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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

UFO: Discerning the true from the false

Our skies are filled with phenomena ranging from airplanes and balloons to comets and meteors(meteors are only fragments of meteoroids(fragments of asteroids) which entering into the atmosphere heat up before disintegrating(shooting star) if it is not fully consumed it may reach the ground(meteorite) creating an impact.


Earth has an atmosphere and most of the object that encounters Earth are automatically consumed and rarely reach the surface of the Earth. On other bodies such as Mars or moon which contains no atmosphere, intact asteroid fragments hit the surface creating large craters. The surface of the moon is heavily cratered and most of the craters are still impact millions of years after their crash. Moon doesn't have any volcanic activity nor water. On Earth most of the impacts from the meteorites that had reached Earth were already eroded by water activity or covered by vegetation. Manicouagan Lake in Canada is a lake that was formed by the deposition of water in the crater. The best preserved impact crater can still be found in desert areas such as "Meteor Crater" in Arizona that is 1km long. Mars geology is not based on plate tectonics like on Earth which means the landscape will remain the same after million years. On Earth the plate dynamics cause different plates tectonics which are subdivision of the crust to be either subduded downward along with their whole geology history or collided with another plate creating mountain. For example in the Atlantic ridge new crust is created from the mantle, this expansion caused older crust at the extremities to collide in other parts to subduct in the mantle and to create mountain range. Earth geology is always recycled and is not older than 200 million years. There are almost no mountains in Mars and most of the volcanic activity create huge Volcanoes. Volcanic activity is almost entirely made of hotpsots. Hotspots are a kind of volcanic eruption that can appear anywhere. They are just bursts from the magma while most of other volcanic activity can be found in diverging plate tectonics (Rift Valley; East Africa is separating from the rest of Africa which will result in a new sea, new big island and new mountain range in the future..) or converging plate tectonics(Mediterranean volcanoes...)On Earth volcanoes created from hotspots(which can appear anywhere) are not permanent. As the plate moves, the volcano moves along but the hotspot source in the mantle remains immobile, so when a new eruption occurs, a new volcano is created, The older one remains inactive, the plate moves with the former new volcano too which became inactive, and then a new eruption and a new volcano. This is how volcanic arc such as the one in Hawaii are created. We can then trace the rate at which a plate moves as well as the different volcanic eruptions that occurred in the past.
Arc island in the Pacific, hotspot appear anywhere so
there is no surprise to find volcanoes n the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the active
volcano is located at the leading front of the arc. Size of volcano depends on the intensity
of the eruption and distance between them depends on time interval between eruption, smaller distance
being close eruptions and long distance large interval time
On Mars the process is different, Mars is mostly a plain with very few variations in elevation unlike on Earth. Having no crust subdivision, Mars is like a ball and the hotspot eruption constantly accumulate at the same point creating huge volcanoes like the one called "Mount Olympus" which is the greatest in the solar system so far. The volcano hasn't stopped increasing. . The lava from the different eruptions had already buried older impact crater. The new impact found in the solidified lava can reveal that it was more recent than the previous volcanic activity.
Mount Olympus the biggest volcano of our solar system
Some objects can be mistaken as "strange lights", its the case for planets of our system. Planet Venus which is the second planet of our solar system is the brightest in the night sky after the moon. Other planets such as Mars can be observed to the naked eye at night.

Planet venus at night next to the Moon
Bigger bolides are more likely to become meteorites while tiny grains of sand are just small running lights. Those phenomena are present night and day. We all know that an airplane follow a straight trajectory. We've all seen meteors passing over our homes. We can hear the irritating noise of a helicopter or see the trials left by airplanes.
Airplane following a straight trajectory

No one is that stupid to not recognize any of the phenomena mentioned above.

Seeing a strange light in the sky and not being able to make a clear description is not a UFO sighting. So we You weren't just a good observer enough. We can already deny thousands of claims of people who pretend having seen a spaceship just because they saw a "strange light" in the sky.

