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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Colonizing Mars

The following is a sci-fi story invented by Marco 16 years old Mexico.

                                    THE NEW PLANET:THE MOVIE

The short summary of "The New Planet".

In 2014, geologists have found a magnetic pole diversion. The poles seem to be shifting at incredible rate coinciding with the maximum 11 yea sun  solar cycle. The effects predicted by meteorologists are going to be disastrous. The pole reversal will reduce Earth magnetic field which currently present from solar flares. The magnetic pole shit will result in an increase in solar radiation which will consequently increase global temperatures. By 2 years, the average temperature of Earth will increase by 12°C. There is panic worldwide, people start to pray, sell their good, start building shelters. People were expecting Judgment day or Armageddon thinking the end times was near.
People gathering and praying expecting Rapture was near and Jesus would return
 Scientists predict that the totality of Antarctica and Arctic will be gone by 2015 and sea level will rise by 80 m. Most of the coastal areas started to be evacuated and most Europeans started to buy plane tickets to tropical countries. In the middle of the year there was no more international commercial trade. People were definitely locked out in their own regions. Cartels started to grow and sell oil. Most cities were under the control of some gangs. Meanwhile, most government leaders gathered in Berlin to discuss the climatic issue that was becoming a threat to human whole existence. They decided to create a sort of space station that would shelter a small human sample including scientists. The United States which had an important role in thefinancing and building refused to sign the contract. All countries were broken apart. There was already a power blackout in most areas around the world. Some people were still able to afford oil lamp and candles, the most fortunate could still use a generator-engine. The bill started to loose its value and was soon replaced by oil. Famines started to spread all over the globe including big cities. There were no more doctors available and diseases spread quickly. The smell of death was hovering all places. There were some good Samaritans who tried to put the dead bodies in huge big piles.
There are huge piles of dead bodies in every corner of each city
Street dogs starting to rule major cities

Former dogs were now forming huge herd and roaming around eating the remaining of human cadavers. Meanwhile in Arizona huge engines were being engineered secretly. People were working on space station that could sustain some individuals and preserve most of Earth technology. Most people were not aware of the project but most fortunate people were able to afford a bunker in the prairies(Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska). Coastlines and deserts were critical regions. Most of the people in the Arabic peninsula suffered from intense radiations. The elderly population dropped at an alarming rate. children were also vulnerable and there were cases of cannibalism in Africa and Asia. Poor people were now dying out of starvation. In India we could assisst ot the agony of millions of people. The global temperatures have now increased by 4.5°. Many species are dying out, most of the wildlife in Africa was slowly disappearing while most of zoo animals in Europe had escaped and some lions were feeding on people.
Free roaming liosn
Many families were scared and insecure and prefer to take refuge inside their homes but unfortunately the good were diminishing. Sea level was now rising, New York city coastline was reduced by 10 meters and in most parts of the Earth water was going inland. There were many dead fish floating around and many people had committed suicide.

 As the temperatures were increasing fertility was diminishing, many areas became dry and forest fires could be spotted in various places. This could be seen as an Apocalypse. 3 billion people had already died out from different cause including plague, hunger, murder etc. More than 5 billion were in a critical situation. There was no communication so no one could know what was happening in the other parts of the world(no TV, radio, Internet...). The Earth at night was completely dark. Many farmlands were abandoned and cattle had considerably diminished. Meanwhile in Arizona, the American government was working on the New Earth project. The stations that would shelter 10 000 people was aimed to preserve the remaining human population. They selected different DNA mostly form different ethnicity around the world that were contained in what could be called DNA reserves in different tubes. They also recorded in flat disks most of the human history.
The manufacturing of one of the spacecraft 5000-2

Scientists working on New Earth Project(NEP)

