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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Explaining a Dream 3

Canada had a border with England a small part so we went to England. We could see Canada from the UK with the small buildings and in the UK I was sitting from a window watching Canada and the sea behind. In England there were casltes(grey) but these ones looked more exotic. It was not even really England. We took a bus at night and I met people (inside) that I knew before(surely in Canada) that I met in the fast foods where I usually eat and there was a mulatto among them, a young boy, who was kinda sportif(playing basketball) and with a certain haircut but very young like 12 years old but mature or cool and maybe his mother and other peopel. So we were there in England and I think that later we watch something on a big screen near the street and there were a lot of fun activities to do in that nightlife.
Union jack Punk*

From that dream England seems familiar to me. It is also grey and kinda blue, it's a mysterious country and I can recognize from a picture if it is from England. "Anyhting can happen there".

Notice: I drank a lot of Wine the day before.

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