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Monday, 11 March 2013

How do planetary rings form?

Space Game

Hilarious Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Looking at Neil De Grasse Tyson tie, or space game banners. Have you ever wondered what was those formations around some big planets. The gaz planets. yeah, the RINGS. Because you thought they were initially part of a planet?

Well, planet rings are the result of completely disintegrated former moons. Moons that were too close to their planet orbit that those moons compactness could not resist the strength of the planet magnetic field. The result was a complete annihilation of the moon which ended in separate chunks of rock orbiting the planet for million of years. those remains range from the tiny size of dust to large objects the size of a hill but obviously  a wide range of rock; between the size of a chair and the size of a house. Those debris floating around the planet show a circular pattern around it, thus the name of "planetary rings". Larger planets tend to have planetary rings but sometimes they can form when an object meets the orbit of a planet then disintegrate. Our moon fro example was formed when a  big object went thru the Earth orbit creating an impact that resulted in the formation of a new object made both from that invader and the former Earth.
There is Life on Jupiter. Jupiter is alive(Planets emanate energy, waves)As on many other gaz planets. But not like advanced life but more like algae or kinds of vegetables that are roaming in Jupiter's atmosphere. It is edible. but some ships are also present near Jupiter, the mother-ship. Some abductees have been there. Also the asteroid belt is the result of a planet that had been destroyed. Billions of years ago, there was a civilization that had depleted its resources for its own technological advancement. Using metals, they built spiky structures around that brown-reddish planet which refusing enlightenment was soon converted into chunks of rocks that are now found on its former orbit around the sun between Mars and Jupiter. the random trajectory of these rocks meet the other's planet orbits making a thread  to our planets. We can see the impacts of the asteroids on Mars which also cause wide volcanic eruption similar to hotspots. Those asteroids were harmful to Earth since. Mars was too small to sustain its own life. The Asteroid belt is a good point for many ships to enter our solar system through some gates. Love is the ruler of the Universe, all living beings strive for love and live in harmony. Harmony is the expression of Love between different species. This Order is suppressed on Earth leading to Chaos. Because some creatures want to be their own gods,they want to fight against the Supreme Being and create their own reality on other solar systems. Some of them became enlightened. They still rule the Earth making Earth one of the most hostile place in the Universe. Constantly at war against the Universal Order and creating war, chaos, poverty etc. Earth can be annihilated soon.

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