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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Racism today

The World is just awesome but people are not realizing the wonders of diversity 

From the early years, people from a different background then physical adaptation to the area called "physical appearance" classified as "races", those people who were representing a minority were mistreated by the people of the vast majority and these people had to struggle hard for years to gain a kind of humanity.

Actually, there are more than five races in the world including the four standard known races in the world wich are “white, black, red, yellow and Arabo-Indian” several other ”races” add diversity to the Human family, these include the Sankhoi of Southern Africa, the Andamanese who are the last Indigenous of Southeast Asia, the Melanesians etc.
Coolers jsust make the Humanity more Powerful!

    "We are living at an exceptional moment where every people of the earth know the existence of other"

 However, only 3 important groups had a close contact during the past thousands years and who are now included in the written History these Races are White, Black Africans, Arabs and Persians, and Chinese. As the History goes on other races were “discovered” in the distant areas of te world; called as “Indians” because of the belief of the India docking. But, for centuries Egyptians, Turkish, Arabs, Europeans, Indians..interacted. During the whole history there was one group which was always persecuted by every nation. This “race” is still now unconsidered and misrepresented. This “race” the Black race” a mosaic of millions of people from the area under the Sahara belt to the Southern tip of the African continent. Slave trade was one of the misconsideration of these groups of people, it first started with the Arabs, moving millions of people to the Arabia peninsula on Oman Sultana… People were caught in remote regions of Eastern Africa as far as Malawi, Zanzibar became a port for deportion of slaves. Slavery in Zanzibar was definitely banned in the early 1900. Slaves were also deported to India and some casts in India belong to the formers African slaves. Unfortunately, slavery is still practiced by the muslim world where some kids in Southern Sudan are being enslaved to Muslims Arabs or Saudi needs. Yet, Southern Sudan which is about to proclaim its Independence on Summer had its citizens persecuted by the so-called Jinjaouid who kill, rape and torture them.

South Sudan Finally Free-Republic Flag 

In 2005, the Darfur region was well-known for these violations. After the Arabs, Persians, Greeks… another wave was upcoming. Christopher Colombus “discovered” the continent of America in 1492. The Indigenous found there who had already built civilization along the Yucatan peninsula to the Andean mountains were reduced to forced labours and sometimes sent as gift in Spanish family on the other side of the Atlantic Sea. Even their humanity was doubted stating that”Indians don’t have souls”. Spanish could steal the treasures of the Mayan and Aztec Emperors as well as Inca gold and wealth. Bartolomé De Las Casas a Spanish a Spanish monk whose felt a pity for the Indians working in the mines decided to change his mind an begged for the stopping of the Indian exploitation, he spent his life promoting for the use of other people instead of the Native Americans “The black slaves of Spain”. Soon, slaves from African descents were deported from the Iberian Peninsula to the New World to work for the Spanish colonies. Later, Spanish started to search for new candidates on the African continent and then a abusing trade starting to deport millions of innocents including me, women and children from the African continent to be used as slaves in the new lands of America. The spread started to wrap the African coastline creating posts for departures of the new enslaved victims to their “pittoresque” voyage to America. Bartolomé De Las Casas started ot see the impact of his “idea” and started to apologize for his wrong choice but it was too late. At the end of his life, Bartolomé De las Casas found that the exploitation of any human was immoral and anyone has to be used as a slave.

After the Spanish, Portuguese, Britsih, Dutch, French, Portuguese and later Americans entered in the round of purchasing people in the big continent in order to build the growing buildings and economy of the colonies of the New World. British were the first to abolish Slavery and to consider it as a crime against Humanity and human rights. When the 13 colonies became a nation, thousands of people who wanted to follow the British monarchy fled to the lower Canada with several Black slaves who became free in Canada. A few years later France abolished slavery at the same moment of the French Revolution where” every human are equals” 6 years later Napoleon Bonaparte reestablished slavery in French colonies however and luckily he failed in the battle against Toussaint Louverture in Haiti which will become the First Black Republic ever followed by Liberia made of Freed African American slaves.

This picture shows how African slaves were seen..
As a product, identitcal with no reason of living than working. 

