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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Prayer request

We received a prayer request by email from someone who seek help. To keep his anonymity we will call him "Alex". Alex really wants people to pray for him. He said he is in a very critical situation and his only hope is to have people praying for him. He is very young and struggling with his life. He feels hopeless and with he could get away from that situation or even go back in the past and change the outcomes but it is impossible. Alex thinks he had been struggling too much and is about to give up the struggle and let it go. He had never been in such a situation in his life and does not understand why so much injustice is happening to him when he  wasn't seeking for it. He almost died due to his problems and had brain complications from that. He is suffering both physically and emotionally, he doesn't think there will be hope in his future as he had been living in despair for a long time. He thinks he can't find  a solution to his problems and therefore fix it. He feels sorry for himself, his family and friends, he wishes he could be more happy and enjoying life with them.  Life is getting unbearable for him and pain and sadness are his everyday reality. Happiness is starting to become a souvenir and he is afraid melancholy and despair will be the only realities until the end of his life. He suffers physically in his heart, nerves and eyes from his psychological trauma. He wanted to do all the great things people from his age do but he is restrained by his chaos. He feels great remorse. His last hope is God. He really wants God to understand his problems and to heal him. He knows God helped him throughout his life but feels very sorry that all of God's blessings vanished due to a problem that could in fact be prevented by God. He was warned by God but disobeyed and hope God will understand his mistake even if he couldn't really know what he was doing. He really feel alone and is doubting now if God and Jesus still care about him. He doesn't know if God forgave him but he cried and cried and asked God for forgiveness. He is doubting God can have the strength to suppress his problem and gives him a new life with new hopes as God had always done previously his life. He used to live and feel God but now he is scared that the more he continues on with life the more he will be separated from God. Alex believes in heaven and hell and really doesn't want to go to hell even if he doesn't think he deserve heaven. he doesn't wish to go to heaven but wishes to fix his problem and go to heaven when it is time. Alex seeks the attention and comprehension of the readers. He knows that you can help him and feel compassion and love for him. Showing him that his life is important and he is as important as anyone in the universe. Alex wants to know if he deserves to be happy and have a happy life without injustice. Alex believes his problems will just take a greater scale if he continues on with his life and he already know how much it affected his life and as he says he is so sorry.You have a closer relationship with God and God hears you.

Please can you do him a favor and pray for him, intercede for him, so he can know that Jesus loves him and God wants him alive and happy. May God show him the path towards the light and fills him with the holy spirit so He can bring hope and joy to Alex. May God forgives Alex and May Jesus saves and embraces Alex.

Thank you


Jesus and Virgin Mary paintings


There was a mass of light which was big and belonging to another level of existence it was in a pink and brown area, light was intensified within the center,love was overpowering, everywhere love was intensified, there was infinite love everywhere and it would not keep intensified to a huge ecstasy, this infinite love comes from the whole being and never cease to increase. there was then the lightning bolt, it was white and glorious in a beautiful dark blue background. It was as if the angels themselves were creating this lightning and smiling could be the only appreciation for that lightning. And then, there was a mountain, icy mountain, it was perfect, blue and white in a blue sky. It looked like himalaya but it was dream-like, there was such emotion and it was touching a light appeared and it became a glowing lake, Angels are much more powerful than the sun, than a whole galaxy! everything from the light could appear as something that exist or existed on Earth

Teacher, Moses said, ‘If a man dies childless, his brother should marry his widow and have children for his brother. There were seven brothers among us. The first married and died. Since he had no children, he left his widow to his brother. The second brother also died, as well as the third, and the rest of the seven brothers.
 At last the woman died. Now, when the dead come back to life, whose wife will she be? All seven brothers had been married to her.”Jesus answered, “You’re mistaken because you don’t know the Scriptures or God’s power.
When people come back to life, they don’t marry. Rather, they are like the angels in heaven."

Matthew 22:24-30

Jesus explains that when people who followed the word die they become like the angels in heaven. There is no more marital bonds or family. He says he will resurrect them when they die and they will be as bright as the sun.
Jesus gives analogies of hell as fire and brimstone, a fire that never ends.These were his words for hell using expressions Jewish could understand. Real hell does not even have colors. 1 second in hell would automatically kill you. The intensity is unbearable and the only act of looking at the darkness of hell would also kill you. The black in hell is a black no one ever saw on Earth. 1 second in hell would be shocking and a very traumatising experience. Better suffering all the possible tortures on Earth than spending a second there. At least on Earth you still have light, air, water, sleep...The spiritual dimension is overpowering and never ending. You are face to face with eternity. Space is different, there is space within space within space, there is infinite space and you can't really give a measurement. In hell there is total hate and absolutely no pity. Demoniac appearance is the result of dwelling in hell;. Hell is the place of death. The more you stay in hell the more demoniac and devoid of good you become. Hell is pure evil. We are all creatures created from God, the loving Creator. In all our diversity we are the expression of the magnificent and Wonderful One. We spend our life with God on Earth(in the physical) but death will be the point where your destiny drives you either towards the Heavenly Father in Heaven or away in the place of torment with like beings. The creatures in hell which were previously creatures of God that decided to choose complete evil are completely indifferent to pain. There is no mercy and hesitation when they are torturing; The sounds of horror and cries are beyond what we can imagine. You think at each instant you die but you do not. The sounds in hell can kill you. There is no light but complete darkness and suffering.Everything that was love, joy, laugh, good or flowers, air, smile become absent and completely nonexistent. There is not even hope, joy is absent. Everything good comes from God and rejecting good and choosing evil separates you from all good. The depiction of hell by in movies or by satanists is very inaccurate and far from what real hell is. You would never wanted to have the curiosity to know because curiosity in hell does not exist. You would in fact regret to have leaned from hell, you would have hated us from informing you about hell  and it would take years to forget the trauma of hell. there is nothing to know and you don't want to know. No one wants to know. Even the word "hell" should never be pronounced. Never use the h*** word with a capital! People who worship Satan and portray hell are doing it with passion because they enjoy it. There is still love and goodness but hell is about absence of love and mercy. You can't make a passion form hell. Love is unimaginable in hell and the more you sink in hell the more repulsive to love you become. You then become the worst creatures that could ever exist. It is unimaginably stinking in hell and beyond what our mind is used to at least our mind would die from that. You are a dead body in hell, you are decaying, your blood is dead and solid, your flesh is tainted. There is no life at all(Only God gives life) but only hate, and the demons that hate you are unimaginably evil. You would die by just looking at them. And they have incredible strength to torture you. All of what you enjoyed in life pleasure, running, chocolates, sex are absent in you. You just become a garbage with no utility. Hell is like a prison, you have absolutely no energy, you don't even breathe. One drop of water or a tiny amount of light would be a great bliss but there is none of that and there will never be, there is not a single understanding to your pain. Your body can be torn up by the demons all around in such a way you could not imagine, your skin torn away, your heart taken away. scratched with all the cries that are unbearable. There is no such a thing as food or sleep in hell. Hell is pure decay, darkness, hate, fight, cries, lost. There is no order, no structure. There is nowhere to go, you are just trapped. You have the feeling it is forever and incredibly worse and worse.  There is not a little bit of mercy from the creatures.
If you want to learn from hell which we wouldn't suggest look up for Bill Wiese testimony 23 minutes in hell.

Tip: You can use the name of Jesus to chase the demons.

We want you to hear these gospel songs. You can use earphone so the songs and words can penetrate right through your heart. Hell is absence of compassion and care and if you're not caring and loving you're choosing hell.


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