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Friday, 29 March 2013


Pastor Martin Ssempa: Good Morning everyone! My name is Pastor Doctor Ssempa. I'm here in the capacity as the chairman of the national test froces against Homosexuality in Uganda.

We are making legilsations to make sure that Sodomy and Homosexuality neeeva sees the light of Legality in this land of the part of Africa!

I have taken time to doa little resarch to know what Homosexuals are doing while in the privacy of their bedrooms. One of the things they do is called " Ano (Anal) l*cking" where a man  inas is lick like dis by the other person's rect*m. 

[interruption] Muslim attendant:"Like ice cream". Like Ice cream. And then what happene even poo poo comes out, even if poo's oute and then they eat the poo poo!

 And then what they duwu, is they have a sex practic called "FIST*NG"!!! When deye insert their hands into the other man's hand and it goes all th..into the inas all the way. And it is so PAINFUL they have to take drugs!

Drugs used when fisting

But they injoy IT!

                                Now, if we have any children, Please! Step out!
This is a parental guidance moment! Eh that tchayde can du move out. So, I've doen resarch.

 Namba One, you can see a man hiya, having the sucked the other person's rectum and the ada person is poopooing.
 And this other one is eating the poo poo all over the place. Huh? Tell me! When you have a law agaisnt Homosexuality, ii, do you seye:"Accept Eating Poo Poo?"

 I mean eh "Look at this guy sincerely!" Bishop! AAAaahhhrg...Stagalayfuysaahaa!!!


 We Do Not want this SICKNESS! THIS IS SICK and it's there for deviants, we do NOT want it!

At church:

Now, they start off by touching each other's genitals and by smelling each ada. Then this one sneeze as the poo poo all over the person's face.

 And as if it was not enough, he puts their hand deePPAAAAAaaaahhh!!!!!!!!

As Africans we want to ask Barrack Obama to explain to us

 "Is this what he wants to bring to Africa as a human RIGHT???? To eat DA POO POO of awa CHHILDREEeeeeennn!!!!!!!!!!!

Crowd: NO! NO! NO! No, No, NOOOOOOOOhhh!!!!!!

Full videos of Dr Pastor Martin Ssempa against gay rights

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