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Monday, 10 September 2012

The Network: 2012 Universal consciousness

Mikey Bustos is a Fillipino guy residing in Toronto. He shares on Youtube his extraordinary testimony with an encounter with the infinite majority which everything connected anywhere, everywhere and nowhere.
Mikey bustos thinks he is allergic to dust, it's actually the dust of his body

It first sartts when he sees one being saying"You can't touch us human because we're not spacially near you". They explained to him that Mikey is present astrally but his physical body is still on Earth unconscious, with bugs that agree to defecate mucus so he cannot catch cold. The Being or beings tell him that they're just projected images(like drawings on a mirror) on his mind and that their reality would be what his mind would comprehend making it a terrifying and unpleasant experience. They also explain to him that they're a peacefull network including an infinite minority and an infintie majority which is interconnected. And these beings come from a different plane which is much different than ours and our universe; that our universe is only the second genration to possess time and space. They say that they're delighted; this connection with Mikey corresponds to us as our first landing on our lunar satellite. And to communicate with him they had to make a conversation when he speaks first, then them, then him...  They tell him that the Network connects everything, everything from space, Earth, minerals, living beings from every universe and other planes. The Network gives information about the location of everything. Among all the living beings they fell across there is only one they couldn't understand; "the consciousness of the Human race", yes, they have the ability to constrict from the Network, It is difficult then to locate human beings, they explain that they are only connected with approximately 5,407,003 human beings from different places of Earth and different years, from the first primal human to the last genetically evolving human, Mikey asks"Why this odd number?" ,they reply "It's because you humanshave a numerical system based on the number 10" and they say at once "We say "approximately" because we are also connected with unborn foetuses within the womb who are the most intelligent and consicously aware human beings on Earth". Mikey says"What an awesome network! Why am I not feeling it currently on Earth". They say that he is 100% connected in a controlled manner because the reality would be schoking like turnin on a bright spotlight when having lived all life in dark, but he says that humans can briefly connect to the network when they have instants of complete joy, having psychic experiences, inspired actions... he or They explains Mikey that he made connection with the Network in  the first few years after his birth, when he won Canadian Idol and when he had intense sexual relations with someone, a group of people or himself. The Network brings them a lot of information from the few humans who are 100% connected. They say that it is a mystery why humans can go off the Network and this happens as they grow 99.9999999...9999998% of the time. They also explains that our body is naturally connected to it making it easier for extraterrestrials from our universe and others to locate us many many beings. As they are bound with us by time, abdcutions are done in sequences since millions years they have been studying Earth and us more astrally than physically. From their studies they could get information about humans. They say that human beings are anatomically very simple like growing a sheepherd and the leaf-cutter ant is actually the most technologically advanced species and so connected to the Network. They say that everything on Earth is connected to the Network and spans to all other planes from spider and plants to birds and ice, they also say that rock is typed into the Network as well as earth and minerals. They said they could find Mikey consiousness because of other humans who are 100% connected and it is even difficult for plants and animals to locate human consiousness. But they say that humans will be soon 100% connected to the Network and they already have the answer why they can cut themselves off the Network, again because they have to simulate a conversation in sequences, and this event when human consiousness will be connected again has to do with the year 2012. They finish by saying that he will be rewarded, when he willl return to Earth, he will recall the event, the entire dicussion after 13 hours, all inscribed in his mind with the uttermost clarity so he can writes it down and sends it off to the World and being beneficial to our kind. He ends by saying "Jesus, Mother Teresa, Michael Jackson, Hitler have handled much more than you, you will be fine".
Mikey Bustos publishes mostly songs and remix on his Youtube
The event happened on December 21st at 10:00 PM.

The Youtbe video of his testimony

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