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Thursday, 28 March 2013

NASA The Big Liar and Neil DeGrasse Tyson their accomplice

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is very tired, very tired of the fake devices sent by NASA. He also receives threats! threats of death if he doesn't do what those people in high authorities in the agency tell him to do. He is very scared but also very angry. There is a lot of disinformation and corruption going on. Neil DeGrasse Tyson watches what those people are doing, he is always scared, he doesn't tell to the public. This is his own personal secret and he wishes he could confess to someone. He is very angry, but also bored of the world which doesn't know anything and which is very misinformed. People are so stupid. He knows what disinformation those secret fractions in high power in NASA are going to show. At any time, Neil DeGrasse Tyson will defends himself. He knows all the evil plans behind NASA. NASA can destroy us at any moment. And NASA may destroy Neil DeGrasse Tyson's life at any time. They have shown him what they are capable of. They have power but also highly highly advanced technology beyond our imagination and beyond what we are familiar with. He really hates that. He hates those fake devices sent to space that are publicly shown to the world and Neil DeGrasse Tyson stays awake at night doing what he has to do. They also do not give him enough freedom. But the world is still happy, the world is manipulated, but they are not aware of that and Neil DeGrasse Tyson knows, he is powerless, NASA is very EVIL and DESTRUCTIVE with very dark intentions. Neil DeGrasse Tyson hates them and he is very anguish about that. He really cannot rest because of  what'ss going on. He doesn't even like the happy face he has to show to the world. When someone asks him some questions, he stays alert and really make sure he doesn't ask a tough one. He really hates NASA. When he laughs he doesn't really laughs, there is still anger and hate. He wishes he could leave NASA but he is not allowed.
                  "NASA is nothing more than a cover-up for something much more EVIL"

The truth about Obama: Obama too has really evil intentions. He is in the sides of the dark ones and he is doing well his job. His intentions are very bad for the world.

"Space is a wave; among their technological advancement, they can control and distort the flow of that wave which is space."

The follwing contains more proof: What scientists and astronomers hide to the public


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  2. Hahahah. Please tell us more about NASA and Obama and how terrible they are. I didn't know any of this stuff before i read this article.

    And to think; they ALMOST got away with it!!