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Sunday, 27 November 2011


Homosxexuals make up up 10% of the World population. Decades ago? homosexuality was unknown in some parts of the World. In law? Homosexality can range from marriage to death sentence in some countries(Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Actual Sudan...). Sometimes homosexuality can be punished by citizens themselves(Uganda). In Kenya lesbians are raped in order to be corrected. Homosexuality was common in Ancient Greece and Rome(but this is not our matter) and some genius and emperors including Julius Cesear, Alexander LeGrand and Leornard Da Vinci and many other lefthanders were known to be gay if not bi(we will talk about it later) this is not our matter either.
Rainbow is also the Flag of the LGBT

Homosexuals are hated and rejected from the society because of that Act! Which act by the way,.... Sodom and Gomorrah
"No, no I support homosexuality, homosexuals are nice"
"What! Do  yo suport that! It4s disgusting!"

Don't t tell me how they knew what happens...even a 12 year old virgin girl knows that! People are informed about the act without even knowing anything about straight sexuality!" Still a mystery!

So, homosexuals don't belong to society because what they do is against nature and against God. Because Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in the the Old testament.

Gay are disgusting and lesbians too. They are deviants of the society. They should be punsihed. Oh, God protect our children from them. My son will never be gay and my daughter will never be lesbian and I love my wife/husband. Homosexuality is the worst thing on Earth even worse than hanging gays in Iran!
Of course you love your children,your  little brothers and sisters and they are automatically straight. And you shouldn't be homo! Anyone caught doing this crime will be severely corrected. Such acts cannot be tolerable. Thanks god for the family that I have, a wonderful wife and my kids are straight!
The night before you were hanging with your friends at the pub, holding your hands, taking a hot shower with your viriles mates and slapping their muscular hip..now you are talking about homosexuality and are strongly against. It's unacceptable.
At the same time married men teachers are raping their kid students, women are getting raped by drunk guys, children are abused at school, there are war crimes, the girlfriend is getting beaten, people are enslaved in closed homes, people are tortured, animals are treated like inanimate objects, racists and xenophobic crimes are made..the most horrible and the ones to blame are the HOMOSEXUALS!!!
"unatural" and "filthy" like "pigs" and "dogs"
"What did they do by the way?"

So, homosexuals are so hated becase they love. Even if they love you(which is a good thing) you should not accept it. Anyway homosexuals don't love everyone of the same sex and do not wish to rape you as most straight do for the opposite race. so don't try to be homophobic because the gay doesn't even feel attracted to you and don't be jealous for that. so what do you want? Homosexuals will not ask you to go to their bed and have a threesome.

Homosexuality is defined as the attraction to the opposite sex. "Faggot" or simply "fag" is a term used by homophobics to call these kinds of people from which we don't even know the proportion in the population and from which we don't even know the origin. The fact is that as a normal person you don't care about these so called gay because you don't meet them and you are know trying to figure out how the two people of the same sex express their love on the bed or on the floor. The most preoccupied are those who are striclty straight and who are not supposed to care about gay problems and their acts.

So, homosexuality happen among men and women(of course there are no other sex). Men who love each other practices the act by inserting(one of them) his penis into another man(partner)'s rectum and to make him love. Both are pleased in this sexual relation. The one who "sodomize"(because the act is called sodomy from the town's name Sodom) is satisfied after ejaculation and pleased before; the other one is pleased as well. Notice, the shape of the erected penis is the same as the shape of the rectum. Also prostate which is an organ which provides pleasure is located in a way that orgasm can be satisfied. This act is also practised by straight themselves and is even popularised.

Yes, we cannot be homosexuals because in nature, animals are also straight. Usually homosexuals(men) tend to have a female's  behavior and are know in that language as the bottom and the other is called the top. Lesbians tend to behave like men. This type of shemale is well known about the gay community but most of gay are simply men and some are even virile and full of testosterone.
You should be Happy of the presence of gays that means
more girls for us and less concurrence!
So, we are focusing on men because this is "what interests us the most!" and men are more  numerous and women are so jealous of"men loving each other" and lesbians are quieter but also"lesbian its sexy!!! every girl is lesbian though...
"Hot" lesbian Woman
(because two women who kiss each other is cute and no one is against that...much better than two beards kissing each other)

Gay are also known to be good friends of girls so a gay usually hangs out with gay, girls and lesbians as well.