Most of those childish observations are not taken into accounts. You just didn't have enough data to recognise an helicopter or a missile.

UFOs however are strange phenomena that could not be identified because they could not be classified as any of the phenomea mentioned above. This is why U.F.O stands for Unidentifed Flying Object. There hadn't been any conclusive answers to explain those phenomena. UFOs are often detected on radars and sometimes chased by military aircrafts. There are thousands of unsolved cases of UFOs.

What are the commons aspects of UFO?

UFOs are usually silent. When airplane passes over an area the noise is obvious. UFOs do not make any sound and can move very slowly while an airplane trajectory must be steady. UFOs are able to stay stationary(helicopters too), to go up and down, to change speed and to change direction into straight angle(no man made object has that capability). It seemed like there is not any limit that prevent them to go wherever they want. UFOS have also been caught in space by NASA.
Another characteristic of UFOs are there effects on electronic devices. Most UFO sightings are accompanied with power cut. Light bulbs, TV, motor car, radio  automatically turn off. Sometimes the devices may turn on even if they are switched off. Compasses needles make sudden change in direction.
UFOs have always different lights that seem to change in their locations on the engine. The lights can change in their positions. If there are three lights they may separate, join again make a triangle figure. Sometimes lights may blink and suddenly disappear. The lights may vary from green, yellow, blue an red to orange and white. Sometimes the lights may be blinding. People have reported seeing a flash of light before seeing a UFO disappearing again and not remembering what happened during the time of sighting because few hours seemed to have been missed.

UFOs have the ability to move at hallucinating speed. They can in an instant be stationary and being too fast so giving the impression of vanishing. UFOs may appear in one location, instantly disappear before  appearing in another location.

When there is more than one UFO, let's say 3 for example. They will regularly make geometric patterns and or alignment while flying together. Sometimes a small UFO can be seen leading towards a bigger one(mother ship) before blending with it.
Lights of Phoneix (1997)
UFOs leave physical marks on the grounds where they landing. Usually in the form of geometric patterns ranging from circles to triangles. Sometimes the patterns may be very well structured (showing big circles circling smaller one or triangles fitting together). Some of the patterns are too big they can only be seen from the sky (crop circles).
Crop circle-Southern England(2001)
People who went to investigate in crop circles found out the crops that were laid were tied and bent in a way that they seemed to have been genuinely intertwined. Investigators found out crop circles locations emanated a strong magnetization as well as microwave.

In the Middle Age, a crop formation drives the people to
believe that they were made at night by a devil who had enough time
to tie the crops together

The crop circle phenomena pushed some amateurs to make some ridiculous and childish drawings in corn and wheat fields in order to fool people. We can still appreciate their masterpiece. There had been too many that the man made crop circles outweigh UFO-made corp circles by 95%. Every day in the world some teens have created new crop circles in corn fields.

UFO appearance: Most of the UFOs observed to date tend to have a flat disk appearance. The term flying saucer was a term misused by the journalists when Kenneth Arnold first described his encounters with 9 strange objects flying over the rocky mountains. UFOs tend to be shiny and metallic. In the early 50s UFOs were mostly baseballs or round shaped objects later on UFO design changed to be more circular and saucer like(it seemed like different races were disputing the territory). Some bigger UFOs had a cigar like appearance. The most dominant color on UFO is grey but some of them are plasma like emanating a reddish orange color. UFO usually rotate around themselves sometimes only the lights rotate.

There had been countless accounts of UFOs ,observations ranging from pilots, police officers and military to simple eyewitnesses,crowds and cities. Astronauts have also reported UFOs. Buzz Aldrin explained his experience during the Apollo mission when a green object seemed to be following them and monitoring them.
At the beginning people thought UFOs were secret spying devices but it turned out that Russians were also dealing with the problem of UFOs.
Buzz Aldrin reccounting the UFO sighting during the first Apolo mission

In  1947, a UFO crash was reported in the local news in Roswell. The debris of unknown origins were collected by a farmer in a 1 mile wide area. A few days later the UFO crash was dismissed as a weather balloon.
UFOs were seen everywhere in all continents and all places, ranging from mountains, and farmland to cities and national parks.

