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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The coming of the Holy Spirit

Story reported by a young teenage girl Paula:

I was watching TV the whole afternoon, movies after movies and finally went to bed because it would be the beginning of school the next day. But I couldn't due to the noise. So, I stayed awake the whole night until sun rise at 5:00 am. My skin was rough, I was feeling so hot, sweating, the sun was very bright, I had a headache and my eyes were irritated. I decided then not to go to school( I was seventeen). I stayed in the bed and I was feeling uncomfortable I even wanted to take a bath. I was so eager against these neighbours, my thoughts were only about hate and anger . It was 6:41, when I felt a red light, this light seemed to be erveywhere in the room. I turned to the other side(thinking it could be the light of the sun but it wasn't the light of the sun because this red light was emanating from inside the room. I felt like there was emotion, it was a feminine entity, I thought about Virgin Mary and the saints. I was happy because Christian entities were aware of my existence. I started seeing a cathedral or kind of castle but it was glowing with orange, yellow and red light and that cathedral was like golden and filled wiht emotions. and from th at moment images starting racing my brain as if it wa the moment of the missed sleep when I was supposed to dream. The images were Christians and innocent. I started seeing a cimetery, with statues made from rocks, and one of them was an angel with very small wings, I starred at the wings and felt like they have a healing power. and other images followed in my brain. at one moment I felt like yellow flash of lights inside me. It was orange and it was flowing through my spine, my body and my brain. I would call them "fires", but they weren'nt fires), they were yellow, orange and tasted like candies. I thought about the light of spirit. I realized that by focusing on this light I couldn't not sense the outside world, like the noise, the rough of my skin, the discomfort of my body. The golden spirit was like totally unpenetrable and from another essence. This orange flame was located inside my forehead but it would go back to the spine. This flame seemed to be watching over me. and I started meditating about quotes that Christians may have said " I was taught to listen my body instead listening to my spirit". I didn't knew that I had a spirit, such a vivid light. While in that state, I was feeling like I was going to be exorcised, I was feeling spirituality but with light, it was coming from my belly, if I continued, I would have been unvoluntarily moving in very direction, as in a sleep paralysis.

The following days, the yellow spirit wa still helping me,at night light from the bulbs was becoming very intense and yellow and I could generate intelligence from me.Sometimes, my eyesight would become totally orange and I could see well through. I had flue and when I wanted to go to sleep, I would let the spirit because it would stay me awake but in a good position. and I realized that I couldn't sleep either with the flu so I went back to the spirit and I would be good and the flu healed transformed into a sweet taste. I was feeling innocent with that spirit and started feeling my heart compressing whenever I intende doing something wrong( which I could not measure). at sometimes I could have big blow of pure fresh air(even if the air was warm) and my eyes were glowing.

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