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Monday, 10 September 2012

The truth about U.S government

Despite the Area 51 where Alien are kept captive to exchange information about how to make UFOs. The U.S government which started its base after two UFO crashed on a farm near Roswell. Some of the occupants died, their bodies were taken to specialists for analysis. To Study extraterrestrial anatomy. The other ones were kept for itnerview that occured twice in a month. The Amercian govenrment automatically chases UFOs over the United States sometimes using black helicopters. None of the UFO detected on radar go public and astronauts are not allowed to talk about UFOs that go in and out Earth. People with paranormal abilities are used in Area 51 as well as in the FBI. The American army states there are 57 Alien species. Everyone knows serpo porject?

What I see:  I see, there are people people worn like Carl Sagan, they're smiling, there is a huge volleball like object hovering them, grey with some kinds of round stuff, and they're smiling. It's not the common nukes or spacecraft used by NASA these ones don't seem to use combustible and are softer. They did it before lunar exploration, it's another technology not known to public. I also see a meeteing, or a conference like, with people like human beings on Earth, they have costumes an they're arguing, this confernce is not known to the world know there is global press there but it's still a huge room. They're maybe Amercians and oh gosh, i can't breathe!

Darlène, August 2012

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