There had also been mass sightings where UFOs were observed by thousands of witnesses. It is the case of the 1989 mass sighting in Belgium where triangular objects were spotted at different locations by many Belgians. We can also cite the lights of Phoenix in 1994 or the UFOs sightings over the White House in Washington.
Kids in Zimbabwe tell their story of the UFO that
landed near their school

UFO aftermath:
The strange thing about UFO sighting is the fact that some UFOs are regularly observed around some areas. It seems like specific families are the target of UFOs. Usually UFOs are observed hovering and they disappear in a second. The observer then realize that the sighting took him 2 hours when he had been seeing the object for a few minutes. He then realize that some scars appeared on his body and he feels weird. One thing common after a UFO sighting is the intense magnetization that emanate from the objects. The UFOs witness had consulted a psychiatric to understand the reason behind their strange change in their metabolism and especially the missing time when the observer saw the UFO.

Under hypnotic regression, the UFOs observer relive the experience when they first saw the UFO sighting and then find out that the UFO came loser and they were escorted aboard. The beings aboard tell them to stay quiet. They seem to do experiments on them. The walls are very bright and the abductors use different kinds of devices. The appearance of those "extraterrestrials" is similar to the following one "grey, short, very huge head,, big slanted black eyes that seem to read minds.

 When the examinations are finished the abductees are taken back to their initial position and told to look at the object leaving and then their memory is erased at that moment giving the impression to the abductee that he was only watching the UFOs. The scars on the body coincide with the objects inserted in the abductee's body during the examination aboard. The abductions seem periodic as if the "extraterrestrials" were monitoring the development of their sample. Some abductions are called "mass abductions" where hundreds of people across a country are abductee in one same night and gathered in a same ship. They're usually warned about cataclysmic events that can happen on Earth. According to abductee reports, it seems like the abductors are taking human samples to blend with theirs and infiltrate human population on Earth. Many were introduced to hybrid children that were a cross between themselves and the abductor.

This was a small introduction to what the UFO phenomenon is all about:  UFOs are a type celestial phenomenon that do not yet have a rational explanation . UFO do not necessarily means extraterrestrial, but the experts are certain these objects use a very advanced technology and do not(officially) belong to any worldly government or army. Their origin is a mystery which is still debated.
We know that most of the UFOs come from the other star systems of our galaxies because in the instances were witnesses were taken onboard the spacecraft, they had time to have a short discussion with their abductors. During the first documented abduction case in 1961, Betty Hill asked where the extraterrestrials came from and the leader showed him a map that she could not comprehend. She later drew the same map under hypnosis and astronomers were able to identify Zeta Reticulli star system. Other groups come from the Pleiades which is a conglomerate of stars visible at night. Others come from a star behind the Orion constellation. The three parallels stars in the night sky. They're located next to the popular "horsehead nebula". Nebulaes are clouds of dust in the universe. Yes, we find clouds in outer space. They're usually very dark and so dense they absorb the light. Nebulaes are part of galaxies. And nebulaes of our galaxies are visible in the night sky. You see in a clear night that white trail above other stars. You thought it was a white cloud. A cloud that is permanent every night. No, you were actually looking at the Center of our Galaxy. The reason why it is not very bright is due to the nebulaes that absorb the light. Our sun is a star and galaxies are conglomerate of stars and there are(600)billions of them!
The center of our galaxy as seen from Earth; We can notice the thick
clouds(nebulaes) and the hug conglomerate of starts which is the Center
of our galaxy hidden by the clouds.
Horsehad nebula in the Orion nebula contains the Orion Star
System( 3 aligned stars in the night sky next to Betelgeuse
red supergiant star)
The Pleiades( appear as a "crowd" of star in the night sky)

The Frank Drake equation which estimates the probability of civilizations outside our planet states as follow:

He deduced from his equation that 10,000 civilizations could have developed in the Milky Way alone. The equation is not null because Earth is at least one of the planets that support life.
"It's actully 1 million in our galaxy for your own information"

The Fermi paradox states that if intelligent civilizations had already developed outside our planets they should have already colonized us or at least contacted us.
Well, it was done.

