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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How do we fall in love?

Scientists came up with tons of theories and experiments while accessing the matter of love. We can all remember that 2003 documentary explaining that people fall in love when they smell each other thus you can't love someone you never smelt (what about those girls who love their idols?) or girls with long middle fingers tend to be attracted to guys with strong skull. They didn't give a definitive answer on the question of Love. Even now scientists are trying to understand the mechanisms of love and relate it to natural selection. Some speculate you only love healthy women so you can blend your genes with hers and contribute to the preservation of the species.

The thing is simple. You are happy, the world becomes beautiful and people become beautiful and you are attracted to them. You are happy, you look beautiful and the world is attracted to you.

It's all bout happiness. Happiness is good feelings. When you are happy, your whole body is happy(a certain chemical substance is released from your brain to your whole body with the help of your blood). Everything is nice to touch, everything is wonderful to see, everything sound is music, every taste is sweet. Your happiness is expressed throughout your body and people start loving you. They want to touch you, smell you, admire you. The more happy you become, the more attracted they become and the more body contact they desire, it goes from small caresses, licking up to real sex.  They would even want to eat your nastiest parts because they love you and they want the maximum of you. Love leads to sex and sex is not necessarily about reproduction but about expression of Love. [humans and their close relative bonobos are the only species that engage sexual intercourse beyond reproduction; for sheer pleasure]

Physical appearance also plays a role, "perfect" physical appearance attract more than "imperfect". You know what handsome people look like. If someone is both handsome and happy it's  it's much better.

Handsome guy
Gorgeous girl

Happiness happens when you know the truth and live in harmony with the truth and feed your body with the best food. The food that is best suitable for a human body. fruits, etc. You also become happy when you are accepted by the society or even when people find you beautiful this explains why handsome people are much happier.

If you are happy the world looks beautiful and you look beautiful. If you are depressed, the world looks disgusting and you look disgusting and people start avoiding you (even if you are pretty looking).

As previously mentioned, you can become happy when the society accepts you. When you are greatly admired, this creates a feeling of jealousy among people but also a need to have a strong contact with you. If you haven't noticed, but the people who express their anger towards you for no apparent reason or who try to ignore you, are in fact very attracted to you and want more attention from you.If you are smart and admired by your smartness, people will start falling in love with you.
All girls love him because he is one of the greatest soccer player
guess if he was working in Burger King would girls still love him

They have everything and they're so "perfect"!
Great actor, Great westeler, nice body, all girls love him
"Swag!" and "He  might have a nice car, have nice shoes, have a hot girlfriend,
lnows many people at the club, smokes weed. The perfect boyfriend for a girl

To be attractive, you have to be in harmony with your whole body, low self esteem will lead to people denigrating you. Higher esteem of one's self will lead people to find you powerful. When your body doesn't functions properly for example,if it emanates abnormal smell, you are sick, etc. you cannot become attractive.
Woman who self-esteems herself and thus become unattractive
Guy who takes care of his appearance
and thus becomes attractive
If you love yourself, people will love you and if you hate yourself, people will hate you. It's all about how you interpret yourself and how you maintain your body.

Some girls prefer dominant guys and are less attracted to kind guys. They prefer to be treated like sluts or even "sexual slaves" the more they submit, the more they enjoy it.

Other girls enjoy the role of being dominant and having guys submitting to her. They love playing with guys espcially those who are shy and kind. It excites them.

Besides loves there is also sexual desire. You can want sex with someone without loving the personality of that person. You just want his body for your own pleasure. Being sexy is being able to attract sexual desire towards you. Someone can be both ugly and sexy.
can be sexy but not handsome
You can be handsome without necessarily being sexy.  You can even feel the need for sex when someone else think about sex. This explains why people can get easily aroused by only watching porn movies online.

Why do people have some preferences?

People may say "I love Asian girls" , "I love tall guys", "I love skaters or I love cheerleaders". There is no such a thing as preference.
The fact is someone was happy, you felt in love with that person and...We mammals have the tendency to generalize. If a Portuguese for example was unkind to you, you will start hate all of them. If a snake bit you, you will be scared of all of them. If a Hindu was nice to you, you will love all of them. If you fell in love with an Asian girl, you will start to find other Asians attractive. There you go, your preference for Asians. If you fell in love with a fat girl you will start having a preference for fat girls.
The first emo girl you fell in love
with made you love all others
You fell in love with someone and start loving those who are similar to that person. If a hairy guy raped you, you will start being scared of all of them. If you're a guy and fell in love with another guy you will start loving the same gender. If you're gay and fell in love with one girl, you will become straight. There is no magic formula for sexual orientation. No one was born gay nor straight. We are attracted to anyone we meet in our lives. However the degree of masculinity varies across individuals. Some girls are more masculine than most guys and some guys are more feminine than most girls, it is natural and they were born like that. It can be noticed in other mammals too. Some guys are very masculine and some girls are very feminine.
girl's body but guy's behavior

Guy's body but girl's behavior
Note: Sexual dimorphism is something real. It is mostly due to the fact that men are supposed to be hunters and women gatherers.

Quizz: Are you sure about your own sexual orientation? Try this quizz. Tell us which skin sample are you attracted to?

Quick tip: If you want your crush to fall in love with you, think about that person before you sleep. Think about the fact you want him/her to be attracted to you. If you really BELIEVE, magic will happen. Your dreams will do the job for you to make your body  attractive in the way your crush like the best. 

irresistible look

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