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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ottawa: La Belle

Canada-Toronto-Montréal-Vancouver there is another Canadian city which is always forgotten.

900 000 inhabitants, on the border of the Ontario Province in the Rivière des Outaouais Ottawa is the fourth and Capialt city of Canada. With the greatest concentration of museums in Candada and numerous historical sites and adding its bilinguality Ottawa is the national capitla since almost 150years.
Canal Rideau

Etienne Brulé was the first French to explore the region followed by Samuel De Champlain in the Outaouais region. Colonel John By built the Rideau Canal that would be a military way linking Kingston in the South to Montréal. Irish were employed in the construction where drunk loggers ended in a fight. Almost 2000 people did in the construction of the Canal and their bodies were burried in the shores of the Canal. Native forests were destroyed by the loggers. The town of the Colonel called Bytown started to grow. In the middle of the XIXth century the Confederation decided to make Bytown the capital of the Confederation of the dominion of Canada. Ottawa comes from the Algonquin word( Outaouais branch) Odawa meaning "to trade" because in the time with the fur trade with the Natives(especially beaver fur). The shore in fornt of the entrance of the Canal Rideau was fromerly a place of special significance to the Indian-Firrst Nations.

 At the end of the 1800s the parliament buildings were constructed including a library. In 1916 a devastating fire will erase the buildings except the library which was protected due to a staff who thought about closing the door. At the same time another fire will strike in Hull. At these times buildings were made of wood which eased the propagation of Fire. In the victorian era Candian military forces participated for the frist time in a war outside Canada: The Boer War-South Africa which made casualties among Canadian armies but now Canadian act like peacekeeping(example Roméo Dallaire-Rwanda) source Canadian War Museum. The parliament was built one year later with another design and green roof. During the following years several province joined the confederation; first Québec, British Columbia and then Newfoundland , Northwest Territories, Manitoba... In the 30s King Mackenzie bought an estae in what is now Park Gatineau(Parc de la Gatineau). The ruines of the buildings can still be visited by the tourists in search of fresh air.

Lake Pink


Canal Rideua, Hull, Aylmer, Costcu, Les Promenades, Promenade du Lac des Fées, Belvédère Champlain(Champlain Lockout), Etienne Brûlé, La rivière des Français, Huron-Wendat, Québecois, char, là(leux), DesJardins, Gatineau Centre-ville, Canadien, Gagnon, Mason Angers, STO(Société de Transport de l'Outaouais), Centre Asticou, Boulevard Mont bleu, Riel, Casino du Lac Leamy(Les grands feux), Hilton(CH), Canal D,Voyage d'Enfer, CEGEP, Centre Rideau Centre, Sears, York St, Clarence, Crush, Château Laurier, Portage, Parc de la Baie, La fête des Montgolfières, blonde, Bell, Vidéotron, Rigaud, Pont Mackenzie, The Haunted Walk, Grayline bus, Parcs , Lac Pink, Meesh, Saint Joseph, Ottawa Via Alexandra, 57 Rivermead, bilings, Carleton Univeristy, UOttawa, Champlain lookout, Mackenzie Estate,Tour Lady Dives, Bytown Museum Hidden Treasures, geese, Colonel By, Malaria, Patinage(skating), River Cruise, Les Femme sont des personnes, Parliament, Mosaïka, Canadian, Jack Layton, Crush, Supreme court, bicycle path, 147, Ottawa sud, Frieman Mall, War Memorial, Royal Canadian Mint, Saudi Embassy, Japan, Kowei, France, Emirate Embassy, Autoroute de la Gatineau 5, Spark St., Irish Pub, Portage, Palais des Congrès, Yours to discover-Je me souviens), Olivia Chow, National Art Gallery, Musée Canadien des Civilisation-Hull Gatineau, New Canadian War Museum, Japon Exposition-Exhibition, Musés Canadein des Enfanst-Canada Post Office, Macdonald Cartier, Parc de la Montagne, The Bay-Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson, Ottawa Via Cartier, Queen Victoria, Parliament Cats, Mer de Champlain, Rivière Gatineau, Chuttes Rideau Fall, gold

Source: Fabien Gagné, Joliette QC

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