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Monday, 20 December 2010


An incredible story brought by an imaginative boy. The story happens in Africa..

“When I was getting a nap in the afternoon, I was quite sleepy then I saw (At this time I were wondering how the future would be) kind of buildings or small churches spiritually built (the yellow walls) and connected with the sand! There was an afternoon sun with blue sky. The images were appearing high and strongly in my mind. When people that I know were talking I could feel them as they really were and different. They were wonderful and their voices came differently into my mind. Some were penetrating intensively like always being ordering, some were a lot of imagination like butterflies flying away. Then, I saw a road, this road is at the present time a road starting with a cathedral with many stores and building all along. But, there, the cathedral was smaller, painted in blue and white. Even, the buildings all along were painted in blue and white like for a specific reason and they appeared to have been cut off (was there a war?) and also seemed to have been rebuilt. Trees behind the cathedral especially branches were growing and growing high and trees seemed to have a great importance. On the road, there was a woman a bit old, small and fat. She was carrying plastic bags or packets and seemed to be accustomed to the modern life. All people in that road were wearing things on them including the lady as if the at atmosphere was not breathable. On the same road, cars were parked on, occupying the whole road and arranged in two rows. And those cars were high and heavy. Those big ones weren’t flying-cars but wheeled-cars and seemed to be locked or hermetically closed. They were blue and black. I could see far from that road a mosque (which does not exist now), a brown and huge mosque with many standard lamps all around (it was still in the afternoon) and that mosque seemed to have a great parking. I believed that those people were more connected with the god. Near the place of the cathedral, when there was a person, there were many persons (himself) such like a mirror. The real person would be in the middle with many other (false other?) persons like him in both sides becoming less clear and disappearing when seeing far from the real person. My cousin was 20 years old, smiling, his haircut was a beard and hair of the front cut in the same way with no other hair on the head. In the street, people were smiling, there were few people. There were still motorbikes and the driver could go anywhere he wanted to go. The sun was shining as if the atmosphere was lacking a layer because the sunbeam was high (almost white) and the shadow intensively black. There was such an emotion tearing and rising as the afternoon.

In fact, everything was blue, people could be taller, smiling and it was good and advanced.  And also, those people could be able to communicate with each other by the strength of their eyes (with blue and black).

The events were probably occurring in the year 2017 because it was a date I was referring to. And also, I walked on that road in the morning.

Images of the Future

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