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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Explaining a Dream 2

I was at the pub actually just before I started to watch a movie(intelligetly made) about monkeys(chimps)"Was that Apes will rise". And I am continuing watching that movie late at night(in the pub) and there was my friend. yeah now he is accustomed to the pub. We were watching the movie(on the TV in front of where the bartender would be) and then I was eating. My "Arabic" friend who wasn't accustomed to that style bought to me alcohol(beer first) and then two shots(1 for each). He was so happy and used to go there(at the pub) and I told him that i was so full that I couldn't drink the shot(and i didn't finish what I was earting). The movie(documenatry) continued. Outside it was night. like 7:00 PM and blue.

Another drem: Ilook through hte piece(kinda lounge) a big TV in the morning(or very early in hte morning) and the Tv is so bright and lights yellow that it went down thru. It spinning and the lounge is clean.

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