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Friday, 7 June 2013

Claudia's wonderful experience

I was lying on my bed and I just closed my eyes. I was fully awake. What I saw was beyond extraordinary. I saw the brightest light I ever saw in my life, it was not even white, it was too white to be even white it was a color beyond white and there were other colors similar to white but beyond that. It was incredibly glorious , beyond that, and intensively full of "beyond joy" . It was something else, something else, much more greater and Wonderful. This light had more than space, there was something brighter that was not space and other concepts that do not even exist in the universe. If space is a concept there were far more concepts from that very Wide Light. All was radiant, glorious and all perfect. I knew it knew me so profoundly and loved me so "extremely". I was so Loved!! I understood that the Light Loves everyone in the universe! I knew it was so powerful that it was greater than the whole universe itself. The universe is nothing compared to this light . This Light was more than the universe. The universe is physical, this light was something much more huge and much brighter. The universe is not real compared to this Light. The physical universe is only a wave and it's just an illusion. It was as if I was looking at a very huge huge Sun but much more Greater, its even beyond great, much more white and powerful and though it does not blind but the power of that light is so frightening! Do such things really exist? I was in face of something that was extremely huge and it was taking my whole view (I could see in front of me, behind me, beside me, beneath me, my view was like a big circle.)I was looking at everything at the same time. This was the most superior thing I could ever see. I knew that the light was everywhere. I was aware that everything is seen and known. Nothing is secret. Everything we do in private is seen in broad view. Nothing escape to the sight. Everything is seen from all perspectives; From the perspective of the dog, boy, the beneath of the table, the air in the room, the wall, behind the door. Everything is seen and felt so clearly and perfectly. It is as if my consciousness was everywhere without having a focus on a single thing but on many things all at once and it was incredible and the rate at which everything was moving was spectacular.It was as if everyone was free to do whatever he wanted to do. I could see places that are never seen but see them as if they were seen by the public. Even the small hidden parts of the room were completely known and there was no mystery at all. When I was seeing something, I couldn't tell from which perspective I was seeing it because I would see it from the front, from the back, from the above, from the ground, from the inside and from all points possible. I was also aware there were other dimensions in our space and I was seeing them at the same time. I was everything that could ever exist and there was no separation between anything because everything was the same mass. the same "being". Not only there wasn't a specific perspective but there also was no specific time. I was looking at everything at the same time. I knew what happened, what could have happened, what was happening and what will happen. It was as if everything was at the present time. I knew the light was everywhere. but some individuals get disconnected from the light by being in a state of darkness. A darkness that is not pleasant to see and can withdraw anyone. This light is behind the existence of the sun, the existence of the planets, the existence of things, wonderful things, sky, clouds animals everything and it was as if all these creations are masterpieces from the Light and the Light gives all its bliss to the world. The Light I was seeing was much more than a thing it's just something I cannot describe it's beyond words, it's beyond existence, it's something more than existence. I have no idea of the vastness of the universe but this Light is much more GREATER than the greatest thing that could ever exist. The word "great" is not enough, there are no words to describe, words are not enough to describe what I was seeing. Words can only describe the physical but not this intense and huge and wide bright area and other words that do no exist to describe it. Do really such things exist? I realized how small I was, even ridiculous, I would say, it's a shame being a person compared to this. We are absolutely Nothing! Imagine the whole universe being an extremely radiant and intensively glorious sun beyond colors and imagination and this comparison is not close to this Light. Really I can't use the word "great" to talk about it, because "huge", "great" are so inferior, you can only use words that exist from that LIGHT. But what was that? I mean how could something tremendously immense and glorious exist? Its more than a god, no one could really go this place, "place" is absolutely not a word for that. I can just say "GOD" its the only word that can be close enough . I do not deserve to be there because I am not a god, this place is for Mighty Beings beyond imagination, I am so small I can't be there. Will I become a sun or  a universe if I go there? The physical universe is nothing compared to that, this thing was something else, but words cannot describe them, words are used to describe the physical not the spiritual.

Thank you, Claudia

Smile of Peace

Therefore whatsoever you have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which you have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.
Luke 12:3

"God is the top of the tops, the lord of the lords, the king of the kings, the Supreme Being."

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  1. You just described the effect of temporal lobe epilepsy.