There is one thing you must understand with scientists. They pretend to be searching for proof but in fact will deny any evidence shown to them

The reason??

They just don't want to believe.

Millions are spent to fund NASA missions that are supposed to find any evidence that life had once occurred on isolated planets like Mars.[Note: There are bases on mars even some that belong to the American government. There are aslo evil creatures on Mars). Yet, when someone on Earth receives information from other civilizations or substances foreign to Earth, scientists do not even care to look at them. Those people are already considered as "crazy".

Indeed, there are more evidence of extraterrestrial life on Earth than on Mars. But the main reason why the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon is not believed to be true by the majority is due to the cover up of the American government.

Skeptics claim to believe only things they can actually see. Atheists for example will easily deny the existence of a deity or unicorns as no evidence was ever presented of their existence. You tell them "I believe in God". They will reply to you "Show me the proof! The burden of proof lies on you! Look at the fallacies!" He can be happy because no evidence of unicorns will ever be found. So when someone claims to have been abducted it is easy for a scientist to dismiss it. But when we present to those skeptics EVIDENCE like photos, videos... They will automatically presume they're fake, photoshopped. They will try to find a way to "debunk" it, to show why the pictures are not authentic. Nice way to apprehend a new concept from people who consider themselves to be smart. The fact is, its difficult for them to believe in extraterrestrials so they will always try to find a way to prove why those claims are no true. They were not curious to look at the evidence but they were in a hurry to disprove why it is not true because Aliens are unbelievable to them even if they keep saying "I believe there may be life out there, we would be too arrogant to believe we are the only ones".

The difference between a skeptic and us resides in the fact that a skeptic does not want to grasp a new reality, he will just try to find a way to justify his old delusion. When we welcome truth with open arms. We know what is true and what is not true, we do not need skepticism. Skepticism is a reaction from a primitive mind to a new concept. We are beyond skepticism.

You must understand the sad truth but atheists and skeptics are in fact the most primitive fraction of the human population. Some people use their instinct to know what is true and what is false. You recognize when something is true. You know from the deep of your heart that something is true. You do not need experiments, a scientist to validate or peer-reviewed papers. in fact, science is full of mistakes and misconceptions and it takes years for science to give slightly accurate information about a topic. Let's call them "atheists" because this is what they usually label themselves. Atheists will just wait for an answer from Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins before accepting a new topic. Even if the scientists will confirm to them, they will still not really understand the topic. Let's say humans come from apes. Atheists will believe it because they read it in a scientific article not because they really know why humans came from apes. Someone who knows why we came from apes would have spent time with other primates and seen similarities between humans and apes. Knowing something and repeating something you read somewhere is different.
Self contradicting quote from atheists

