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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


SOWETO means SOuth Western TOwnships.

The south African flag is the fusion between ANC flag and the Dutch flag (most representative of the Afrikaner republics).
South  African Flag 

HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol secured.

400 people have been to the space.

Namibia is 825,418 km² large with a population of 2 million people, Lesotho with 30 355 km² large has the same population.

Khoikhoi  means “people people ”.

Polynesians reached the western coast of Canada at the same time Vikings reached the Canadian eastern coast.

Chimpanzees are three times stronger than humans.

Slavery was abolished in France in 1794 and was later restored eight years later by the emperor Napoléon. He is considered as a national hero by the French.

Central Africa was the last unknown land by Europeans in the world.

James Cook
James Cook reached Botany Bay Australia in 1770, Central Australia was explored in 1950.

The first Indian met Christopher Colombus in 1492, the last are still unknown.

Slavery in Brazil was abolished one decade before the twentieth century.

South Africa has eleven official languages.

KFC chicken wings
KFC means Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Being fat in Andaman Islands can be sentenced to death.

Uruguay was the first country to win World Cup in 1930.

There are no tigers in Sri Lanka.

400 Asiatic lions live in the Gir forest, India.

French, German, Spanish, Irish, Swedish, Russian, Hindi are Indo-European languages.

Koala never drinks water.

Tsunami occurred Sunday, 26th 2004.

Swastika is a Hindu symbol.

2 million people died during the mfecane in the nineteen century.

Pygmies were captured in Central Africa forests to European and American zoos at the beginning of 1900.

Without “Uncle Tom cabin novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe the civil war would have probably never occurred and slavery in the United States abolished later.

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