DNA etst tubes containing most of Eath genetic diversity

People who were selected among the 10 000 were already exercising in order to prepare for the long journey that will drive them to Mars! Yes, the American government decided to plant the flag in Mars and to save most its genius and advanced technology.
Planet Mars before its conquest by Terrestrial humans
Many nerd and scientists were selected to be part of the 10 000. Some had to lie to their families or fake their deaths. There was no more hope that humanity would survive on Earth and the US government was not ready to give up its pride. The goal was to definitely leave Earth and start a new colony on Mars. They used the most sophisticated technology and could build the two engines in less than 4 months with the aid of unpaid workers and corruption. Most people of the "10 000 were Americans but some of them from European countries. China was trying to build a satellite that would orbit Earth but soon failed. The New Earth prject also contained DNA samples from different organisms. The wildlife on Earth that could not resist the increase in solar radiation was declining at an alarming rate. In Africa for example, big mammals were almost extinct by June 2013. What were the herd of gnus, buffalos and elephants as well as rhino were just bones burried y the sand.
Rhinoceros that went extinct in summer 2014
Effectively sand was replacing earth in most parts. Sahhara expansion was now reaching Northern Uganda and Kneya as well as coutnries in West Africa such as Nigeria. Kalahari too was expanding. The retreat of ice in the poles caused the mass extinciton of penguines and obviously polar bears. What were mountains of ices were just running flow of water fleeing towards the sea.  The Kilimandjaro was free of ice for a while and Himalaya was empptying its ice reservoir. Rivers were becoming huge stream of water flooding the plains around and consequently cities. New rivers and lakes were forming in the areas that were fromerly covered with ice.

River forming process in the poles
Now after the huge herbivores, the predator were going extinct, the last group of lions died in December 2013. Hyena, leopards, cheetah, wild dog disappeared in that time lag. Africa was no longer home to the Big mammals. The disappearance of wild animals did not prevent domesticated animals to go extinct due to an effort from the villagers to keep their cattle alive. However dogs were successful in more areas around the world and sometimes attacking humans. The Sahara kept expanding and rain forest animals were also subject to the dramatic changes. Chimpanzee and gorilla populations went extinct not only due to climate but also due to their use as bush meat. Yes, many people were also feeding on wild animals which was also one of the cause of wildlife extinction in Africa, Asia and South America. The poles which were once white were now just concrete rock. All the ice was in the ocean and water started to flood coastline and to gradually expand inland. Many islands became flooded and later many were completely submerged underwater. Islands like Maldives, Kiribati, Cook Islands were no longer on the map. Florida, Northern Europe, Phillipines and Indonesia were reduced. Life was disappearing on Earth in just few months. In September 17th, the first spacecraft called 5000-1 because of its 5000 occupants was starting to prepare for it take off. Many engineer, scientists, celebrities, millionaires, astronomers were already settled in the spacecraft. 5000-1 Mars mission was a 2 kms wide station that was well equipped which contained all the necessary for a 5 month journey. Some people in America were protesting against the 5000 missions, people crying to be taken aboard the spacecraft. Some people were also feeling guilty for having let their families on Earth. 5000°2 left Earth in September 23rd with success. There were 4600 people already signed up. They decided to take the most beautiful people on Earth to be representative of the new population that would inhabit Earth. Many models, handsome men and beautiful girls were secretly invited to the 5000-2 Mars mission.

They later welcomed prostitute on board to satisfy the pleasures of scientists. Some politicians had reserved a seat for themselves and their families. 5000-2 left Earth from D-16 base in Arizona at 4 PM. It was the shock for people on board to leave Earth forever and to take a last look from the window at the declining Earth.
Last look at the declining Earth
"The Rupture". The final separation from Mother Earth
Some rich, genius, and beautiful people were definitely separated from miserable, poor, mostly uneducated and dying Earthling. This was the day of separation. The Rupture, The separation between future spacemen and Earthlings. Some of the prostitutes were crying in the spacecraft. Then silence. The 5000s were starting their route towards Mars destination and Earthling were left on their own with their own misery. As of September 2014, the population of Earth was 4 billion, 3,300 Billion in November, 2 Billion in New Year Eve, 1,200 Billion at the end of January. 730 million in March, 100 million at the end of March, 50 million in May. The World population declined form a full 7 billions as of February 2014 to 9 000 people at the end of December 2015. Only 9 000 people were left on Earth. Asia suffered the most, India and China which were once very populous were free of humans a few survived in Indonesia. Other small groups well present in Central Africa. Some in Europe and the rest mostly in the America(mostly in the former United States). This is it.