Most atheists repeat what they saw in an interview or a documentary on TV. In fact, there  is a rush among atheists to show how you "know" EVERYTHING. As we have said, they repeat what they read. What comes from their mouth is not the Truth but the current scientific understanding which includes many contemporary mistakes. Someone who instantly knows the truth is not naturally interested in scientific hypotheses that will later be debunked by science itself. Atheist however will take those hypotheses as facts and will harass anyone who do not agree with those hypotheses. Being aware of all mainstream scientific theories and hypotheses is different from knowing the actual truth. When you know the Truth , there is no mistake nor trial because you already know the truth. The jump is direct. You know when someone is telling the truth, you do not need him to provide more evidence because you just know he is saying the truth. An atheist will just ask for more evidence, he will eventually deny them and in the end will just ignore the person. The difference between an atheist and us resides in the fact, that atheists do not know what is true and what is false. They put both truth and false in the same bag and yet they can't explain yet in what way it is false.  They don't explain if it was a computer simulation or a dummy, they don't give a rational explanation in what way it is fake. The only fallacy they use is the fact that "it is unbelievable". It's the only reason that push them to reject anything that is beyond current science (because everything beyond current science is still paranormal, X-ray was paranormal 100 years ago). They're not convinced why it is not true but they're convinced that "Aliens are impossible". They will just use assumptions from their OWN imagination (not even a judgement of the claim itself). Assumptions based on the things they're familiar with "hallucinations, drugs". it's the only thing they can use to explain. "I DON'T KNOW THEREFORE HALLUCINATIONS". Their method makes them unable to even realize if it was a lie or an hallucination. (The truth lies in what the person thought when the experience occured and not on what scientists imagined about an experience that didn't occur to them).When you know the Truth , you know who is lying and who had an experience. An atheist will say that someone had hallucinations when he was in fact lying. He just want to keep believing it is false and his explanations are sometimes off topic. They really do not understand the experience itself, they're in fact very ignorant on the experience. It is much more interesting to have an appropriate judgement from someone who understand and know your story than someone who doesn't know your story or your personality and keep saying "hallucination, your brain was playing a trick". The sad thing about atheists is the fact that they believe they're all right and there is no other reality beyond their own. Actually atheists are part of class of people who had never had any experiences in their lives. Once an "experience" happens to you can't be skeptical anymore. Atheists also think they're the only rational and normal people circled by a mob of crazy people. They do not understand the psychology of people outside their circles. They see them as "crazy" and it's enough for them. We know the psychology behind people including atheists are some of us were atheists some years ago, we know what atheists think, what they're going to say, we also understand the psychology of others including the charlatans and the reason behind their motives. Sometimes some atheists realize that paranormal was real but they are still not ready to embrace it because they would lose all the support of their atheists "colleagues" and they're scared to be considered as "crazy" too. They still want to stay in that environment where they're seen as smart by people and no intelligent person can really believe in paranormal. There is also a shame when an atheist realize that he was wrong, he will try to continue to prove he was correct because he can't grasp the fact that he was the IGNORANT. Atheists only think for themselves in other words they're according to what they think "the top of everything, the measure of everything, nothing else is above them and everyone else is stupid. They're really not ready to abandon this status of "self-proclaimed god". One thing they usually do is trying to impress. They want to impress the world with their "knowledge", they want to show how they're "moral" people. If they lose one point in a debate, they won't admit it and will try to prove how they were correct. They can't accept the fact that they can also do mistakes and they feel SO ashamed when they make one. They usually don't have a sense of humor, Ray comfort which should be a  source of good laugh is a source of anger among atheists. Atheists feel an irrational anger over ridiculous claims made by some people. They don't try to see the funny side of things. They use creationists and other religious people to keep their own superiority. They do not hesitate to insult a creationist or an illiterate and complain about how stupid they are(Note: When you know that someone is mentally inferior to you, you tend to feel a pity for him and try to be nice with him, you talk to his level and sometimes try to show how smart he is, slurs are only weapons a weak person uses when he lacks arguments). Atheists are really angry about them and they will not hesiate to say "YOU ARE SO STUPID!!! BUT NO! IT'S NOT LIKE THAT! ARE YOU DUMB?? Atheists even start debate with creationists. We personally don't think there is any interest (it's pointless) to debate with a creationist except to feel how smart and respectable you are. We just treat creationists with emotions and compassion for their beliefs. Atheists have been so brainwashed by their scientists, they do not see things normally.
According to them only a smart person can look at a valley and think about the battle that occurred there or look at a mountain and think about how the process of erosion through millions of years shaped the mountain and how atoms could make such things instead of simply appreciate the beauty of the mountain. They will look at something and question how the eye interpret the different wavelenghts and how light enters the orifice. They will breath and think hard of how the lungs function while breathing and how the cells react while eating. They will start loving a person and think how chemical reactions in the brain coud produce it and what molecule especially. They will look at an animal and they will start talking about their instinct, how their anatomy favored their survival and how many species could have evolved to give that animal instead of looking at the lion nicknamed "Jerry" who is trying to drink water. Such comportment and way of seeing things  can lead to craziness. There is no wonder, magic in the atheistic point of view. Everything is chaos, an incomprehensible universe that want to kill us, the progress of man, adoption of nature, non-existence, random chance, scientist are at the top of the tops...No joy, no happiness, no way to live life fully which explain why most atheists are melancholic. Even their voices is boring to hear. Other people however are joyful, compassionate, fun, hilarious, open minded. They are very original because they say what they personally think not what scientist personally think. They do not give restrictions to their own personal discoveries so they embrace new realities, some are to an extent telepathic. Some people can foresee the future, others can heal naturally. So many concepts atheists will never use in their banal way of seeing the meaningless world. anyway, give enough time for scientist to make some investigations in paranormal until they become facts so atheists will be able to grasp them even if it may take decades. For now, Smile and just tell them you don't believe in paranormal, it's all bullsh*t, just some fairytales. The only thing you can do is to say what an atheist wants to hear.

