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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Conversation between two twin brothers within the Womb

Jack is the Atheist baby and Jeff is the religious baby

Jack: Have you ever wonder if we could  be able to move at will..I mean moving in an ever ending surrounding. Like if the womb would never stop expanding.

Jeff: It sounds cool

Jack: Do you think there is a world outside the womb, like do you think there is another reality beyond the womb?

Jeff: Of course, I believe it, when we leave this world,, we go to a next world.

Jack; That's ridiculous! I don't believe in life after birth.

Jeff: So what do you believe in?

Jack; When we leave the womb. Our lives are finished. Period

Jeff; So what is the meaning of life?

Jack;: We just grow, get nurtured, dwell in that water, after 9 months when the womb get too short for our size, it's time to leave and we are born.

Jeff: That's not a meaning of life?

Jack: What your meaning of life?

Jeff: This Life jack is just a preparation for our life in the next world. In the next world, we will see Mom and we will be happy and that life will last for hundreds of months.

Jack: You do not need to create an eternal life in order to justify a meaning to your life. This life is good already.

Jeff: These are just small pleasures. In life after birth, we will be able to walk, see the light, the light there is much more intense than the light here, the colors are wonderful, the food tastes better, you feel more alive and more aware than you have ever been, you will see babies that had lived in this womb before and it will be a time for rejoicing.

Jack: Your arguments are nonsense. Eating through our mouth? What evidence do you have to make such statements. You know it is our umbilical cord that gives us life, once we exit the womb, this cord is broken therefore our lives are ended. Also, the water is evacuated too, so there is no way of your "eternal life" to exist. No movement in your fancy world.

Jeff: You know these are things you can't comprehend. You are now living in the prenatal world, The post-natal world is incomprehensible to us. Things like walking on our own at will, running...are things that are incomprehensible to you.

Jack: Walking, running these are just your dreams you create from your own mind, I know it looks cool to move this way but you have to be materialist. This is not reality and you have to keep it in mind. I know this life sounds monotonous but you have to accept it the way it is.

Jeff: I guess you don't even believe in Mom.

Jack: Of course no! Why asking me such a dumb question!? You know my answer already.

Jeff: But Mom loves you. She is our supreme being, she is our post-natal mother and there in the eternal life, she is caring about all of us.

Jack: I understand you are someone in need of love but my friendship is not enough for you. Why searching for imaginary friends?

Jeff: The Love of Mom is far more greater than our brotherhood. She really cares about us.

Jack: So how can you explain those times, when I feel lonely, or unhappy and she doesn't help me.

Jeff: She is helping you in many ways, in mysterious ways. She is the one who gives you food so your life can be kept safe, she does all of her possible for us so we can grow up in a safe environment.

Jack: So Why doesn't she just appear to us? Why doesn't she gives material evidence of her existence?

Jeff: But this womb is a proof of her existence! She created us, and she loves us. I feel her, and I can talk to her in some ways and she hears em and talks to me back. This is a proof of her existing. Also, When we leave this world we will see her through different eyes, new eyes. We will see Mom in her purest form and we will experience bliss under her arms forever. Mom is far more greater and powerful than what you could ever imagine, my brother!

Jack: So Mom is an entity that appears just when we are born? That's a nice way from you to prove I'm wrong basing your so-called "facts"on things that are not testable as no one has yet left the womb and came back. So you you hear voices in your head? Mom is talking to you?

Jeff: Yes, I hear her, I feel her warmth, her love for me. I feel her presence everyday! and I feel always better. I know she loves me, she will never abandon me and she knows me intimately and she loves you too. And we are completely dependent on Mom. Look at the beauty around, look how beautiful you are! It all comes from Mom! We are living in Mom's creation. You exist because of Mom. You know, we were created in the image and likeliness of Mom.

Jack: Saying we are completely dependent on your Mom is foolishness. Our existence is limited to the uterine World. The one we can actually see. There is nothing more. All of what you just told me comes from your own imagination.

Jeff: Thinking you are separate from Mom is the first thing that separates you from her creation. You are not self-sufficient. Every breath, hear-beat, feelings are Mom's blessings. You can't exist without Mom and when we will leave together which I hope. We will see Mom and We will also grow mentally. We will become much more greater than what we are now.

Jack: So why don't you just kill yourself so you can see your post-natal loving Mother forever?

Jeff: Killing myself would be a rejection of  Our Mom. It would be a rejection of all the blessings she gives me, love, food, protection. I am living now because Mom wants me to live and grow and enjoy this life which is a gift from her. My own killing would terribly hurt her. I will leave the womb when it is time.When Mom wants me to see her. And I am so excited because it will be very pleasant. I don't think leaving the womb is a painful experience. It is a rebirth to a new life not the end of it. This life here is only a preparation for our post-natal growth. Our next life is what's more important.

Jack: I am tired to argue with a believer nut like you. You are giving me headaches. It's interesting to have fancy ideas when you feel lonely, or when you are in the need of help. But please keep it to yourself. It is really annoying. Live this life because this only what we get for these months. Do not dream about an imaginary world where you can move in an infinite womb with your high-expectancy friends.You can still appreciate the size of the womb and the unlimited number of red cells. Your body evolved from a single cell into a much more complex multicellular organism which is you. Have you ever heard of evolution? There was no intelligent design or super creator behind this. All you see is just random occurrence. Blood and nutrients moving through our streams. There was our conception and nothing before. We are creating our own reality and the womb didn't exist before our Big Bang which started approximately around 6 months ago. We are born into a random womb that will expand to the point it can no longer fit our size and then it is the end. The nothingness, No post-natal life of thousands of months.

Jeff: I am praying for you to know Mom. You are denying Mom but one day you will be surprised. You will be in front of the Mighty being and she will love you despite the fact that you were ignoring her and ridiculing her power. . She is not just my Mom, she is also your Mom. And I am happy She is here among us.

Jack: Well Ciao then.

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  1. Woah!! Atheists gotta read THIS and realize that their religion is NOT true! I'm sharing it

  2. Atheism isn't a religion..

  3. I've seen this posted elsewhere but then if in the end you're still left with the problem of infinite regression but this "mom" has a crator and a co-designer named god. The system that created the mom and twins has rules that weren't set by mom and so forth.

    1. You are rihgt, that Mom has a creator who is her mom and that mom too to has a creator who has another mom and so on...You go back in time through successive genrations to end up to the very first cell that is the ancestor of of all living beings. You see the infinite regression even ceases in the "biological world". There is always a beginning to everything and that begining is the Creator. "God" is a name given to that "creator" and doesn't really mean the mythological creatures half-humans half animal. The twin conversation is an analogy to God and its creation. Everything was created from the Creator so everything in the universe is similar to the Creator's rules. This is why the babies can be compared to humans and Mom to "God". The babies were created out of love in the same way the loving Creator created the universe. You can find out that love is the only creative activity in the natural world. Through love you can create children, art etc. Howard Storm was an atheist who died in 1985 and who came back to life after calling out the name of Jesus. During his experience, Jesus and the Angels(which were radiant spheres of light)explained to him that everything comes from God and everything returns to God. God, the Creator, the One is the source of everything and there is absolutely No Thing without God. God is the source of existence and before God there was nothing(no energy, matter,light space...). We suggest you to learn more about Howard's Storm testimony.

  4. This is the dumbest analogy I've ever seen.

  5. Evidently the claim about one God is very important for the Christians to reclaim.In fact they are oppressed inside the U.S. borders.They also violate people's civil rights by pulling out the God card.I had a young woman who tried to get me to come to church when I was at work.It caught me a little by surprise because.She came another time leaning on the fact I was working retail.