Vehicles doing their regular work on Mars

Mars. Third planet of the local system
Population: 3 million
Big Cities: Tarzek and Anek in the Southern Pole
Language: Jid and southern jid

Unspoiled Math area

Tarzek of Main Math

Mars or Math by the people is the only planet to shelter life in the Universe. The origin for the word is still unknown but humans think it dates back to the beginning of mankind 10,000 years ago.
Humans as they call themselves do not properly understand their origins. The "home" was separated into two different fractions/governments. Main Math which is very prosperous and the main leading government and Southern Pole which was fragmented from former Math and became backward. The cause of these separation was due to a conflict created 3000 years ago between a new party and the main government. The members of the new party wanted to elect Taryig as the new supreme chief of Home. Taryig is an important personage in Southern pole, he claimed to have received revelations from a being he calls "Asyah". Asyah revealed to him in a vision that he was chosen to be the messenger of a new era.
Random Mathian
 A golden age that would boost Math economy and florish the nation throughout the universe. Taryig started his sect which got many followers, most of their riches were used to finance Taryig presidency. He was really hated by the members of the main govenrment accusing him of being a fraud or mentally deranged. His sect the "New age of Southern Pole" started to increase in power and influence . They had their small residence near the "Source of Creation" which is an area of Math that has all the remaining records of the early humans. When Taryig was denied  from appearing in Tarzek, his thousands of followers protested and revolted against the government. There was a huge conflict which started to involve fight and later homemade weapons. There had never been any military activity in "Home" so the "conflict of the followers" was the first battle and not the last between future Main Math and future Anek. At that time Taryig followers were 50 000 in number for a total of 1.2 million for Home/Math. The most interesting fact was that Anek was the only city in Math to contain the record of early Math history. Those records were in fact considered as pure myth, from primitive man who wanted to learn his origins. We can see in the records strange "berni"(mythological creatures that look human but differ in form some can even fly-animals-).
Depiction of a berni-myhological creature mentioned
in the early records. This one is a flying berni
The records state that the first men came from the skies and they were accompanied with bernies to accompany their journeys. All the bernies died and man became the only One ruler of Math. They left the dying bloom to start a new home in Math. There hadn't been any physical evidence of berni and the early human fossils do not date back earleir than 10 000 years ago. While it was considered as folklore by the scholars of Main Math, Tarig decided to create his own ideology from it stating that his people was the chosen people by Asyah to conquer the motherland of Bloom. He never specified where Bloom, no one could suspect if Bloom was a region in Math our outside of Math. The two countries diverged in the following years. There had been successive conflicts, wars between the two countries. Anek was located in the Southern Pole and most of its economy was based on the mining of the Asteroid Belt. Tarzek the capital of the Main Math and had control of most of the area of the planet. Southern Pole was just a small fraction of Math. Main Mat was the most populous and much more advanced, Main Math suffered a little from the breaking up of the two nations.

Beautiful sunrise in Math

We are in 10 000 AD (12023 to be more specific).
Mars is now a well structured civilisations. 10,000 years later the descendants of the 5000-1 and 5000-2 could successfully build new colonies on Mars ground. 10 000 years from 2014, the total population of Mars was of 3 million people. Mars was renamed Mat as a variance from the original word of the ancestors for the planet.
Mount Tchiho
The society of protection of craters was a soceity created to protect Mars geology but will soon be used to protect Earth fauna and flora)


[The article would be too long to include every details of the movie but you must know that Main Math did an expedition to explore the different planets of the solar system including Venus, Earth and the moons of Saturn but they were all null(The mission on Mars landed in Sahara desert). Talk is the first known man to have walked on Earth 1000 years but died due a problem with his equipment. to the Earth, the blue planet was believed to be free of life due to its liquid that is present on the whole planet. The Southern pole had a good fleet because they specialised in the mining of the bolides of the asteroid belt as well as the moon. Later in 12 000 years AD, during an expedition to measure the orbit of different asteroid, Tagez who was working in the Munt investigation had a problem in his "spacecraft" he had to land on Earth. To his surprise he landed on a green area(forest) and was greeted by strange people.(there was a funny myth that Earth could shelter tall blue men and it was popularized in movies and cartoons).
"The tall blue men of Planet Earth"

