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Monday, 27 August 2012

Explaining a dream 5

(Dream made few minutes ago) We were looking at the city from an exam room. and I told my friend where the houses were located in the city and he asked very surprised "How do you know that"? and he also tell me that there will be a party on monday with the teachers and if I were willing to go and I told him that I wasn't even aware of that. The government was providing us with the papers(from a trunk) on which we would write tthe exam and which were actually plates! I was sitting next to my friend as if we were about to cheat but he went back to his appropriate seat. But he then wen to the washroom with another guy. In one of sudden we were in the jungle, wetlands to be more specific and I was with 3 of my friends and we were just walking which was in fact my idea. The forest of that wetland just looked like huge plants with mud underneath it was like during the Carboniferous period. We could see imprits of various animals that walked on it. Slender felideaes, antelopes etc. what's bizzare is that it was located on hills. at a moment I perceive a white yellowish lioness and I prevent everybody from it. but they don't really pay attention to it and continue their walking. Looking at the wetted grass I was thinking about getting out of that place by going up the hill.  They also tell me a joke about men (these are girls). when they found 50$?, and what they did themen is to give them 15$ on a globe and ask the girls for another thing in return. I asked them what was that thing, they laughed and I found out it was prostitution. We were climbing a smal elevated area when 2 tourists came to us they were an aged couple but the guy was very tall he was wearing an orange tee-shirt and still had a dark beard, they introduce themselves. My friend was very interested with them but me I left. I saw the tow other girls in the front walking underneath the shades of the big leaves of that wetland forest. I turned back and I saw a round lion rushing towards my friend. I screamed and started running, We were all running towards the "exit" of that unfriendly place. The lion was rite behind my friend but then turned towards a running guy, yeah my friend wouldn't be eaten by the lion but it turns back to my friend, she started bleeding, Everyone could escape but I didn't have a stick and couldn't do anything and the lion was strong.
Congo river viewed from Google Earth

Glowing river in the Indian territories (Brazil)

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