So homosexuals are so mistreated because they LOVE. And Love is the most wonderful thing that can happen in a life. "Love is greater than anything else. Love can bring you anywhere. Love builds. Love is good. So why Hate? Why Hating Love? Hate destroys and Love brings things so" Don't hate just Love!!" So its better to love someone than hating him and loosing one's life because of that than loving someone and if he loves you in return it's much better. And it's much better to be loved by someone, than being hated by someone and loosing your life because of Hatred. Anyway the feeling of love is better than the feeling of Hate.
Is there anything more beautiful than Love?
                                       (If it was a man and a woman you wouldn't notice anything slut!)

So, this was just a small note; Why are peole so sensitive about homosexuality than any taboo else??

Because homosexuality is not accepted, at least not widely, homosexuality is the most common lifetime lie. You must hide your homosexuality and feel your interest for women. "Yeah, I love women". So when homosexuality is more tolerable there is a higher rate of homosexuality and when it is restricted a few are gay. So to be gay and to accept it you must be very strong and face people, your parents and your society, love definitely your partner and enjoy your Life. If you don't want to force yourself loving a wife that you don't actually love(who will at least give you children) and ending your life in a lie as your parents did. So if your parents made you, you are gay you shouldn't be afraid of telling them because their own genes made you gay. Many people are unkind because since their childhood they could'nt enjoy a boy or a man and must always hate more the people they fell in love with. You are still attracted to your partner's big ass while playing American football, watching rugby, box(things girls don't even watch), exchanging sweat with your friends during a basketball game. Or as an African American or person of color having big poster of 50 cents muscles or watching hip hop videos of your gorgeous idols. But keep having some DVD of girls to show that you're definitely normal. Sometimes slaping your friend's shoulder can be the only thing you can do with a man."So Sad!" and the other people the "gays" that you hate so much but who are like you, are enjoying their lives and expressing themselves to the whole public.

If you can't that say another dude is Hot how can make you yourself hot?

...[It's acceptable that a man sweats, leaves his air growing under his sweaty armpits, belch, is dirty, take a shit, or even fart but when it's turn for girls it appears to be disgusting for all of us even if it should be the opposite. Girls must be less vulgar, more polite, clean and mustn't let their armpit's hair grow.]
The act of sodomy is also practiced by "straight" in prisons. Because in prison, male are segregated from females, they can't have any sexual act for a long time ranging from a bunch of years to a lifetime. The only solution is the tasty inmate "booty"(don't forget that the buttocks is the part from where the feces are ejected and is the nastiest part of the human body) from where more powerful gang prisoners can find their seventh heaven! And to get this booty which is more attractive when the prisonners keep their pants back and show their underwear(swagging), one must get a fresh man's butt( a usuallly young one). One stronger prisoner needs to force him and consequently rape him. Don't forget that people in REAL life can spend a whole life without having any sex using what is callED "handjob" or "masturbation". But in prison a man is much better!]...

So what's the matter, how can we become gay,...you always prayed not to be gay but you can't, you still  love secretly guys because they are better more intelligent, funny, attractive...everything..and you pray to be straight and to feel real pleasure for girls but you can't ;what's happened? Scientists of 2011 will explain that the 1% of people that people that make up the homosexual portion of the straight population which is actually just the number of people who finally told their homosexuality(those who were caught, or discovered are not among us because they have already killed themselves) are like that because they have many older brothers. The uterus of the mom produced antibodies(feminine) against this last baby who actually behave like gay! For some you choose to be gay. Who would risk his life for a choice? If we could choose what we want let's guess that the world population would be a beautiful, healthy young intelligent straight, white European male. 50 years ago electrodes were put on brains of these homosexuals and lesbians teens who chose to be gay in order to make them normal-straights. The result is that, their normal brain turned out to be damaged after the shock.

"What's happening with me, I love cars, i love games, I love the beach...I have many hobbies and passions but I still love men. Why? Do I have different eyes?