So this was a small paragraph to explain why we give little attention to the point of view of atheists who actually do not even know the definition of a UFO. This post is for people who instinctively know the truth and know and understand clearly what we are talking about, not to atheists who do not understand a single sentence of the post. We do not care if they just refuse to believe in UFOs for the only reason they're not comfortable with the matter, it's their choices even if it will lead them absolutely nowhere.

As we have said we know what is true and what is false, who is saying the truth and who is lying. 
We will give you the list of true claims and lies related to UFOs.

The obvious

We are both sorry and angry that some clowns use the UFO phenomenon to create their own cults.
It's the case with Marshall Applewhite who created Heaven's Gate and committed suicide with his 38 other followers in 1997.

  He claimed that a vessel following the comet Hale-Bopp would take their souls from their vehicles(bodies) before Earth get recycled in 1997.

We can also cite Bill Meier who claimed to have travelled in others vessels and had taken photos of back in time (dinosaurs..). His pictures were taken from various sources including a book. Bill Meier is a guru too with a long beard.
Bill Meier "contactee"
Raël a French created the Raelian movement that has over 80 000 followers. They participate in orgies and other rituals. Their E.Ts are green and the Raelian movement built an airport or "spaceport" in case a flying saucer will land.
¨Raël cult leader
The author of the Thiaoouba  prophecy who claim the Bermuda triangle phenomenon is created because of another universe or the French woman who claim to have met giants in the 50s and copied her story from Airl Interview.

Atheists tend to use these cases to show why UFO/Aliens are not real.

These are some obvious cases of charlatans, we do not even need to give more details about them due to the fact they're so ridiculous and.

When we have paranormal phenomena we might expect a huge range of hoaxes. Those hoaxes do not invalidate the whole phenomenon. It's the same as saying the fact that Mary doesn't have a dog will not definitely suppress the belief in the existence of dogs. The number of hoaxes in UFO/Alien is above 30% versus near death experiences where it's more than 95%. When you don't have and don't really proof it's easy to fake a journey in Paradise. And as we've said we know who lies and who doesn't. For atheists it's all oxygen deprivation lol. Dr Raymond Moody claims to have studied the subject for decades still, he studied many hoaxes, how sad. Betty Eadie, George Ritchie and many other claims are all lie. The only true testimonies that caught our attention were Sandra Rogers, Howard Storm and Dannion Brinkley's (plus they do not contradict each other concerning Universal knowledge). But Dannion deviated and joined other New Agers. He even created some prophecies around 2012 saying there would be a pole shift at that exact date!
Betty eadie said some nasty bullsh*t on TV during Oprah show.
Oprah believed all her words. she claims everything is predestined and
teen are killed so the murder can have a good lesson of his deed in prison
she claims to have received infinite knowledge but is unable to give the proper
structure of the DNA. She also said that prayers come out of Earth like beacons of light
And don't forget to buy her three books!!LOOOL
The year 2012 was an epic year to debunk all charlatans.  Many New Agers claimed there would be a spiritual awakening, a 5 dimension transition, a golden age, stating they received their info from angel channelling, Plejarans,Andromeda council.. guess what?Nothing happened. Even the psychic twins talked about a shift in consciousness. Lol, they were themselves doubting that the end of 2012 would bring some change because some old calendars in Central America would end.