Slavery was definitely banned by the law of France in 1844. However some French were fighting the criminal act of slavery and slave trade such as”La société des amis des noirs” and British ships were tracking the last slave ships near the Western and Central African coast. When the transatlantic slave trade was definitely stopped, the US tried to “survive with his slaves” by incitating” reproduction” of the Black o the American mainland. However, the North had already abolished slaved ans started to be indusritalised while the South was still backward and using African slaves in cotton and tobacco plantation to push its economy. Every child born form a Black slave woman regardless his father was either a White master or a slave had to become Black and Slave. In Jamaica the situation was different, every white blood would proof the appurtenance to the white society. Some Black were fleeing towards the North from the white plantation in search of freedom and work. The War stroke between the two parts; the North and the South, the states found intolerable the treatment of the Black slaves in the South, this feeling rose among the public opinion in the North after the writing of Harriet Beckett of the Novel ”Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Many soldiers volunteered to fight for the freedom of their fellows in the South including either freed Blacks and all of this pushed by the eminent and abolitionist Abraham Lincoln.

 At the same time, the Indians were suffering in the West as long as blue tuniques were conquering the Wild West. The Civil War lasted 5 years, the loss and damages and decrease of the southern economy could pay the centuries of suffer of the Blacks along in the American history. Far in the South, britsih abolished slavery a decade ago in the Cape and many Boers and their Malyo-indians servants fled to the interior of the continent and then started the Great trek. The poor economy of the post-civil war triggered the big movement of the former masters to the West while Black were receiving free land to cultivate and raise their own family. Portugal was the last to continue to the displacement of people to Brazilian plantation and to abolish their exploitation a decade before the era of trains, oil, automobiles and rockets. Australia abolished slavery in 1910 from the exploitation of the South Sea islanders.

The angry reaction of the poor situation of the white in the South followed by the freeing of the Black brought an anger that created a mass of people hunting Blacks and burning their houses. Their group acted at night and also consisted of own-self punishment of Black people accused of raping or any suspected crime, hanging them on the tree and burning the front of the tree. There is the history of lynching and Khu Kux Klan which survived the two WW to the Martin Luther King era.

The Hindu symbol as used by American KKK members for their  campaign

 Black education was very poor thus the few number of Black intellectuals, segreagation was still practiced and in the 80’s Blacks were given opportunities, on job, universities and even on television. Black were becoming more dominant than the earlier years in roles as actors in movies and shows?. Black music started to be listened; Michael Jackson, Boney M.,…At the same time the United States of America were becoming a powerful country with their shows, movies and news displayed to all over the world showing the social situation of the country. Apart from the African American mistreatment overseas was occurring another image of the Blacks are as called ”Indigènes” through colonization of the European powers in Africa in the 1900-1950. Then came the human farms and African pygmies sent ot European zoos of the early 1900. The stereotypical image of African village, White colonist, wild animals,bush, and cannibalism. And the arrival of a few African(as called ”nègres” in the France of that time in French shows, pubs, round and circus. Also North-Africans and Sub-saharian Africans were taken in the two World Wars. Two strong pillons; the Black American fact and the Wild Africa were forming this Hatred so known and so rejected called “racism”
Still drawns in cartoos with big lips and round ears

Two other almost-isolated pillons reinforced Racism; these include the current image of starvation and Poverty in Africa that brought a kind of pity for people from Africa; the images of droughts(Sahelian countries, ethiopia, Somalia), dead cattle, dying kids etc. and poverty was the new brand along with AIDS. The second pillon can just be the roles in the movie, the second position for every coloured and earleir(20 years ago) a place that put African Americans and people from African descencents in the movies.

Despite the sad history and timeline of Hate Racism with R is still a reality

In The everyday language Black still means Darkness, Bad, Evil, disadvantage when White means Good, well, Clean, immaculate, Right... Even if people from African descents are still qualified as Black no one is the world was known to have a Black skin. Even people from Andamese Islands or African dry areas have a skin which seems to turn more likely to Blue or Grey and sometimes Green with the sun reflection, Black skin was never found. however there was the case of a caucasian guy in California who saw his skin turning Totally
Blue! But people can still make the difference between the Brown skin of a Bear or the teint of hte Wood but the skin of "Black People" still remains "BLACK!!!" On the other hand White people that is inhabitant of the Eastern part of Eurasia are qualified as being White despite the Pink  Beige color while ont the other side of the sea in Pacific and Norht America, Norht Asians and Native Americans have the same coloration.

