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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Interview with a higer being

We couldn't discuss about subject of technological matter because their knowledge was too advanced for us, for our primitve conceptual framework. Not only some information was lost because they had to be transferred thru a telepath but it was also like explaining quantum mechanics to a chimpanzee.

"We had a much easier time to communicate about spiritual concept"

Message transferred from the higher being through the telepath:

Telepath: Uh, The human body is a vehicle... a vessel. The vessel must be maintained to serve the spirit with maximum efficiency. But a broken vessel can be replaced. Human spirit or the soul can have many vessels.

Autopsy of one of the Extraeterrstrial in Roswell

Investigator: Is the process natural or technological?

Telepath: Both are, both are one. Technology is a natrual excressence of humanity. Technology is a process the vessel uses to perfect itself.

Investigator: So, this transfer of the soul from vessel to vessel that your kind creates is mecahnic of it or is it a natural...(talking through the mic) Did it predates the intellectal creation?

Telepath: Before understanding(intelligible) must kind of acceptance.

Investigator: it was not technological?

Telepath: I think what he is trying to say is that the question is meaningless. The soul can travel from vessel to vessel, reincarnation, transfiguration whatever it's real.

Investigator: What I'm getting at is....(end)
Area 51 facilities veiwed from space

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