Everything people see is the same something blue is something blue, someone sad(for example a gay bashed by "hidden gay" homophobics) is someone sad. Something smelly is really smelly, someone smart is really smart. We all both men and women have the same reactions for one thing. So what could be different? Humans are evolved mammals and should have the same feelings. Note: People shouldn't always be breeding, there should be something to keep males stable in order to let females free and sometimes the baby needs to be made. We cannot also love the same  person for a whole life. You can meet other people or the person can change orbe depressed. The result of foreign people to love reciprocally as a catastrophic number of 7 billion people on Earth!
The growth yet of the human population is the highest ever recorded on Earth.

Homosexuals are physically the same as straight there is no actual physical or mental difference. Homosexuality seems

Don't try to hate yourself or hate those who created you. You are Not Gay! Everyone is like that! We have so different stories, lives met different people so we cannot have a specific attraction for one kind of people. If you feel you don't like girls now you will like one later who will make you love other girls and make you feel what is it to be straight! Girls will no longer be these disgusting beings that you forced yourself to like now you can just go for her and look for her. Girls are so sweet, intelligent, good smelling, they give you the best feeling of Love. You will find girls there and there. You will feel so dominant and will like your state.You will no longer be attracted to men. Instead men are a lack of fertility, rejectable, men are nothing, physically boring. but some men still love you and you are wondering if you don't miss your former state?
mmmh...you are a flower
I love your smile
Women are Wonderful!

Yes, everyone in the world is bisexual, at least we can say most men are homosexual and sometimes turn to be occasionally or definitelty straight. Some are definitely gay and so gay and born gay. Both can be effeminate or viril. Others are straight and love girls so much. But this depends on the people you meet in your life and how they changed your point of view. There will be a moment when you will fall in love with your friend and him too. You will look at each other and feel attraction. Moments when someone you know act as if he was attracted to you and you don't understand "is that so straight bloke really gay?". You always walk on the street and look at men and you both look into each other eyes and feel good. If you are "ugly" or old you don't try it ,because you don't like yourself and will date a girl "ugly, fat or or old like you". When you are confident and hot, anyone belongs to you so a pretty guy belongs to you. Or you remember at home the hot tall guy who looked at you with desire. People say that kids become conscious of their sexuality when they become teens. Remember you friend with whom you played cars(toys) at the kindergarten and now who has a feeling for you. Remember the straight guy you met for the first time and who came to open himself to you when he noticed that you are a nice and interesting guy. Think about this dude, arrogant in a group of people(usually men) and so straight, who become sweet and nice when you are only together.
So, a lot of traditions and customs prohibited this natural behavior of humans. The result is people with bad temper and bad lives because they believe they are doing a sin. No one can really show why "homosexuality" or"human attitude" is wrong as they cannot tell why is there"homosexuality". One thing certain is that homosexuality expands as people's minds expands making homosexuality more and more normal and people more and more happy. Gay and lesbians(LGBT) appear to be more creative(apart from the typical gay stylist), happy and modern than straight people. In the future, homosexuality will be changed to universal bisexuality stating that we are different and have different feeling all the time. So, people will be happy any guy will talk to another guy at that day and another girl the other day. We will feel sorry for the people who had to hidden their true feelings in the past and who didn't enjoy their lives in that epoch(our epoch). Most open-minded people are close to the Truth and are happy versus conservative people who are far from being happy and always angry. So accept your real feeling because nothing can proves that what you are feeling is wrong. We are all the same so if you know yourself yo know all the human beings!

Love, Love, Love.....Live, Live, Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hate is a passion like love, in a way hate is a form of love. People who hate homosexuals actually have a deep passion for them and their sexual acts. Is it any wonder there are homophobes who are actually homosexual themselves?

  2. Your article could be good, if you more objective than sensitive. There's a lot of flaws in this that i dont even have time to point them out but the one i will bring-up is "Having posters of Cents"... What does that have to do with gender and attraction? Most of the straight males that have such posters do so, b/c they see in him the real hustle for a young teen, not because they wanna masturbate to his abs, so before going in such controversial topic, think with your brain first, not with your heart.