Even though most New Agers thoughts of an ascension, we can still find in our libraries survival guides on how to survive 2012. It's funny how planets and other bodies in our galaxies are aware of our year subdivisions. Boom, the Earth will wait for the morning of December 21st to crash lava from its volcanoes. What morning by the way? is it supposed to start in Japan and progressively affect the western part as the Earth rotates? or is it going to start in the morning of the big cities in the United States?

Atheists say there would not be anything because they reject everything, we said there won't be anything because we were sure there wouldn't be anything.

Hilarious speech from a Japanese princess regarding the 2012 apocalypse
and the 3 days of darkness and her reptilian librarian who lives underground.
The video got 1 million views but thousands of new dislikes the day following December 21st

Our list of hoax continues with the young guru David Wilcock(who claim to be a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce) and the self proclaimed Alien Inelia Benz who claimed to be born to raise Earth consciousness. Really? She also claim to be able to time travel even if she never videotapes her time travels journeys. Wanna have more fun? Visit her facebook page LOL: https://www.facebook.com/ineliabenz?fref=ts
"My name is Inelia Benz and I am here to raise the vibration of the planet" LMAO!!!
Anonymous told us that Inelia is in a depression state, she is a little bit under control of the people(men) who control her, they use her to make money. Inelia has no power on her own and not that much happiness. She is in a state of darkness.

Of course, they all have one thing in common, they write tons of books which are all so freaking expensive and they keep extending the day for Apocalypses and doomsdays for more suspense and rush from the readers. It is 100$ if you want to buy Inela Benz DVD on Itunes. It does not stop them from having thousands of followers because people WANT to believe it. When atheists are a class of people who refuse to believe, the guru followers are a class of people who want to believe.
David Wilcock discussing the 2012 ascension

Likes and comments were disabled on 2012 youtube videos the day following the "ascension".LOL

David Wilcock author of many pseuodscientific theories stated that on December 21st energies from the center of our galaxy will change our DNA making humans evolve as "they did" every 26,000 years. Even his voice is annoying to hear suggesting that what comes from his mouth is all made-up story.

People making profit of the Alien phenomenon: You can visit the funny website http://www.stopabductions.com/  that promote "anti-alien abduction screen helmet" to prevent Alien from abducting people. They also claim autism is due to failed alien hybridation.
Screen helmet demonstration
We can also give the example of the McPherson film which is obviously fake.

We also have our ancient aliens pseudoscientists. Well, no need to explain why it's all bullsh*t. We can't even take any hypothese into account. The hedgehog guy is just trying to catch attention of aliens so they can abduct him on their spacecrafts.

Teach the controversy!
This guy is an insult to the Reptilian phenomenon


The list of true accounts starts with Betty and Barney Hill (Zeta Reticuli) and continues with Travis Walton, Allagash abductees, Bob Lazar, Victor(Area 51), Barbara Marciniak Phil Schneider and our favorite Stan Romanek. We just know they're sincere and we know why their testimonies are true.

When something is true, you feel it, it makes perfect sense to the mind. We get inspired by truth. Truth connects everything, every events. We are all connected by events. When true events are told, we just know they occurred because without them we would not be what we are now. There is a feeling of goodness when something is true. There is no question, the mind is not at war. You are ready to accept the truth and the truth speaks to you.

Note: We want to apologize for the amount of mistakes and grammatical errors, the article was directly published from the original poster and it wasn't yet reedited.

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