Ying and Yang reflect Complementarity between the Good and Bad(White and Black)
List of words in Common language that refer to Badness(Darkness if better understood):
Black Friday
Black cat
Black clouds
Black Thought
Black Sheep
Back Market
Black mark
Black Propaganda
Black History
Black Smile

Uh..Black People???

Despite the misunderstanding in erveryday language we can still notice that in a country as mulicultural as the United States, people from the same color marry together and befriend together. Why? Don't they teach us at school, that every human is born equal and that there are absolutely no distinction? So, are people agreeing that there is a difference in behavior between people from different physical background. So, why do you always show for example a commercial taking a certain proportion of the population(talking about love and affinity) to avoid any discrimination or racial protestation and to show that diversity is Good: Two white couple, maybe an Asian couple and after a Black couple. Why would the "Black" man automatically choose the"Black woman" nearby. And despite again this, the two white couple will be qualified as"Two couple" and the black couple as"the Black couple". The same, if in a movie, you must describe different characters, for example you will say their names, their abilities for example the hero who is automatically white(except if the movie talks about African American, Ghetto Bla Bla Bla) and his girlfriend(white of course) just "the man" and the"woman". The Black who has a second role( just choosen to show that the movie is racist) and often the bestfriend of the White(the hero) will just have to play the Black of the movie and will be recognized by all the spectators as" The Black Guy".


                            Anyway the White Person must comes First and it's a Must! ...Guess Who is behind?

One curious fact in 2011. Do we still pronounce the Word "Race" For the Human Race. " Didn't scientists, sociologists and all other stuffs told us that "Race Do Not Exist". Yeah, of course a labrador will be more likely to swim in the water than a cocker when a greyhound will have a huge aptitude to run and so on. I think for people it's not like that! We are all the same! So, What are these talks about"debates about races", "Race card", "Not discrimination upon Gender, Religion, RACE and Age...

The video shows a modern "Doll Test" as first experienced by the "African American" educational physiologist Kenneth B. Clark, which littlle kids are asked to choose between two different dolls, One "Black"(Brown) and the other"White"(Pink) and to tell which one is the Bad doll? the Prettiest? and which one looks like you?
Um...Difficult question when Superman, Cinderella, Snow White, Batman, Barbie.. are all White and Baddies in every movie and animation movies and cartoon have a darker skin.

"Okay, you were just a kid now you know what the African or Black Beauty is..So Would you be happy if someone comes and tells you:"Oh, You look Very Black!" and would you be more pleased if this compliment would come from a White Woman?

So why many African and African Americans Women choose to have a lighter skin? Why isn't the darkest woman chosen to dance in Lil Wayne or 50 Cents Clips?

Of course everyone in the World(even Chinese) dreams of the Tall Blonde Sweddish Model Girl taking a sunbath somewhere on exotic Beaches(not b*tches).

So, What is your kind of Girl?



At least he said "Brown" even the Top Standard is "Blonde".(This do not include Black Wimen) Wait! This applies for Hair and not Skin so where and when is Black? Even if "Black girls" are "Brunette" that is same Hair.
Then you should say:

-and asual(the last) Black
Hot Blonde

So the best answer is Blonde easy to hide that your preference is only White Women.

Speaking of Beauty, do you ever happen to start your TV and find a commercial about Skin, Beauty, Hair, Cream, Shampoo, Hydratation and to show a Black Woman(alone) talking about her problem of skin or hydratation what bad publictiy for the priduct! Which white woman would buy it. You must show a Beautiful Caucasian Woman with the white skin (color standard) and if possible two other women; One black another Latina or maybe Asian and usually the Black girls appears for her own "problem" so Frizzy Hair!!
This ad about Cream and Skin (care)beauty got a lot of letters claiming that the add  is Racist


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