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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Explaining a Dream 4

I'm watching a picture and I keep watching this colorful picture with a tree and three different creatures beneath(as if there were kinds of souvenirs). but it's dificult to see them on the other hand I see my family(in my mind). SO one of thec reature is yellow-light(his fur) with big eyes, his body is not even entire. the others are on each side of it. And then this creature grows feet like monkeys(gorilla) and many people are watching them. Two girls(kinda hot) and talking(chatting and little bit laughing) that I probably saw in a club were looking at it. It's supposed to be in the U.S. George Bush comes and say"the bigfoot exists (something like that). Journalists are confirming that the bigfoot is living a now it's considered a a species.  

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