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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Words that you need to know on the Internet

The text contains core language and expressions. Viewer discretion is advised.

LOL: Laughing out of Loud
        : Lot of Life
        : Lot of Lies
        : Lot of Laugh
LMAO: Laugh My Ass Out
LMFAO: Laugh My Fucking Ass Out

OMG: Oh My God !!!
         : Oh My Gosh!

OMFG: Oh, My Fucking God!

ROFL: Rolling On The Floor Lauging

WTF: What The Fuck
         : Who The F!ck

WTH: What The Hell

IKR: I Know Right

IDK: I Don't Know

XOXO: Kiss and Hugs

SK8: Skate

SUM: Some

C'mon: Come on!

HRU: How Are You?

CU: See You

B4: Before

WannaB: Want To Be

BF: BoyFriend(Best?)

BTW: By The Way

BRB: Be Right Back

Sum1: Someone

Thx: Thanks!

U2: You too


Fbk a.k.a Fb: Facebook

WKND: Week End

L8TR: Later

ILU: I love(Like) You

PLS: Please!

MSG: message

GR8T: Great!!


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