He spent 2 weeks before leaving Earth. he told his story to the inhabitants of Anek who didn't believe him. He also mentioned he saw many berni. 2 month later two fleets land at the same location and what was said by Tagez was revealed to be true. The scriptures were correct, and Bloom was Earth. Colonization started on Earth and the population and economy of Southern Pole exploded on Earth.  This lasted for hundred years. There had been slavery of Earthlings(the descendants of those who survived) because they wer cjeaper than robots and many worked on other moon. It was called the "line of the flying bones" becasue many slaves died during the transfer and their bodies were ejected from the ships creating laetr on a huge aggregation of bones in the area between Earth and Mars(of course it was not really an aggregation). The trajectory of slaves between Earth and the destination. Colonization started in Central Africa, Indonesia and continued up to Europe. 300 years later, Main Math discovered the colony of Southern pole and start to colonize the Americas including the Earthlings. Earth was far more vibrant and colorful than Mars. The discovery of Earth improved Mathain art. Mathains adopted new concept such as music and entertainment. Earthlings are culturally simple, joyful and very active while Mathains are calm, monotone and serious. Mathains were disgusted by the fact that earthlings eat other bernies when Mathains eat artificial food.
Earthlings(the Earthlings are mainly the descendants of
farmers and refugees because those who lived in megacities died out first)
Earthling living in present day North America(Texas)
Earthling speak are divided into 5 huge ethnicity that speak hundreds of dialect.
The Uyuna family language is found in Northern America, western europe and Southern Africa(Uyuna is
language that descended from English)

Earthling of the Katoe tribe(South new Main Math
(present day South America)

Wars start between the two nations at the end they all reconciliate calling it the New Union. Earth became one nation.
The New Union increased the trade between Math and Earth
Many mattians emigrated toward Earth, having nw houses with new gardens
including Earthlings as decoration of their garden

 Southerners and Mathians both one exploiting the Earthling. Earthling slavery is abolished and they now have the right to do small jobs. Mathias were taller, slender, beautiful, smarter, Erathling were shorter and less mentally developed. The big cities that existed 10 000 years ago became mining areas for the colonists. They discovered thousands of skulls and bones of people.
Millions of skulls and bones were found mostly dating back to 10 000 BC
suggesting a huge mass extinction. These are the remains of the preearthlings
who no longer exist. The reason of how primitive Earthling emerged after preearthling extinction
is still unknown. Many objects, statues, contrctutions were found from the preearthlingcivilization.
A preearthler is someone who collects preearthling skulls.

 The mysteries of these old cities led them believe that Earth was a perhaps a Mathian colony a long time ago. They also discovered the remnants of huge mammals. This period was called "preearthling. It was known to be a period before the ice age ended(the ice shhet was present in the poles and mountains when they're now covered with pine forest). Reconstitution of elephants, rhinoceros and lions could be found in museums.
Reconstitution of"Berni two horned dog" a prehistoric mammal that existed 10 000 years
preearthling art preverved in museums-"many grafiti including "penis drawing and "fuck you"
were considered as preearthling masterpiece. The archeologists had
misinterpreted their meanings.
They couldn't explain why elephants, rhinoceros and buffaloes died out in present day Africa while some lions and deer survived in Europe and norht America(they descended from the zoo animals) for a good thousand years
Skull of the main of "Badani"(chimpanzee) discovered in Central Afirica
he coexisted with the preearthling. Some legends say that the man
of Badani is alive in Northern New Main Math(Canada)

"Tarpal" largest predators hunt mainly "pulaluk"in pack.
Tarpal are the descendants of street dogs and pulaluk the
descendants of cows escaped from the farms. A new ecosytem
was created that replaced deer and wolves, lions and antelope with
dogs and cows
Pulaluk herds as found throughout all continents

Later some people speculate there is a similarity between mathians and Earthlings. They do not understand why the skulls of the pre-earthling period are not related to Mathian's and Earthlings. Paym elaborated a new theory stating that Mathians and Earthlings could have shared a common ancestor and this ancestor was the preearthling himself. This theory created a huge polemic.The mainstream theories said that Earhtlings were the descendants of Mathian astronauts who failed in their mission. The theory of a common ancestor and evolution is confirmed stating that Earthlings and Mathians are both humans. They get the same privileges as the mathians. The population reached two billions and they also discovered that the preearthling era had more than 4 billion people and this is the end of the story.

An Earthling creation story:
"Man were created from mud. The first man and the first woman were happy and were living in a wonderful garden (Earth before) when the sun god became angry of what they were doing. He created flood, fires and plague to destroy its people. Many were killed but only one family Kalimiyuga  , his wife and his children could survive in the new earth. They repopulated the earth and this is the stroy of the people.  
Many creation story of Earthlings are similar to this one. The sun god who punished his people and a few who could repopulate Earth.

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