented by a symbol. The letter "O" is the result of a symbol represents the shape made by the lips. There enough letter as different sounds used in that language. The alphabet is very efficient because it can be used in any language. While symbols are easily recognised by people who don't speak the language. The alphabet requires the knowledge of the language expressed. The Greek alphabet was transferred to all groups of cultures that didn't have a "symbolic writing". Thus most Africans countries use the Greek alphabet. The "symbolic writing" is very quick because "man eating food on a table" can be expressed as three symbols "man" "food eating" "table"while the alphabet writing would be expressed with so many small symbols of sounds(letters). The man is eating his food on the table. Chinese use symbolic language which explain why they do not use articles while speaking in English.

Symbols are quick drawings.
Symbolic writing: Each symbol represents one thing (man, cow eating...)
Alphabet: Each symbol represents one sound(f,a, k,l,n..).

So we are talking about the alphabets. Different symbols are used to express sound worldwide. We have different alphabets but the most common one is the Greek alphabet. The one we are actually using write now.
We found a better way to express sounds. We call it New Universal writing.
Each sound will be represented by an accurate drawing that represent the feeling of that sound.
Alphabet of the NUW

Vowels of the NUW

Each sound is represented with an appropriate drawing

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  1. I challenge you to transcribe your entire article in NUW then back again. At best you've created a variation upon "shorthand" which secretaries used to record quickly before the advent of the typewriter. The problem with yours is a nonsensical/random choice for symbols and little to no differentiation beyond the 5 vowel characters making it utterly useless. I cannot discern between the characters within the sets {A,D,H,K,M,N}, {B,G, O, P,T, U, V, W} and {Z, R, S, C} <- which could be in the first when blurred vision is a factor. You need to create intersections or add additional appendages or dots